Tell Us About Your Upcoming Nigerian Wedding (Plus Planning Lingos You need to Know)

Are You Newly Engaged? Getting Married Soon?

Tell Us About You and Your Upcoming Nigerian Wedding

This is a place we call “the wedding bells” page on this blog. We’re crazy about our readers and so we created this page just for our readers who are getting married soon. It’s where you get to tell us about you and your wedding plans so far.

Tell us about your wedding plan, stage you’re in and your wedding questions – your questions will help us serve you the exact articles that will answer your burning questions…

Please use the format below:

  • Your first name:
  • Are you the bride/ groom?
  • Date you proposed or got proposed to:
  • What you liked most/ Highlight of that day:
  • What date will the wedding be?
  • Are you using a wedding planner or planning it yourself?
  • So far. what has been the most difficult part of planning the wedding?

Popular Wedding Planning Lingos You Need To Know

In the spirit of no long story, here are a few fun, wedding planning abbreviations/ lingo we encourage you to use in your post, as you tell us about your wedding plans:

ER – Engagement Ring
WR – Wedding Ring
FI: Fiancé
FH: future husband
H2B – Husband To Be
STBMrs: soon-to-be Mrs.
BM – Best man or Bridesmaid
CBM – Chief Bridesmaid
MOH – Maid/Matron of Honour
FPIL – Future Parents In Law
MIL, FMIL: mother-in-law, future mother-in-law
FIL, FFIL: father-in-law, future father-in-law
BIL, FBIL: brother-in-law, future brother-in-law
SIL, FSIL: sister-in-law, future sister-in-law
POG – Photographer
VOG – Videographer

 So, your turn – if your wedding is in the next 6 to 12 months, use the above format to tell us about it:)

*NOTE: We will not hesitate to delete any post that is not about an upcoming wedding or not in the format given above. We will summarize posts that are too long.

So, now use the comment box down below, to tell us about your upcoming wedding – we will publish it on this page for other readers to wish you well.

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  1. Somie, STBMrs, 5th of May 2016 was the beginning (lol). He didn’t miss any detail, he really showed me the soft part of him. Oct 2016 is our lucky month. Am using a planner. Am yet to encounter the difficult part. I pray I won’t. Amen.

    • Hi Somie, thanks for telling us about your wedding plans. Congratulations in advance! You’re lucky to find an amazing man that loves you. You’re doing a great thing -using a planner. I don’t anticipate you encountering any or much difficulty because your wedding planner’s job is to take all the stress off you. **WE have lots of practical wedding planning advice written to help you prepare for your wedding, even advice for those using a wedding planner – ensure to come around to read them.

  2. dochygift says

    getting married soon
    on December precisely…. we met 5yrs ago in the university….

    • Aww! From university love to marriage – so sweet. Let me congratulate you in advance, Gift. If you would like us to feature your marriage proposal story and pictures on this blog, contact me – here or on Facebook.

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