How to Plan a Nigerian Wedding in 3 Months or Less (Checklist)

Planning a wedding in 12 months is stressful and planning one in a short space of time is even harder but not impossible. You can still plan a memorable Nigerian wedding and a great reception party in a space of 3 months or less if you follow our checklist below that will help you keep […]

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What are the Duties of a Bridesmaid and Expenses Involved

The job of a bridesmaid doesn’t come with an information sheet or manual containing a list of duties, what the bridesmaid pays for or should budget for. The lack of such a guide is the reason why many brides and bridesmaids relationships end before the wedding day. Usually, a new bridesmaid comes not knowing what […]

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How to Plan a Nigerian Wedding in 21 Steps (Things to Do)

Want to know what things a bride-to-be (and groom) should do when planning and preparing for a wedding in Nigeria? Then, this post is for you – read to discover the 21 simple steps you must follow to stay sane and organized when preparing for a fab wedding in Nigeria. After writing our wedding planning […]

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Planning the Guest List: How to Know How Many Guests to Invite to Your Wedding in Nigeria

Not sure about how many guests to plan to invite to your Nigerian wedding? This post will walk you through the 8 simple steps to knowing exactly how many people to expect at your wedding in Nigeria, as well as how to divide the invites between both families (the bride’s and the groom’s side). You’ll […]

Nigerian White Wedding Checklist: Monthly and Weekly To-Do List

Are you engaged and preparing for your white wedding, but need a to-do list to stay organized? In this post, I created a Nigerian white wedding planning checklist as a ready-made plan you can use right away. You see, planning a wedding is overwhelming and stressful whether you’re the bride or groom, especially if you’re […]

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Wedding Planning Toolkit: Free Resources to Self-Plan Your Nigerian Wedding Like A Pro

Today, I want to give you our wedding planning toolkit, which we also call the bride’s “wedding planner in a box“. This is a collection of useful resources to help you plan your wedding by yourself without stress, and faster.  If you’re planning a wedding on your own (O.Y.O) without a wedding planner, then this wedding planning […]

Tell Us About Your Upcoming Nigerian Wedding (Plus Planning Lingos You need to Know)

Are You Newly Engaged? Getting Married Soon? Tell Us About You and Your Upcoming Nigerian Wedding This is a place we call “the wedding bells” page on this blog. We’re crazy about our readers and so we created this page just for our readers who are getting married soon. It’s where you get to tell […]