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It is said that 80 percent of brides will arrive late to their own weddings, even those that always arrived early to everything all their lives. You too could be late to your wedding, but we’ll reveal to you the top wedding-day time-sucking mistakes to avoid, and walk you through how be early to your wedding ceremony and reception. Etiquette demands, and it’s even commonsense, to be on time to events, especially if it’s your wedding day. Our guest expert today is a wedding photographer who has seen countless numbers of brides arrive late to their own weddings. Being behind-the scenes at most weddings, he saw firsthand everything brides do on the morning of their weddings, and has seen enough of what makes about-to-wed ladies late. In this article, he will reveal helpful advice and tips, what to do, and what not to do” – to help you avoid being late for your wedding ceremony or reception – his tips are not theory o; they are drawn from real life weddings while on duty as a wedding photographer. Scroll down to get the wedding-day time-keeping tips for brides.

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Oh dear, why did you show up late? I’ve been waiting and waiting…

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So, over to our Guest Expert for today, Daniel of Dauch Photography Studios (his contact info is at the end of this article).

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Aunty, let’s hurry; you’re late

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Dauch Photography Reveals Top 5 Things that Make Brides to Be Late to their Own Weddings

It’s very easy for single ladies to criticize a bride for coming late to her wedding ceremony location but sadly most of those critics will end up making the same mistakes on their own wedding day. As an experienced wedding and lifestyle photographer, I have the privilege to share with you some behind-the-scenes common mistakes that make can any bride arrive late to her wedding ceremony (church) venue. Please note the tips I will provide here are purely based on my personal observations while working very closely with my wedding clients. Enjoy and take action!

#1. Poor Planning and Failure to Delegate

It is a common saying that one who fails to plan, plans to fail. Most brides want to do their wedding planning, pricing, bargaining and shopping alone – without help. Sadly, they fail to delegate minor duties to other people. The I-can-do-it-all-by-myself attitude has never helped any bride in the past, neither will it help you.

EXPERT ADVICE: So start planning with trusted friends and loved ones to delegate duties to them. This will give you more time to concentrate on other important activities. If your budget can accommodate it, you can also seek the services of a professional wedding planner. These will take most of the burden that come with planning off your shoulders. Brides must learn to trust other people to do some things for them rather than thinking that nobody else can do it better than themselves. Brides should be humble to admit the fact that they can’t do everything perfectly.

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