How to Guarantee that Your Wedding Day Will Be Perfect and Wow Guests in 6 Steps

Afraid and stressed that something will go wrong on your wedding day? You’re not alone. Brides-to-be worry and fear about so many things that could make their wedding day not become successful. In this post, you will learn about a few simple things you can do to guarantee that your wedding planning will work, and that your big day will be as perfect as you dreamed it to be. Read on for the 6 things you can do to plan a successful wedding guaranteed to wows guests in Nigeria (or anywhere at all).

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The Ultimate 6 Steps to Planning a Flawless Wedding in Nigeria or Anywhere

Fear of the unexpected is one of the most common causes of anxiety and pre-wedding jitters among brides-to-be who are about to start planning their weddings. Fears of ‘will my wedding day turn out successful?’ You may start feeling that something or many things would go wrong on the wedding day. Maybe the planning will flop.  Maybe some wedding vendors may show up late or not show up at all (and guests will be disappointed). Maybe you’ll be too fat or ugly in your wedding gown. Maybe your VIP guests will not show up.

#1. The Two Keys to Planning a Successful Wedding

Here are the two keys (secrets) to weddings that turn out perfect and wow guests: planning and coordination – (a) pre-wedding-day planning and (b) on-the-day-of-wedding coordination. And you also plan how to coordinate the day of the wedding.

Since a wedding involves many different activities and logistics, you need:

  1. Pre-wedding planning – to detail out everything that will lead to the wedding day, and:
  2. Coordination on the wedding day – to direct and ensure that all your plans take place seamlessly, and that the everyone involved in the planning process are singing the same tune.

#2. Wedding Checklists with Timeline Will Make Your Life Easier

Brides-to-be go crazy and cranky almost every day of their wedding planning, just at the thought of all the many different things to do and remember when preparing for a wedding. I’ve heard brides tell me how they just hate ‘everyday’ and wish that the wedding would just come quickly and go. But it doesn’t have to be like that for you.

One of the first things you do when planning your wedding is to draw up a ‘to do’ list, and persons and times to do them. That’s your wedding checklist, somewhat like the big picture masterplan of your wedding. With wedding planning, having a wedding planning checklist is that masterplan for you. The wedding checklist should include a timeline, to guide you through the pre-wedding planning process. That’s what event and wedding planners use to stay sane, organized and on top of every little wedding detail.

It’s that important because you’re human and it’s so easy to forget a couple of important wedding to-dos when you have tons of details to remember and tons of people to deal with. Having a wedding checklist made is a way to get organized without getting burned out. Guessing for what to do next is the worst idea for a bride-to-be.

If you have a wedding planner, s/he will make a checklist for working on your wedding, but if not, you can use our read-made, easy to follow wedding planning checklists below:

#3. Make Plans for the People Who Will Help You

Wedding involves lots of logistics, and you require PEOPLE facilitate the logistics that will translate your dreams and plan to life.


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  1. Sania Jogarr says

    Such an informative article. Making a checklist is very important so we don’t forget things. Also, we should be planning our budget as well which is vital 🙂

  2. I like your write up. My white wedding is coming up in few months time. Almost everything I read here happened on my day of Traditional Wedding, disappointments from all corner, ranging from committee to vendors, even the band came very late, the venue decoration was far from what we requested and paid for, despite all our follow-up. In fact, I can’t say all. I pray to get the right vendors for the white wedding.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with horrible wedding service providers/ vendors. As they say, ‘experience is the best teacher’ -that experience better equips you to know what and what types of vendors to avoid, how to choose right and the importance of starting early to look for vendors. Be sure to vet them first and if you’re not satisfied, move on to vet the next, and next, UNTIL you find the right one.

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