Best Wedding Gown Style for Your Body Shape & How to Choose (Buying Guide w/ Photos)

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Do you know what wedding gown style suits your body type? There are so many different wedding dress silhouettes or shapes in the market, but not all of them will look good on your body shape.  For every bride, there are one or more shapes of wedding dress perfect for her figure.  In short, there’s a wedding dress cut made just for your shape, as you’ll discover here.  In this post, I can help you figure out the wedding gown silhouette/ shape or that will flatter your figure – with pictures of what they look like. Read on to find out.

choosing wedding gown for your body shape

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How to Choose the Wedding Gowns that Suits Your Body Type

1. Ball Gowns: What Body Shape is it For & Who Should Avoid it

Also known as the ‘Cinderella dress’, the ball gown style of wedding dress looks good on many body shapes, but best for brides who are generally slender or for brides who are slimmer on top (i.e. pear shape with slim waist and generally on the bodice area).

If you have a straight-line shape and little or no hips, the full skirt of a ball gown will perfectly hide your lack of hips.  If you don’t want a dress that is fitted below the waist (i.e. around the hips), the ball gown is a good option for you.  Or, if you have curvy hips or big backside but don’t want to highlight it, a ball gown can help you hide your curves and keep them away from being the attention.

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AVOID IF: The ball gown style is not suitable for women who are bigger on top, because the fullness of the skirt part of the ball gown can make you appear bigger (than you actually are).  Ball gowns are not suitable for some short or (smallish) petite women, because a very full-skirt ball gown can make it seem like the dress swallowed her and make the bride appear shorter.  You want to look perfect in your wedding dress, and not looking like the dress is wearing you.

STYLING TIP: If you’re short or petite and like a ball gown for your wedding, go for one with a not-very-full skirt part, like the one this bride wore.  In short, if you have a small body-frame, avoid ball gown wedding dress styles, because it could overwhelm (or swallow) your entire frame, making it look like the dress is wearing you. You want a dress that will flatter your body, and there are other silhouette styles to try – every body shape has a wedding gown shape and style that suits them perfectly.

Appropriate for What Type of Wedding? Ball gowns are most suitable for formal weddings, big, society weddings or over-the-top owambe style weddings.  That is not to say that (if you like) you can’t wear the ball gown or any type of wedding gown if you’re planning a small or low-key wedding – hey, it’s your wedding and we’ve seen many brides not follow the rules.

2. Princess Cut or A-Line Wedding Gowns: Who Should Wear it & Who Should Avoid it

Also known as the Princess cut dress, the A-Line style of wedding gown looks good on all body types and shapes.  The cut of the A-Line silhouette will make you appear slimmer and taller, and also look like you are more curvy at the hips – therefore, A-line gowns look good on smallish (petite) or slim brides.

The A-line cut also hides big tummy or big hips or large backside, making those from-waist-to-hips body areas appear smaller than they actually are.  Therefore if you have a roundish body or if you’re bigger below and want to look slimmer, choosing an A-line wedding gown will enable you achieve that.  Since this silhouette hides big lower body, curvy brides who desire to hide their curves or make it appear smaller, will find the A-line cut flattering on their figure.

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Suitable for What Type of Wedding? A-line style of wedding gowns are suitable for every type of wedding ceremonies, whether simple low-key wedding or a small wedding or a big, society wedding or luxurious owambe style wedding.   However, A-line cut wedding dresses are most appropriate for formal weddings.

3. Sheath/ Column Dress Style: Best Body Shape for & Who Should Avoid it

Sheath or Column style of bridal gown looks good on any body type, but looks best on slim women women with athletic figures or slender body shapes. If you have a straight-line shape with no visible curves, wearing a sheath style wedding gown will create an illusion of curves where you have none (thanks to the curving part of the style).

WHO IS IT FOR? Sheath or Column wedding gowns look good on petite (smallish/ slender) brides who have small frames. That’s because the narrow/ straight-cut of the sheath silhouette wedding dress will make them appear taller than they actually are.  If you have an hourglass shape (curvy), and want to show off your shape, a sheath dress  will also work for you, because it is hugs onto the outlines of body and highlight every curves.

AVOID IF: Sheath or column wedding gown styles do not look good on full-figured (plus size) brides.  Also, women who have pear-shaped body (i.e. slim upper body and full lower body, with small busts and tiny waists) should avoid this style of wedding gowns, because it could make your already-big lower body appear bigger it actually is.


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