Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Do you have a burning question you want to ask us? We may have answered it here.

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about NaijaGlamWedding:

  • What is this blog site really about? We already answered that somewhere on this site. Read all about us here and go here to read why and how we started this website.
  • Is this site only for women/ brides-to-be? Not at all. It’s also for grooms-to-be and for anyone directly involved in planning a wedding for a friend or family member, or even a client.
  • I don’t want to miss your future articles, how do I know when you’ll have a new article on the site? Click here to register to get our weekly email newsletter and we’ll notify you via email, of every single article we publish.
  • Do you accept advertisers, and how can I get my advert on this site? Yes, we do. You can click here to learn about our affordable advert options.
  • How can I submit my wedding to be featured? First off, we only accept weddings from brides/ grooms and photographers, and it’s easy to make your submission. To learn more about how to submit a wedding to us, click here. We receive dozens of weddings every week and so can’t guarantee we’ll publish every submission, and we can’t guarantee a timely publication of those we accept. So, if you’re a photographer, the quickest way to get your wedding-related work featured on NaijaGlamWedding is to become one of our advertisers – it’s cheap.
  • I’m newly engaged, do you publish engagement photos? Yes, we do, but we prefer photos that are submitted with a marriage proposal story. To submit your marriage proposal, click here. To submit photos of your glam engagement ring, click here.
  • Can I submit my bridal shower photos? Yes, you can, but IF you also include a brief story of the day – that’s how our readers like;
  • How do you pick which weddings to feature? We like to feature weddings that people haven’t already seen on other sites, and we accept weddings that have the Naija flavour and cultural swagger. Click here for more about the how we choose the weddings to feature.
  • Do you write about events, product launch and giveaways for businesses and companies? Yes we do, but only as part of sponsored posts. For more about that, click here.
  • Do you accept guest posts? Occassionally, yes – only from wedding professionals and wedding enthusiasts who want to write tips and advice based on their experiences. BUT, we do not accept guest posts from marketing firms, blogs or writers from for-profit sites, including those looking for SEO backlinks. Read about our article submission guidelines here.

Still have questions or is there any question we did not answer above? Then, click here to email it to us!

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