How to Tie Rose Gele (aka Ascot Gele): Tutorial and Steps for Iconic Avant Garde Gele aka Abeke Gele aka Take a Bow Gele (Video)

Are you one of those seriously looking to learn how to tie the up-trending Iconic Rose Gele style invented by Abeke Makeovers? In this post, we’re bringing you the best easy-to-follow video tutorials so that you can quickly master tying it by yourself.  Now, get your Gele fabric, scroll down to watch how to tie avant garde tutorial – be sure to pause the video in between as you practice along. Down below you’ll also find out how the idea for this Icon Gele came about and the pretty woman behind it. Plus, we’ll tell you where to buy the ready-made version of Abeke Gele for those days there’s no time to waste. Oya, let’s go – see the rose gele video tutorial below.

Video #2: Icon Gele Quick Steps Tutorial

Video #3: Take-a-Bow Gele Style – Quick Shortcut Method


Turorial #4: Using Big Headtie to Tie Rose Gele

Royal Ascot Hat Meets Nigerian Ascot Gele: A Classy Wedding Guest Headpiece

Yay! We now have Nigeria’s version of the Royal Acot hats – they come in Gele headgears. The Abeke Gele, also called ‘iconic rose Gele’ (aka avant garde Gele) is in a class of its own and even ladies that didn’t really like the normal Gele are wearing it everywhere – to weddings, to owmabe parties and on red carpets.  Celebrities like Toke Makinwa, pretty @TojuFoye  ( ) and Temi Dollface are among those to have been seriously rocking the Avant Garde Gele and they look fabulous wearing it. You know, Toke always slays every look. We love this new Gele style because it looks beautiful with both traditional and Western occasion outfits.  I won’t be surprised to see Abeke Makeover’s Ascot Geles at the next Royal Ascot RaceCourse – because it’s of that level. Period!


Meet the Inventor of the Popular Icon Gele (aka Ascot Gele) and Unboxing of Ready-Made Iconic Ascot Auto Gele

Funmi Olurinola of Abeke Makeovers is the gorgeous woman that Invented the Ascot Gele that we’re all crushing on.  She also goes by the name “Abeke OniGele-Ara” (translatiion: Ábeke, the maker of Grand Gele headgears).  Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention, and that’s the summary of how the Abeke Gele was invented.  To crown it all, her Ascot Gele designs made the runway at last year’s Lagos Fashion Design Week, in which she collaborated with bridal and womenswear designer, Toju Foyeh (@TojuFoyeh).

Since creating this new Gele style, she has gone on to make them in ready-to-wear, out-of-the-box versions for women who just don’t have time to devote to tying any form of Gele.  If you’re like me, you’d have been wondering how one woman came up with the idea of the gorgeous Ascot Gele style, watch this video courtesy of Spice TV Africa  – you’ll also see the unboxing of the ready-to-wear Abeke Auto Gele (autogele), as well as how to wear the auto-gele (just the way you wear a cap).

Rejoice! There’s a Ready-to-Wear Version of Abeke Gele in Stores

I know that some African and Nigerian women just suck at doing a decent headwrap/ scarf, no matter how many hours they spend trying.  Some just don’t like that gele tying is time consuming, and some are lazy about it. There’s good news! Now you can buy the Abeke Makeover’s AutoGele ready-made from their online store. The turban geles are available for purchase from her website and she ships them anywhere in Nigeria and abroad, once you buy.  The ready-made version of the Rose Gele comes in a cute box, and can be worn just like a hat – without wasting time. Should we call these turban geles?

Picture -women in Iconic Rose Ascot Gele invented by Abeke (avant Garde Gele) Makeovers


One Gele Style, Plenty Names – Abeke Gele, Auto Gele, Take a Bow Gele, Icon Gele…

These days we’re seeing loads of fresh new Gele styles, thanks to Nigeria’s tireless Gele artists.  Some call this Gele by different names: Abeke Gele, Ascot Gele, Avant Garde Gele, ‘Take A Bow’ Gele, Iconic Gele, Icon Gele, Auto Gele, Rose Gele.  Trust my Naija people with naming a new fashion trend. That’s just the way we roll.

But, anyways, this Abeke Gele head-wrap style is on-point for ever occasion. If you’re tired of looking like everyone else in a wedding aso-ebi outfit, or you think the good old pleated Gele is getting boring, just go for Abeke’s Iconic Gele tied like a rose and you’ll stand out, and turn heads.  The avant Garde Gele style is just what you need to stand out and look elegant at any occasion.

Now you have choices – either buy it ready-made or learn how to tie it by yourself from the above tutorials.  We love that this Gele turns out great in just about any colour and assorted fabrics, including Damask, Sego Gele, the regular Aso-Oke and Netted Aso-Oke.

I hope you liked the videos on how to tie the Avant Garde / Rose Gele video tutorials above? Don’t worry if you did not really get it this time, try watching it some more time and practice along – soon it will stick.  So, I’m curious to know – which name do you like best for this Abeke Makeover’s gele head-gear style  – royal ascot gele, or abeke gele, or auto gele, or take a bow gele, or iconic gele, or avant garde gele, or rose gele? Tell me in the comments area down below.

Photo Credits:  Instagram/@abekemakeovers | @fixumakeover | @mydes_touch | @nhn_couture

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