Side-Twisted Fan Gele [Pictures]: 6 Hot Gele Styles to Try on Your Next Aso-ebi Outfit (Gele Divas Vol1)

Tired of tying same gele style everyone and their mama is wearing? We too! We got photos of new instagram trending side-twisted fan gele style for you to switch up your looks and slay, when next invited to a wedding or any special occasion.

Welcome to Gele Divas Vol1 presented by NaijaGlamWedding. Sometimes, when invited to a wedding or any occasion, a typical Nigerian woman yearns to dress to impress, or like my Naija peeps would say: ‘dress-to-kill’.  At times like that, the same-same old gele styles won’t work for you.  Only a new, uncommon Gele style can add the needed extra sauce to that look you have in your head. So, if you’re in the mood to ‘pepper dem’ with your Gele style, I’ve got 6 fresh new Gele styles you should try with your next occasion or aso-ebi outfit. Scroll down to see pictures of our curated new trending gele styles inspiration below for ideas to change up your occasion-wear look, and thank me later.

1 & 2. Big & Bold Pleated Gele with  Side Twist and Side Fan: New Style Perfect for a Bridal Traditional Wedding Look

metallic gold gele with twist pleats style

Photo Credit: @charliel_photography /instagram | Gele by @georgesnip

new style yellow gele head tie

Photo Credit: @beautywisemakeovers (Gele Artist)

3. Pleated Gele with Side-Twist and Side-Fan (New Style):  Monochrome Red Aso-ebi and Red Gele Combo

new gele head gear styles

4. Twist-on-Pleats Gele with Side-Fan (New Style): Toke Makinwa Stuns in Baby Pink Aso-Oke Gele

new gele tying styles pictures

Photo Credit: @tokemakinwa

5. Double-Twisted Gele with Minimal Pleats (New Style): Burnt Orange Aso-Oke and Gele Combo

new aso-oke gele styles pictures

Photo Credit: @poshmakeupartistry /instagram

6. V-Front Pleated Gele Style with Side-Twist and Side-Fan:  Celeb Wedding Guest, Layo, Slays in Baby Pink Aso-Oke Gele

baby pink aso-oke gele v front shape

Photo Credit: @layoleoyatogun /instagram | Gele Tying by @@taiwos_touch

Learn How to Tie this Gele Style on Your Own

How cool are those fashionistas (above) in this new, trending gele style? We just love how the gele fans out to one side, and the twisted part stays put on one side.  To get their look, learn how to tie the latest twisted fan gele style by yourself here (video tutorials).


Dress Up & Slay with the New Gele Style with Side-Twist and Side-Fan

Now that you have 6 new styles to play with, say bye-bye to old styles of tying gele, and sing along with Teniola’s ‘my Gele must pass your own’ song (‘video below – you may want to pause video when the ad starts at 1 min 29 seconds).  You must show them you have arrived – with these new  side-twisted fan gele styles with pleats. Your gele must fine pass their own.

It’s not every time you want to wear a common-style outfit to an occasion or wedding party, especially if many important personalities are on the invite-list.  You know how easy it is to get lost in the sea of sameness wearing the same aso-ebi or aso-oke fabric (as everyone) at a wedding or other types of occasion.  While sewing a special style for your aso-ebi can help you look different, tying a different and unpopular style of gele is another way.

Who wants to go to a party looking like everyone, with same ol’ Gele style? That’s boring.  That’s why we’re starting to bring you a series of hot, fresh and trending new gele scarf styles spotted on celebs and fashion-savvy Nigerian women at society weddings.

twisted with pleats gele styles pictures

Hope the above in-vogue, trending twisted gele styles and will have fun recreating those featured looks. Stay tuned for the next edition of our in-vogie Gele Styles Series to see more new gele head-tie style trends.  Now, I want to hear from you. Comment below to tell me – which of the above new gele styles do you like best?

Photo Credits: As Captioned (above)

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