How to Tie Nigerian Turban Headwrap Step By Step (Easy Video Tutorials)

If there’s a wedding to attend, a girl’s got to look fine whether the hair is done or not. PACKAGING!  The velvet turban, tied up in Naija style, is one of the best ways to ‘package’ the head-region on a bad hair day. The new style of tying turban velvet is so chic that some Nigerian brides are even choosing this head-wrap as their bridesmaids’ or aso-ebi girls head-gear. The biggest reason why fashionista wedding guests are crushing this trend is that velvet turbans accessorized with a brooch are chic and stylish for any occasion, to rock any outfit – native or English wear.  So, in this post, we are bringing you an easy-to-follow VIDEO TUTORIALS that shows step by step how to tie a glam turban gele headscarf – the cap-turban style and the velvet fabric/ cloth style.  The tutorials are quick and easy to follow. Now, it’s practical time. Scroll down for the Nigerian-style turban video tutorial – watch, pause and try it, replay and try it until you get it.  Scroll down to see tutorials.

#1. Using Velvet Cloth: How to Tie Turban Head-Wrap using Fabric (Steps)

1b. Slower Demonstration: Watch How to Tie Velvet Turban Using Cloth-Piece

#2. Nigerian Turban-Cap: See Steps to Tie it from Scratch

2b. Slower Demonstration: Learn How to Tie Ready-Made Cap-Turban

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Tying a Fashion Turban Turns a Bad Hair Day to Glam Hair Day

Yass! Every stylish African woman knows the power of a colourful turban headwrap for transforming a look on a bad hair day from bland to glam. The African velvet turban fashion is back and stronger! This fashion and style statement piece has been making its way into the Nigerian wedding fashion scene – bridesmaids are loving it and wedding guests are rocking the hell out of the thing.

Every African woman has been in that situation when you have a wedding to attend the next day, your hair is in  a bad shape and you know there’s no way you can squeeze time to be at the hair salon before that occasion. In such a situation, what’s a fine girl gotta do than to turn to the trusty, draped velvet turban? You know it – wrap that hair in colourful ankara or velvet turban and look fabulous head-to-toe.

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Shh! The Secret to a High Turban We all Love

By the way, the secret to the high African-style turban is by putting a volumizer on your head before wrapping the turban. Those are sold as ready-made in any Nigerian market, usually by Hausa men who sell hair ruffles and cap0turbans. However, you can make your own volumizer by wrapping a piece of fabric (just like the native fabric used to carry loads on the head, called ‘oshuka’by the Yorubas). Another method is by first tying a knotted or thick headwrap underneath, before wrapping the main turban, or wearing your own natural hair in a thick ponytail under the turban. If you’re wearing a ponytail and your hair is not thick, you can wrap a cloth around the pony-tail as a first step.

Cap-Turbans or Classic Velvet-Fabric Turban?

We even love that you can now buy a cap-like, ready-made velvet turban in many sweet colours, available at an affordable price in Nigerian shops – online and offline. It’s good to have those as well as the regular velvet fabrics; the ready-to-wear cap-styles are quick to tie.
pictures of what Nigerian velvet turbans look on women when tied

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Fun Ways to Rock a Nigerian/ African Turban

We at NaijaGlamWedding HQ, here, are loving the different outfit types our Naija women are rocking the velvet turban.  The regular Gele is too ‘serious’ and just doesn’t go with many types of outfits, but the velvet turban matches almost every type of women attire.  Whatever outfit or style you wear with a velvet turban, you’re sure to slay. Here are some styling ideas:

  • Tie your turban plain or jazz it up with a brooch on the side or center for added glam
  • Tie a nice colour velvet turban when you’re wearing an ankara gown or skirt-and-blouse;
  • Rock it with denim/ jeans or office-wear or with a church outfit, and you’ll look like a polished African princess.
  • Of course you know you can rock a velvet turban to a wedding or any owambe occasion, that’s why we brought it here in the first place;
  • Have your bridesmaids or aso-ebi girls wear it – it’s top on the Nigerian wedding trend at this moment.

Your Turn: What Type of Turban Do You Like Best?

A turban headwrap always saves a bad hair day when you have a wedding or special occasion to attend. But if you’re attending a Naija wedding, you gotta turn up your turban gele tying game IF you must represent.  Also, if the traditional Nigerian Gele is too much work for you, you’ll keep your glam on by tying a velvet turban. That fashion statement piece never fails to add class and glam to even the most ordinary female dressing.

So, I hope you like the above turban video tutorial. I wonder how long the velvet turban will ‘reign’ this time around, since it’s been on and off in the past in Naija fashion scene. Anyway, let’s rock it for the moment.  Oh, I’m just curious – what’s your favourite turban colour? And, what form of Nigerian velvet turban do you prefer – the ready-made velvet cap-turban or the normal fabric type? Tell me in the comments down below.

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