Indian-Themed Engagement Shoot & True Love Story: Angela and Raymond

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She long dreamed of dressing like an Indian bride someday. During their recent pre-wedding/ engagement photoshoot, her fiancé made that wish come true for her.

nigerian couple in indian themed engagement photo shoot

Wedding bells are ringing for Angela and her fiancé Raymond. Their Indian-film inspired pre-wedding/ engagement shoot pictures are beyond gorgeous. Find out how she planned and humorously executed their Indian-themed e-shoot (her childhood dream), see their beautiful pre-wedding photos. Oh, and the couple also told us how it all started, how they met, how he popped the ‘marry me’ proposal question, the making of their e-shoot and the highlight of their upcoming wedding. Scroll down to read and see pictures.

couple in denim jeans themed pre-wedding picture

Meet the Couple: Their Love Timeline

  • They met and fell in love (June 15, 2011)
  • Wedding Date (January 30, 2016)
  • Length of their relationship (4 years and 4 months)
  • #EllaRay2016 (Couple Hashtag)
  • Bride-to-be: Angela Omonigho Esekhile  | Groom-to-be: Raymond Odion Okohue

couple in engagement photo shoot blue white theme

How they Met

These two romantics are another campus-friends-turned-lovers-and-now-getting-married couple.  The bride, Angela, narrated how it all started: ‘One day, while studying in the university (Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma, Edo state), I went to visit my friend at her off-campus hostel, and he was there. Apparently, he was my friend’s neighbour and they were also friends. So, my friend introduced us and that was where our story began.

We immediately hit it off and got along so well, that my friend got confused – she wondered if we knew each other before, because we were acting very familiar. At the time, I was in my fourth and final year in the accounting department and he was studying for his 2nd degree program in Law, and in his 3rd year. So, we started off as friends, later became close friends, and soon we fell in love and started dating. The groom-to-be also told his own side o their ‘how we met story’ and it’s so so romantic – lots of juicy details. 

couple poses in their indian themed engaagement photo session

‘My Dearest wife, Angela. My cherie koko, you’ve been that someone who makes me laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter, and live so much better. I am grateful for each day that we’ve spent together and for your sweet and genuine love for me’. – Raymond

How He Proposed

On how Raymond popped the ‘will you marry me’ question to her, Angela chuckled, and says: Well, our proposal wasn’t the usual romantic type you often hear of, as we’ve dated for 4years and 4months. So, there were so many signs, and when he decided to propose, it was just normal.

couple in white themed pre-wedding picture

‘My beau, the only man that knows how to tickle my fancy and get me to give my genuine smile whenever I’m forcing or faking it (lol). Out of all the men in the world, I am glad that I am having you as my husband’. -Angela

What Would their Wedding Day Look Like?

According to the bride-to-be, Angela: He (Raymond) is a twin and we would be getting married on the same day and in the same location as his twin brother. Since their childhood, both brothers promised to get married on the very same day.

couple in save the date pre-wedding picture

Planning and Styling their Engagement Shoot

Angela lets us in to behind-the-scenes of their engagement shoot: I’ve always loved Indian movies from my childhood days, the dressing, the music and songs, and dancing on the streets and on mountain top and in the rain. Lol. I love all that stuff! I am very emotional, so I cry when I watch Indian love stories and also the sad ones too. 

couple in jeans denim styled engagement photo shoot

My fiancé knows my love for Indian films. So, when we started dating and got really serious, I told him that I’d love to dress like an Indian bride someday, and we both laughed. So after he proposed, and we contacted the photographer for our engagement photography shoot, I asked if we would be directed on the different themes for the shoot and they said no.

They told us to bring our engagement shoot concepts, while they would direct us on different photography poses and then snap the photographs. That was when the idea flashed – so I told my fiance that now is the time to make that my childhood wish come true.  And later I did all of my findings by watching more of ZeeWorld movie Chanel, especially the movie, ‘married again’.

couple in indian-inspired engagement pictures

About their Engagement Shoot Photography Themes and Styling

The couple had over 4 themes in their pre-wedding shoot, here’s how Angela’s explains the ideas behind some of their cute photography styling themes and choice of outfits:

Our first photoshoot was Indian-film inspired. The second engagement photo shoot was the checkers-top-on-denim theme, which was for our casual outfit shoot. Here, most couples wear t-shirts. And our third pre-wedding photo-shoot was styled around traditional outfit. We could not forget our Nigerian culture and continent (Africa), so I also wore a blue lace-dress and he wore a white, short sleeved kaftan outfit. In our fourth engagement shoot, we wore an all-white outfit – inspired by my love for the colour ‘white’.

red-white engagement photo pictures

We initially planned to also do some shots at the beach, and I got a mullet dress for that while my fiancé got a short and t-shirt. Unfortunately, we were unable to make it down to the beach again because of the timing, considering Lagos traffic. I was glad there were different amazing spots at Freedom Park, Lagos Island, where we shot most of the scenes.

Want to Share Your Own Love Story and Pictures with Us?

If you liked Angela and Raymond’s pre-wedding pictures and love story, please leave a comment below to tell the couple, and also wish them well – in the comment area below.

Photographer: 1stXpression Visuals, Lagos
Couples Outfits Styling: Creado [@creado on Facebook and @creativedominion on Instagram]
Makeup: Magdalene Ugho
Narration and Engagement pictures were submitted by the bride-to-be.

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