Wedding Planning Templates, Checklists & Worksheets: Free Printable Downloads

Download any or all of our over 7 free wedding planning templates and worksheets – all from this page. They are the same shortcuts that professional wedding planners use. Print and use them to shorten your wedding planning process, save you money and help you stay super organized. To download, click on any of the images below and save or print the wedding planning templates, spreadsheets or worksheets to your computer. Be sure to scroll down down the page.

#1: Downloadable Wedding Checklist (Printable)

12 month wedding checklist NGW
Click above image to get the downloadable to-do list. 

Nigerian weddings involve lots of things to do as well and running around, all of which have to be completed in good time before your wedding day. How do you survive the entire craziness? Click the image above to print the downloadable wedding planning tool. Also, be sure to also read our exclusive Checklist for Nigerian trad’ wedding, click here.

#2: Printable Wedding Budget Worksheet & Expense Tracker

img budget template for wedding
Click above image to download.

So, you’ve fixed your wedding date, and are stuck about how to determine how much it would cost? We’ve got ya’ back, and are giving you our ready-made wedding budget spreadsheet for that (click above to download it). You can also read this post for the steps to arrive at how much your wedding will cost.

#3: Examples of What Others Spent in Their Own Weddings

img sample budget costs for small Nigerian weddings
Click above image to download

In the above wedding template, you will find examples of budgets for other people’s Nigerian weddings under 400 guests. If you’re just starting wedding planning, you’ll want to click above image to download this template. And, go here to see answers to any budget questions you have.

#4: Printable Wedding Budget Allocation Formula (Guide)

img budget allocation percent guide
Click above image to download.

So, you have, say N150k for your small wedding? How do you know how much to spend on wedding attire or how much to spend on the reception etc? Download the wedding budget allocation guide (click the above above image). We even made you a tool that automatically splits your budget using the percentage allocation guide – click here how to use the template, and also download it free.

#5: Printable Guest List Template

img guest list template for wedding
Click above image to download.  

Having a wedding guest list template makes it easy when writing wedding invitation cards, especially if you plan to ask others to assist you in writing them. Print copies of the above guest list template and give copies to your parents and parents-in-law, to write down the names of their guests. To learn why it’s critical to have a guest list, read this. And for how to use this template, read this post for steps to make a guest list.

#6: Must-Have Wedding Day Photo Shot-List (aka Posing List)

img photo posing shots list for wedding
Click above image to download

Do you your wedding photos to look like those on the covers of Ovation magazine? Then use the photo poses listed in this wedding template. Expert photographers work with photo shot-lists, and that is why you can see similar wedding photo pose on almost all big weddings on magazines. Now, you too can pose the same way the celebs do, on your wedding day – even if you hire a street-side photographer. Just make sure to give give them a copy of this wedding photography must-take shot list for Nigerian weddings (click above and download it). When searching for a photographer, follow our 10 tips to avoid being disappointed like some brides who either got bad pictures or never received any, years after their wedding.

#7: Downloadable Nigerian Wedding Budget Calculator

nigerian wedding budget calculator free download
Click above image to download

After you set the total amount you want to spend on your wedding, the next thing to do is to breakdown that budget into the major things you will be shopping during the wedding and vendor services to pay for. This wedding budget calculator will do that for you, automatically – all you have to do is type in the amount you set for your wedding budget. For steps and examples on how to use our Nigerian wedding budget calculator, click here.

More Wedding Templates Will be Uploaded Here from Time to Time

*Keep checking back on this page, as we will upload more wedding planning tools soon. And, if you still need help planning your wedding like a pro, you can join our wedding planning course for brides (it’s 100% free and delivered via emails to you), to work-along – by the end of the course, you’ll have your wedding blueprint in hand plus the skills to execute it flawlessly.

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