See a N500k Wedding Budget Example: The Couple Had 100 Guests

Who else wants to see what a 500k Naira wedding budget looks like? Our readers have been asking to see samples and examples of Nigerian wedding budget.  So, in this post, I’ll show you how expenses from a wedding organized with less than N500k budget? This is part 1 on the series in which I show […]

Wedding Budget List: Typical Expenses in Nigerian Weddings (Shopping List)

How do you make a wedding budget list to use in estimating the cost of your upcoming Nigerian wedding? One of the best ways to make up a wedding budget list is to ask newlyweds or a wedding planner for the typical things couples spend on during their Nigerian weddings. But what if you don’t have anyone around to ask, and […]

Why Nigerian Weddings are Expensive (and How to Save Costs)

If you know what really makes weddings (in Nigeria and everywhere) so expensive, then you will know what to do to cut down your entire wedding cost to as low as you desire – this post will show you how. Maybe you’ve started shopping for your wedding things, getting price quotation from venues and the […]

Top Wedding Budget Questions from Couples (and our Expert Answers)

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Use our Free Wedding Budget Calculator & 3 Methods to Allocate & Break Down Wedding Costs Easily

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How to Make a Nigerian Wedding Budget in 6 Easy Steps

The only way to know how much your wedding will cost is to make a budget.  But, how do you make a budget for a Nigerian wedding or any wedding? I will show you – keep reading.  During planning, making a budget will give you an estimate of how much your wedding will cost, so […]

Costly Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Should Avoid (Part 2)

In part 1 of the ‘top wedding mistakes’ series, we covered the costly wedding cake mistakes Nigerian newlyweds confessed they made. In that post, we also provided many different ways to have an impressive but low-cost wedding cake without looking cheap. In case you missed that post, you can find it how to avoid costly […]

Costly Wedding Cake Budgeting Mistakes You Should Avoid in Nigeria

Wrong decisions that led to wasting money on wedding cakes was always mentioned when I hear newlywed Nigerian brides reflect on mistakes they made and what they wish they could have done differently.  What I hear them say the decisions they made during their cake shopping caused them to overspend unnecessarily and it turned out […]