Everything About Planning Small Weddings and Saving Costs in Nigeria

On any good day, one of the most popular questions I get asked by brides and grooms (planning a Nigerian wedding) goes like this: how can one plan a wedding on low budget, if that a couple is not getting monetary help from parents or family members, given the state of the economy.  I always replied the askers with tips and guides, and also pointing them to some of our articles on the subject. A few minutes ago, I received a similar question, and so thought that if I wrote an article about it, I could help more couples who are struggling with same problem. So, here goes… everything, the best tips and advice tips you need to know about planning a small Nigerian wedding and saving costs (even if you’re planning a big, fat Naija wedding).

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Since we have written so many articles about how to save money when planning a wedding, and how to plan a low-cost wedding that doesn’t look and feel cheap, I decided to dig into our archives in order to create this article for you. So, this post is where to find our very best small wedding planning tips in one single place for brides and grooms on budget – one wedding planning resource.

Guides and Tips for Planning a Small Wedding in Nigeria

These days, we’re seeing that with Nigerian weddings, the saying that small is the new big is ringing true among the wealthy people, celebrities and the not-rich people. While everyone wants a small wedding, their reasons for wanting a small wedding is not the same – and their ideas of what ‘small’ means is not the same, as we’ve seen many ‘small weddings’ that cost way more than some big, owambe-style Nigerian weddings. So, to help you plan a glam small wedding that is your style and within your budget (big or small), read our best small wedding tips and guides from the links below:

Cost Saving Ideas & Tips for When Planning a Low-Budget Nigerian Wedding

More and more couples are going for low-budget weddings, and needing tips for how to pull off a successful wedding event that does not look and feel cheap. So, here are our best tips and guides to help you out.

Other Essential Wedding Planning Guides

Most couples are too worried, thinking about how they can possibly organize their wedding with the money they have, without borrowing, and they totally forget that the wedding needs to be planned. So, now that you’ve got our very best tips (above) and advice on how to plan a small, low-budget wedding, it’s time to guide you on how to start planning your wedding – follow the tips in the links below.

So, there you have it on our very best wedding planning tips for couples who want a small or low-key and/ or low-budget wedding. Hope you enjoyed reading. If this article helped you in any way, please consider telling your friends about it – tweet it, facebook it, instagram it, repost it everywhere:).  And, If there’s anything I missed, let me hear it in the comments box down below.

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