How to Fix Fake Eyelashes Correctly by Yourself (Video Tutorial)

Stop paying to someone to fix fake eyelashes for you – watch the below video tutorial to learn how to apply false lashes yourself – it’s easier than you think, and really fast too. Besides, many Nigerian women pay but yet their falsies don’t look natural. The eyes, they say, is the windows to the face, and makeup artists agree that when applied properly, fake eyelashes (aka ‘falsies’) gives the face that ‘wide awake look’, and makes the wearer look glamorous. And, when not fixed correctly, false lashes can make you look FAKE, like a ‘plastic doll baby’. After watching the video tutorial below, you will be able to start applying fake lashes by yourself, in a way that will look natural – almost like your own. Play the step by step video below, and practice along to apply your eyelash extension yourself.

Things You Need

  1. Fake eyelashes
  2. A nail scissors
  3. Quality Glue
  4. Eyeliner and Mascara
photo of a bride wearing traditional wedding makeup and false eyelashes
Photo Credit: George Okoro Photography (Nigerian Wedding Photographer)

The Steps: How to Fix False lashes by Yourself

Just in case you prefer reading steps to watching videos, follow the instructions below to fix natural-looking false lashes correctly:

Step #1: MEASURE – False lashes usually come longer than the eye width. If you don’t cut it, it will stick out at the edges of your eye, and may even fall off. So, you should place the lash over your eye in a C-shaped. following the curve of your eye (not straight), to measure the length of your eye. Watch the above video to see how it is done. You know, some things are better seen than explained.

Step #2: TRIM – Based on your measurement, trim the outside end, so as to cut the eyelashes to the size of your eyes.

Step #3:  GLUE – Apply glue to the edges of the fake eyelashes. Another way is to apply some glue on a surface (or on the back of your free hand) and then dip the edges of the lash into the glue (one lash at a time).  Another way is to use an old, small brush to pick some glue from the back of your hand onto the lash strip – this method makes it easy to get glue evenly spread without over-spilling.

Step #4: SET – Allow some time for the glue to become tacky/ sticky – it should take about 40 seconds to a minute. You know it’s tacky when the glue is no longer wet. *Warning: do not try to fix eyelashes when the glue is wet.

Step #5: APPLY – Place the lash over your eye, one eye at a time. Make sure to target the lash to fall over the base of your natural lash line. You can use your hand to move it, so that it sits well.

FINISH THE LOOK: Apply liquid eyeliner or a black eyeshadow over the falsies – this helps to fill any gap between the false lash and your natural lash line. Finally, apply a coat of mascara.

*BONUS EYELASH TIPS: All false eyelashes are not made the same, whether you go for the individual fake lashes or the strips. Almost every eyelash brand makes them in different types – some come in natural looking designs, some come in dramatic designs. Don’t just buy anyone – ask to see the various designs in the makeup store. The occasion and your personality should determine the eyelash design you buy. Don’t buy a dramatic look eyelash extension to wear as your everyday work look – buy the natural looking lash design.

False Eyelashes Are Becoming a Bride’s Favourite

These days, the eyelash-fixing trend is almost becoming an everyday look for many Nigerian women. And, if you wear falsies daily, it’s a good idea to learn how to fix them yourself. Maybe, you’d reserve paying someone to do it for you on those very special occasions.

We’re seeing many brides wearing fake eyelashes as part of their wedding day makeup, and we’re loving the trend. But what’s not okay is that some of them look so obvious – with the lashes screaming ‘FAKE’. Kudos to the awesome Nigerian makeup artists that are doing it right. Instead of leaving your fate to any street-side makeup hobbyist to use your eyes  to learn work, and then make you hate your wedding pictures later – probably when the fake eyelash trend is over.

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You’ll need to watch the above video tutorial a few more times, and practice along, to ensure you become perfect at applying natural looking false eyelashes. Before you leave, tell me how you wear false eyelashes – for everyday look or just when you need to go out to an occasion? And, have you ever had any ugly experience with wearing fake lashes?

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