How to Shave and Shape Your Eyebrows Using Razor or Trim it With Scissors (Expert Video Tutorials)

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The eyes and eye brows are one of the first things a person sees on your face, and can significantly change the appearance of the entire face – they can either make you look older or younger, or just your age, depending on how you groom them.  Today, we are bringing you expert beauty tutorials  on how to groom your eyebrows into a nice, arch shape that will make your eyes pop/ open up/ enhance your face – using either razor (VIDEO 1) or scissors – for trim-shaping naturally thick eyebrows (VIDEO 2).  If you’ve been struggling with getting a perfect brow shape by yourself, grab a seat because the step by step eyebrow shaping tutorials below will help transform your looks. And, if you have a natural thick, bushy brows, video 2 will show you how to trim it to shape it without shaving. You’ll love the before and after looks in the tutorial. Just be sure to practice along – click play to start watching the eyebrow shaping and arching tutorials below.

Video 1: Eyebrow Shaving Using Razor Blade

Video 2: How to TRIM a Bushy, Thick Brow to Shape, Using Scissors

Not everyone likes their eyebrows to shaped by shaving. And, if you’re naturally endowed with thick brows, you can achieve a perfect brow by trimming with a small scissors- the above video tutorial is your best bet.

How to Know Your Eyebrow Arch and Shape (with Image Illustration)

Most women shape their eyebrows to look like the shape they saw and liked on someone they know or have seen on before and after makeovers done by top makeup artists. That’s wrong, and that’s why they look not-so-cute after grooming their brows. When you see a brow you like, it does not mean that the same eyebrow shape will look good on your face. The shape of your face should tell you the shape of your eyebrows – and it all starts from knowing where your arch is (see the diagram below). Follow your natural arch when shaping your eyebrows.

Below is an image guide to help you get your perfect eyebrow arch and shape.  – use it to find the position of your your brow start, arch and end. It’s very important that you get your arch right, but it’s simple if you follow the guide in the image below.

infographic of eyebrow arch shaping guide
Image Source: Polyvore

To Tweeze or To Shave or To Thread?

While tweezing and threading are very common eyebrow grooming techniques, shaving with razoe blade is the most common in Nigeria. Many women, especially Nigerians are just not comfortable with tweezing their eyebrows. If you know how to shape your eyebrows using razor blade, you can get it to look really beautiful. However, a lot of ladies just don’t know how to correctly shave and shape their eyebrows to fit their face shape.

It’s common to see many pretty women with over-shaved brows; some even totally shave outside their face shape (such that they can only look better if they fill the brows). While it’s not expensive to always run to your favourite hairdresser or makeup artist to have your brows shaped, sometimes for some reasons you just can’t find time to go out. So, you see why you need to learn to do your brows yourself.

SAFETY TIPS: To avoid scratching or cutting your skin while shaving your brows, use a brow razor (available in beauty stores) or a good, hard razor blade such as Tiger (popular in Nigeria), and Ardell brow razor (easily available in reputable makeup stores). Don’t hold the razor straight up. Instead, hold it flat against your skin while shaving – this way, you’ll have a greater control of the blade and reduce risk of cutting your skin.


  • When shaping, follow your natural brow shape and arch.
  • Remove stray hair by brushing up and then down, to remove the overgrown brow hair.
nigerian bride in traditional wedding makeup and perfectly shaped eyebrows
Photo Credit: BMPro by Banke Meshida-Lawal (Makeup Artist)

Our Other Expert Eye Makeup Video Tutorials

To help you master other areas of DIY face makeup and beauty fixes, here are some other related beauty video tutorials we highly recommend you watch:

Final Takeaway: Perfect Eyebrow Shape

As you know, the eyes as the windows to the face, frames your face and so it’s very important to pretty it up – so that you can look glowy. Hopefully, after a few practices with the above eyebrow shaping tutorial, your face will always be on point.

That’s it from us on how to shave your eyebrows to a natural arch, using razor blade or scissors. You need to watch that video some more and practice along a few more times. Be sure to follow the guide above for how to shape your eyebrow arch, which is where most people miss it when shaping their brows by themselves. 

Thanks for reading. Please help us share this post with your friends on Facebook/ Twitter/ email and everywhere. Also, I’d love to hear from you – leave me a comment below to tell me what you think about the eyebrow shaping tips above.

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  1. Please how do you make those face smoth what do u use for it.I tried to do that I applied a lot of foundation but its nt as clean as that

    • Hello Shirley, thanks for stopping by. You do not need too much foundation to get a smooth face, just a small quantity is enough if you use the right technique to apply foundation – click here to see our featured videos on how to do your face makeup from start to finish.
      FACT is that foundation only helps to cover spots and make the face look smoother, BUT if your facial skin is very rough (such as from pimples or scar), it is recommended to treat it so that your makeup/ foundation will be smoother.
      IN ADDITION: Having a primer and concealer in your makeup bag will HELP YOU ACHIEVE A SMOOTHER FINISHED LOOK when you apply foundation.
      I hope those tips help. Be sure to check out our other beauty and makeup video tutorials.

  2. That was a good one …. I am an upcoming makeup artist; wishing i could a help to others someday.. LOL

  3. Please i need the names Of the items for a perfect filling Of the eye brow. Thanks

    • Hi Amaka, the product names are all listed in each of the eyebrow shaping tutorial above. Please, re-watch the video and listen closely – you will hear. Thanks for visiting and reading NaijaGlamWedding blog, and please check out our other helpful wedding beauty videos linked inside this article.

  4. when I shave my brows the skin around becomes fair. is it normal? I’m dark skinned though

    • Hi Ebi, that normally happens if you were using a very new/ sharp razor blade OR if you are pressing the razor hard on your skin. But if you try placing the razor lightly when shaving your eyebrow, you will notice that that problem will reduce.

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