How to Plan a Nigerian Wedding in 3 Months or Less (Checklist)

Planning a wedding in 12 months is stressful and planning one in a short space of time is even harder but not impossible. You can still plan a memorable Nigerian wedding and a great reception party in a space of 3 months or less if you follow our checklist below that will help you keep you organized and on schedule.

Some men just want to propose and get married in a few, short months. It’s like, why wait? Not everyone likes the idea of waiting long after a proposal, planning a wedding in 12 months or even in 6 months. Wedding planning is already overwhelming and stressful, not many people want to hold on to that stress and pack on nervousness and tension for that many months. Besides, some couples just want to get married like yesterday and want to plan a quick Nigerian wedding in 3 months or less. In this post, I’ll provide you with a 3-month wedding planning checklist and a few important things to keep in-view to ensure you execute the most memorable event of your life. For a long, time, we’ve been getting many requests to write this planning a wedding on short-notice guide and it’s time to put it out there.

how to plan nigerian wedding 3 months

14-Step Checklist to Planning a Wedding in 3 Months or Less (and Timeline)

Not everyone wants to wait a year or more to get married, especially if they already know they are ‘the one’ for each other. Maybe the bride suddenly got pregnant; maybe the couple’s office schedule is tight and they have just got a leave within the same time, or maybe they can’t spend another year living apart. Maybe one of the couples suddenly wants to relocate abroad and wants to seal the deal before heading off. Maybe they have just saved up enough for the wedding and don’t want to risk spending the cash if they fix the wedding date far in advance. No matter why you want to plan your wedding in 3 months or less, let’s give you a roadmap and show you how not to get overwhelmed while planning a wedding on short notice.

Step 1: Pick a Date Between Now and the Next 3 or 4 months

You need to fix this soonest, as wedding venues and vendors can only be booked with dates. Most Nigerian couples are forced to the wedding dates their churches or worship houses assign to them. So, you may not have a lot of decisions here. The availability of your desired venue types may also limit you to the dates you can choose to fix your wedding, as some in-demand hotel and event venues are fully booked in advance.

Step 2: Choose the Location (State/ Country)

Once you sorted the wedding date, the next thing is to decide on the place (the country, if not in Nigeria; the state and city).

Step 3: Just Do It! Start Planning Immediately

Once you’ve picked the date, start the planning and ‘doing’.

Step 4: Set a specific budget (amount) for the wedding

Decide on how much you can afford to spend on your wedding, and commit to it.

Step 5: Break down that budget into different spending areas AND try to book or buy things within those limits.

You don’t want to be thinking of a N100k trad wedding attire if the breakdown suggests you have N150k for both bride and groom’s attire.  Be real and true to the size of your pocket.

Step 6: Fix the Guest Count

Also set a realistic guest count: Well, don’t set how many guests to invite, we advice to work it out from your catering budget.  Know that you cannot afford to invite everybody, except you have unlimited money to feed EVERYBODY. So, only invite the number of people your catering budget can feed. Every single guest costs money (food cost is per plate; venue cost is per space that people occupy). If you want too many people, then find more money to feed more.

Step 7: Sort out Venue Budget and Book It Soonest

You want to lock down a venue as quickly as you can because every other thing revolves around the location (and date, which you should have also picked, and a budget). Be realistic again with your venue budget (from the breakdown) and look for the class and type of venue within what you can afford. There’s no time to go round and round. The good news is that you can find a decent venue at any decent price. If on a low budget, consider outdoor types of venue such as open fields, gardens, restaurants, schools (most schools are used for Saturday weddings) and church wedding reception venues. Some hotels offer their event and wedding halls cheaper on weekdays, so consider that.


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