How to Do Your Face Makeup by Yourself Step by Step (Video)

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Are you considering doing your own wedding makeup yourself for your Nigerian traditional or white wedding? It’s necessary, especially because most professional makeup artists wither would not follow you to the village for your traditional wedding OR they are too expensive. But, there’s a way – in this post you can learn how to do your wedding makeup yourself, just like Duchess Kate Middleton did. Follow the bridal makeup video tutorials below – watch and practice along with the 3 different videos of wedding makeup tutorials below – (i) the white wedding makeup tutorial, (ii) traditional wedding makeup tutorial and (iii) the honeymoon and occasion look makeup tutorial for black/ African / Nigerian brides. See the bridal makeup videos below.

#1: Steps for White Wedding Makeup by Bride (Tutorial Video)

*Be sure to see our other DIY bridal makeup tutorial videos – continue reading to see the list, including eyeshadow tutorial for a beginner, and how to draw a perfect eyebrow.

#2: Traditional Wedding Makeup Tutorial (Step by Step)

*Want to learn how to shape your eyebrows, and/ or how to fix eyelashes like an expert? Continue reading.

#3: Honeymoon and Occasion Makeup Tutorial for Brides

The next makeup video tutorial is from Nigerian celebrity makeup artist, Theodora – follow the steps in her video tutorial to learn how to do your everyday and occasion makeup. You need this one to stay on-point whenever you’re out with your man, after the wedding! Watch it now!

Why Should You Learn How to Do Your Own Wedding Makeup

With many traditional weddings taking place in the bride’s hometown/ village, it can sometimes be hard to convince your favorite makeup artiste to follow you to the villa’. Besides, can you afford to pay for taking them out for their base? Besides that, there shouldn’t be an excuse for a bride’s face to look really dolled up on her traditional or white wedding day. After all, after the wedding nko? Your groom expects you to keep looking pretty when escorting him to occasions – unless you want him to be looking at other pretty made-up faces when both of you go out together.

bride doing her own wedding makeup

Last year, one of my girlfriends took a crash course on wedding makeup a few weeks before her traditional wedding which held at her home-town – and her makeup looked so gorgeous in her pictures. So, girl, you gotta have a backup plan – for just in case. And that is, by learning how to DIY (Do It Yourself). Even the rich girls (like Hate Middleton) DIY, why not you – if the need arises?

Check Out Our Other DIY Makeup Video Tutorials

Even the Royal Bride Did Her Makeup Herself…

You’ll need a few more practice to perfect your DIY wedding makeup skills.

By the way, did you know that Kate Middleton, the royal bride, did her own wedding day makeup – even though she could afford the price of even the most expensive UK wedding makeup artists? Well, while planning her wedding, Kate learned from expert makeup artists how to do her own bridal makeup by herself, and it was perfect as seen in her wedding pictures. Now, you too can do your bridal makeup – be sure to watch the above video tutorials over and over again, practice along until you become perfect.

There you have it on the step by step video tutorials on how to do your own bridal or everyday-look makeup. Hope the video tutorials were helpful? So, tell me – are you likely to hire a professional makeup artist or you will do your traditional or white wedding makeup by yourself?

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