Latest Agbada Styles and Designs for Men 2019 (Pictures): Male Asoebi Wedding Guest Styles

Agbada is the new “it-fashion” for Nigerian male wedding guests (and women too). If you’re a stylish man looking for outfit ideas for that next special occasion, OR if you’re an about-to-wed groom looking for men’s aso-ebi ideas, you’ll love these trendy modern agbada styles and designs for male wedding guests. No, these modern agbada styles and designs are not the same as those our grandfathers wore. Thanks to Nigeria’s talented fashion designers, the latest agbada outfits are more appealing to the young people and comfortable to wear – they’re generally sharper, lighter, not as big or heavy as they used to be.  No wonder every fashion-forward man and celebrity has them in different colours and embroidery designs, and still sewing more. Scroll down to see the pictures of the latest men’s agbada styles we curated for you (play the slideshow below to see photos).

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Fun Facts About the Nigerian Agbada Outfit that Male Wedding Guests Love

Every Nigerian knows this, but I know that our non-Nigerian readers would want to know a thing or two about ‘agbada’. May be you already know about the dashiki African ethnic fashion trend Worldwide (also known as danshiki). Well, agbada is the senior brother of dashiki shirt, sort of, and it’s widely worn in Nigeria.

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You’ll also find agbada worn as the ethic wear in some African countries such as Senegal, Mali, most west african countries. Agbada is a 3-piece outfit, with two tops worn over a trouser (sokoto) – the inner piece top/ shirt is called ‘kaftan’ and the big, flowing outermost robe-top is called the agbada or ‘baba riga’. The inner kaftan can either be short-sleeved (short agbada) or long sleeved, depending on your preference.

Usual fabrics for sewing men’s agbada include lace, guinea brocade/ kampala, atiku material, aso-oke, even ankara materials or wax prints.  What about the abgada embroideries? That is optional, although a big part of the traditional agbada menswear – however, you can choose to have yours sewn with or without embroidery designs (see pictures in the above video for inspiration).

Image of Young Man wearing Nigerian Agbada

IK Ogbonna looks dapper in a white flowing Agbada

Agbada is a classic occasion favourite among Nigerian men. Although, Agbada style is traditionally worn by the Yoruba and Hausa Nigerian males, it is now loved and worn by men from every part of Nigeria. The name ‘agbada’ is a Yoruba word; however the Hausa name for this outfit (the outer gown) is ‘BabaRiga’ which literally translates as ‘King of Clothes’.  I’m not sure why it’s called that but then, that’s the aura and feeling that you’ll get any time you wear an agbada.

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I love that the agbada can also be worn in a kinda short casual style by rolling up its ‘sleeves, and you can also dress it down (slightly) by taking off the flowing agbada part, so that you’re left with the ‘kaftan’ look. Worn in any way, the agbada looks trendy and dapper on any man – with or without embroidery designs.

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Show Up to Your Next Wedding or Occasion in a Flowing Agbada

This classic men’s asoebi/ wedding guest fashion never goes out of vogue, and looks trendy whether sewn with guinea brocade or lace, with embroidery or plain. So, the next time or whenever you want to make a grand presence to a wedding or occasion, show your tailor one of the featured agbada (babariga) styles to sew for you. By the way, if you’re about to get married, agbadas are perfect for men aso-ebi – hopefully the above pictures will inspire you.

So, guys, that’s it from us on the how to rock the modern Nigeria man’s agbada as a wedding guest or an aso-ebi boy. Hope you liked the photos of featured styles and designs? Well, let me know what you think of the different featured agbada styles and designs, or just leave a comment down below.

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  1. Good morning, pls I need your advice. I will be getting married October and my grooms men will all be in agbada.

    Now, we are using cashmere material, colour teal green with yellow colour as d design. Does d color combination goes well? thanks

  2. Can I wear agbada while my spouse wear the usual wedding gown on our church wedding,

    • My dear Bosun, I have not seen that style at weddings. But then, these days we are seeing couples changing the traditional rules of weddings, including wedding fashion. So, maybe you can – IF your wedding day pastor/ officiant says ÝES’to it. >>In the event that you do, let us know how it goes (and we’ll be happy to feature your wedding on this blog).

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