Mens Wedding Guest Outfit Guide: 7 Occasion Appropriate Dressing Styles with Pictures

Looking for ideas for stylish but appropriate traditional African/ Nigerian-style outfits for men to wear to weddings or special occasions? In this post, you will see pictures of the top 7 types of appropriate male wedding guest attire to wear to a Nigerian wedding – including English wear and Nigerian traditional menswear.  Our featured men’s asoebi styles are what Nigeria’s most stylish men are wearing to special occasions, so you’ll like them. Scroll down to check out the latest Nigerian-wedding-appropriate male guest fashion and styles…  After the pictures (below), you will find information on types of fabrics that are used to sew Nigerian men’s occasion wears.

Men’s Nigerian Wedding Guest Attire Ideas: Native Wears (No Suit) and English Wear Options Guide

First things first, you want to check the invitation card and see if there’s a dress-code. If there is, then stop reading this post and go get something along that line.  If there’s no dress-code, follow our guide below to know what type of outfit to wear whenever you are invited to a Nigerian wedding (in Nigeria or abroad). Now, below are pictures of what to wear, and our ultimate guide to what a male wedding guest can wear to a Nigerian Wedding:

#1. Senator Suits / Nigerian Native Suit for Men / Senator Style Native Wear

Pictures: nigerian mens traditional senator styles

#2. Agbada / BabaRiga Styles for Men – Short or Long Sleeve Agbada, your preference…

nigerian men traditional agbada styles Pictures

nigerian men native babariga agbada wears Pictures

#3. Kaftan (Caftan aka Atiku Style) for Men: Short- or Long-sleeve Men’s Kaftan

african traditional wear for men Pictures

nigerian men atiku fashion styles pictures Pictures

aso ebi styles for men atiku designs Pictures


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