Beautiful Wedding Rings for Women (100+ Pictures)

If you’re looking for picture ideas of the latest wedding rings, in this post, you’ll see over 100 pictures of beautiful wedding ring ideas to inspire you, so that you can quickly choose a ring design before going to the shops.  The featured photos include assorted wedding rings – from plain wedding bands to gold/ silver and platinum wedding rings with diamonds and other precious stones (such as diamond, ruby and more). See the photos in the video slideshow below and start choosing your marriage ring pictures.

The Easiest Way to Choose Your Wedding Ring

The wedding ring has a very interesting and funny history about how it started, to now becoming a label for ‘married’ on the wearer.  Most brides start looking at wedding ring pictures in magazines, to get an idea of what to shop for. Not a surprise because wedding ring designs are countless, and so it can be confusing and overwhelming to start your search from a bridal jewelry store where you’ll be presented with so many that it will be hard to decide on one there and then.

It’s easier and quicker to choose your wedding ring style from looking at wedding ring pictures and then making a list of the top 5 ring designs you like best – just like making a list before going shopping for food items/ grocery. When shopping for wedding rings, you’ll see so many stunning designs of wedding rings in the market – in Nigeria and abroad.

What’s Your Wedding Ring Style?

It’s amazing how wedding ring choices differ with different Nigerian brides. Some women like plain wedding rings (with a few stones or none, may be like a wedding band), others prefer wedding rings with stones like diamonds, ruby, emerald, sapphire or other. Furthermore, when deciding on the wedding ring to buy, consider the ring metal and colour you prefer – gold, silver or platinum? And the colour of the ring metal is a huge part when choosing a wedding ring – silver is whitish; there’s white gold, yellow gold. And the ring stones come in different colours.

latest wedding rings in nigeria -pictures

While some women prefer to wear only one wedding band, some like to wear both the engagement ring with their wedding rings. So, if you have an engagement ring, don’t forget to find a wedding ring shape that will sit on beside your engagement ring and blend in – as if the two rings are just a single ring. So, as you look at the wedding ring pictures, try to pick a few images that sync with your everyday style – so that you won’t get bored with it fast.

Where to Buy Original Wedding Rings for a Nigerian Wedding

You can find good and original wedding rings in many Nigerian markets and jewelry stores, but if you like the convenience of buying stuff online, you can find beautiful, original wedding rings on top online stores such as Amazon.

Wedding Ring Pictures: Takeaway

Hope you got inspired by those wedding rings? When your wedding day is over, we’d love to see photos of ‘the ring’ sitting pretty on your cute fingers – submit your wedding ring photos and we will publish it on this site to show off, for you, to the World.

Now, it’s your turn to talk back to me – tell me in the comments below, which wedding ring picture did you like best?

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    • Thanks, Dami. That wedding ring is beautiful – I like it too. You can find prices from stores/ shops in town. We don’t sell – we featured them so that our readers, like you, can use the pictures to go shopping.

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