15 Hottest Bridesmaid Dress Trends in Nigeria (with Photos)

Looking to dress your girls in something that feels modern? Let’s show you the latest trends in bridesmaid dresses in Nigeria including the hottest styles and dress lengths, the ‘it’ necklines, popular bridesmaid dress colours, and trending fabrics.

We understand that the role of your bridesmaids is important at your wedding, and we are also aware that you want them to look perfect for the role.  Our team here loves spotting wedding fashion trends and the result is this compilation of bridesmaid dress trends we see in Nigeria and Africa-wide. We also made sure to include all the latest trends we spotted in bridesmaid fashion – the popular styles, modern cuts, and colours. We hope that this will be of help to you in choosing what your bridesmaids will wear.  Let’s get right into it…

Bridesmaid Dress Trends in Nigeria (with Photos)

We’ve looked through tons of dresses from big Nigerian weddings, and the result is 15 Nigerian bridesmaid dress trends that you and your girl-squad will love.  Modern brides look for what’s in-vogue now, and also will not go out of style soon.  This section is our compilation of the latest bridesmaid fashion trends in Nigeria. You’ll find lots of photo inspirations to help you choose what your bridesmaids will wear.  In a previous post, I discussed the chief bridesmaid dress trends in Nigeria. You’ll also want to look at that.

Bridesmaid fashion has changed over the years, with younger brides breaking the rules and giving us lavishly beautiful and edgy new styles, and bolder colours of bridesmaid dresses. We’re all here for it. For a modern bride, it’s now all about switching up the traditional bridesmaid dress styles and packing a punch to make it look and feel more ‘now’ and younger.  Nigerian brides are not coming to play. We’re seeing them take bold moves with how they outfit their girl-squad, from bridesmaid dresses with thigh-high slits to chic bridesmaid gowns with shoulder cape, to pantsuit bridesmaid dresses and more new styles.

We see some brides also breaking the rules with regards to the classic bridesmaid dress fabric, and the result is gorgeous (details later). Check out the top 15 bridesmaid dress trends in Nigeria and pick from our compilation/ gallery of dresses we are sure you and your girls will love (gorgeous photos below).

1. Off-the-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses Trend

off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses

Top: Gorgeous, pink off-Shoulder bridesmaid dresses | Left: Blush and burgundy off-shoulder bridesmaid gowns | Right: Long, fitted off-the-shoulder burgundy bridesmaid gowns.

First, it was strapless bridesmaid gowns, which is still a favourite in Nigeria, and now we’re seeing Nigerian brides offering their best ladies modern and romantic takes of the open, off-shoulder bridesmaid dress style. These variations of open neckline dress styles are chic.

2. Navy Blue or Black Bridesmaid Dresses Trend

navy blue bridesmaid dresses

Navy is the new ‘it colour’ in Nigerian bridesmaid fashion, or rather navy blue is the new black. We see some brides shifting away from the usual warmer pastels and soft colours we all associate with bridesmaids to dresses. For brides who love to break the rules, first it was black, and now navy is where the trend is at.

In Nigeria, black is a colour traditionally associated with mourning and most parents and guests frown at the idea of black bridesmaid dresses. So, we can understand why navy blue bridesmaid dresses are on the rise, as not many brides are comfortable with having black dresses in their wedding theme. However, there are ways that other brides have used to make black and navy blue bridesmaid dresses look flashy (details below).

If the idea of a dark-themed bridesmaid dress appeals to you but you’re afraid to use it, navy blue is a safe colour to try because it is not as daring as black. The secret to making black or navy blue bridesmaid dress work is to add a touch of bright accent colour(s) in the bridesmaids’ flower bouquet in order to soften the look and make the overall ensemble pop.

Though very dark colours such as black and navy blue are typically associated with deaths and mourning in Nigeria, surprisingly we see that in weddings where black and navy are used well, they add spark and drama to the traditional vibrant wedding shades such as rosy, pink, orange, lavender, ivory and peach colour schemes. When not used well, dark colours in Nigerian weddings or bridesmaid dresses can confuse the guests and create a dull atmosphere of sadness and mourning, instead of amping the ambiance into a celebratory mood.

What works is to go for add a touch of bright (accent) colours in the mix to lift up the dark colour and add interest and excitement in the air. Notice how the addition of bright coloured flower bouquets in the above pictures made the overall look pop and not look dull. Some brides incorporate a pop of lighter, vibrant colour with other fashion accessories such as a golden or bright colour fascinator headpiece/ hats or a shiny hairpiece to soften the look.  Before you go for a dark-themed bridesmaid ensemble, be sure you know how to make it pop.  You can find pictures down below that are examples of this.


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