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  1. aderonke joel says

    that is great keep it up

  2. melody neeka says

    my name is melody my wedding is coming up soon, my colour are gold pink n purple dose colour matches

  3. Hi there,

    Absolutely great to have these 3 tutorials joined together. Have a question though, how do you determine the size of a wrapper? Are there standards for it? I normally use a 2 yard piece of fabric but i cant make the twist knot look great with that. Any tips/ advice is highly appreciated.

    • Hello Nanda, thanks for your feedback. I’m happy to know that you like these ‘how to tie various African wrapper’ tutorials. To answer your questions: the standard size for a single wrapper is 2 yards. However, that is not very sufficient for some CURVY, BIG African/ Nigerian women – and they have to either cut their wrappers to about 2 and half yards or a little less; OR sew-in some more fabric to the inner side of the wrapper. So, if you find that your 2 yards fabric is not making a-looking nice knotted/ twisted wrapper, I suggest that you find a tailor to add more fabrics to it. And you may also want to be buying new wrappers in 2 and half yards or 2 yards and 1-quarter (of a yard). Have fun tying a perfect OLEKU twist-style wrapper.

    • Omolola Akere says

      The inner wrapper is usualy 2 yards while the outer one is 2 yards and 8 inches. Thats the standard. The excess of the six yards of the cloth is sewed on the top of the outer one. If you are very plus size or slim then you need to increase or reduce the standard length. Goodluck.

  4. Hello stella, pls I can’t watch the tutorial video pls can u send it to my email? Tnks

    • Hi Bolanle, sorry about that. I just rechecked now and all the videos are working (playing) perfectly. The problem could be from your device (tab or phone or computer). So I suggest that you try watching from a different device – I am sure it will play.

  5. Helen Agboola says

    Hello Stella,
    Is it ok to wear george wrapper with buba . Pls I need ur answer urgently.

    • Hi Helen, I have never seen George fabric sewn as iro and buba. However, fashion is all about a trend-setter fashionista taking a risk to put her inner creativity out there – if you have the guts (and if it really looks great, others will follow you). So, you may want to try it – even if it’s not currently worn that way.

  6. Hello Stella,
    So nice to read from you. I have sent the pics.

  7. Hi Stella,
    Happy New year to you, dear. I was able to perfectly tie the two wrappers during the Xmas period. Thanx for the awesome tutorial and even the head tie . How do I post the pictures?

    • Hey Angel! So happy to see you – happy new year oo. I am so glad that the video tutorials on our site helped you perfect your skills with tying two wrappers and Gele during the Christmas. You can email me the pictures via email.

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