Top 100 Igbo Blouse Styles: Niger-Delta & Igbo Women Traditional Attire (Pictures Lookbook)

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Ladies, ’tis the season to stock up on new styles of igbo blouses for your wrappers. Looking for the latest igbo blouse and wrapper styles for your traditional marriage or to wear to an occasion? In this edition of NAIJAGLAMWEDDING’s FASHION & STYLES LOOKBOOK, you will see over 100 pictures of in-vogue, latest blouse styles that stylish Niger-Delta and Igbo women and brides are wearing – I guarantee that you won’t find these designs not any of the print women style magazines out there – brand new neck styles for blouses, short and long sleeve blouses and lots more. See the latest 100 blouse styles pictures lookbook in the video slideshow below – click play to start watching:


Why You Need a New Igbo-Style Blouse?

If you’re an igbo bride-to-be whose igba nkwu (engagement ceremony) is coming up soon, you want your blouse style to be uncommon and gorgeous, and if you’re a married women, you want a new style of blouse that none of your meeting women has – something new, different and smells utterly elegant. That’s why we curated over 100 igbo women attire for you.

It’s that time of the year when Nigerian weddings take place almost every day, and (almost) all a woman thinks about is the latest fabrics in town, the latest wrapper designs and the “reigning” styles for every kind of women fashion, from blouses, to skirts-and-blouses, to aso-oke designs and aso-ebi styles.

The igbo women ‘August Meeting’ just ended, and so it is expected that fashion magazines and websites would be out with the current women clothing styles. You see why we are inspired to curate the best of the best blouses styles for you? Besides, we need to get you ready for Christmas and end-of-the year weddings and parties. Now is the best time to send your styles to your tailor, if you must get them on time. So, come back here often to pick a new blouse style for your fine self.


women wearing igbo-style blouses on wrappers

Photo Credits: See inside the video (above)

About the Igbo Traditional Style Blouses

The igbo women blouses are usually sewn of lace and ankara/wax fabrics. The lace blouses are mostly (but not always) worn during occasion, and usually finished with a well-tied big Ichafu scarf/ headtie and a bead necklace or nice gold necklace. The igbo wrappers are often george (plain or beaded/ sequin), hollandais/ dutch wax, english wax and others. So, you could wear george wrapper and lace blouse; or ankara and lace blouse (or with ankara blouse); or hollandais Dutch wax with lace blouse; or English wax with lace blouse etc. Hope you get the gist?

The traditional attire/ dressing of the women of Eastern Nigeria is double-tied-wrapper on a lace blouse. This is a daily wear for the Eastern and Niger-Delta (South-South) Nigerian women, which includes the igbo women, and women of other East and South-South states and tribes including Delta state, Edo state, Rivers state, Urhobo women Ishekiri women, Isoko women and others.

You also see this ‘igbo style’ blouses worn by women of North-Central Nigerian states such as Kaduna, Niger state, Adamawa state etc. – they also wear the blouse styles on double-layered wrappers. These styles of blouses are sometimes also called ‘african blouses for wrappers’, likely because it is also one of the traditional women fashion of other African countries (especially West Africans).

Honestly, I don’t know why people call it ‘igbo blouses’, because the blouse and wrapper style of traditional wear is worn by women of other Nigerian tribes, aside from the igbos. Well, that’s how some things are – the ‘igbo blouse’ has become a sort of general name for these styles and designs of women blouses – even though other people wear them.


Enjoy Dressing Up in Your New Blouse Styles

So, now that you’ve seen over 100 trending blouse styles, your next step is to save this post page, show this styles video to your tailor and run to the market to buy some lace materials to be sewn for you. Tweet or instagram me a photo of you in your spanking new igbo style blouse.

For igbo and Niger-Delta brides or hausa brides, now you’ve got more than enough assorted blouse styles to complete your traditional wedding and ‘igba nkwu’ attire. By the way, those blouse styles will look really beautiful when used as igbo aso-ebi by friends of the bride during an igbo traditional marriage ceremony.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this article and want us to write more stuff like this, leave me a comment down below to tell me the igbo blouse style you liked best, from that video above. And, please help me tweet/ facebook/ instagram this article to your friends.

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