Surprise Marriage Proposal in a Packed London Cinema: Cyril and Dorcas Are Engaged!

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What could be more romantic to a young woman than a marriage proposal from the man of her dreams, with a gorgeous engagement ring. It’s every girl’s dream! It’s her guy’s public declaration of love. Here on NaijaGlamWedding community, we’re never tired of marriage proposal stories, and in this edition, the featured newly engaged couple excitedly shared with us the details of how it all went, down to the magic moment where she said ‘YES’. You’ll also get to read their ‘how we met’ story. Scroll down to read it all, see their beautiful pictures and watch their romantic marriage proposal video.

picture of man proposing marriage to his lady

Dorcas gushes as Cyril goes down on one knee

Meet the Newly-Engaged Couple and Hear How It All Happened

Bride-to-be: Dorcas Ore-Ofe Olatunji
Groom-to-be: Cyril Emeni Okwuese Osaenwete Jnr.
Dated how long? 4months (between dating and engagement)
Marriage Proposal Date and Place: Easter Sunday, March 27th 2016 at the Cinema where they went on their first date

Story of How They Met

From Her: We met on the road between our houses, on my way to church. I was walking with my sister and he stopped us to ask if we were on our way to service. We said yes and he asked “where?” explaining that he recently moved in to the area and needed a place to worship.

photo of newly engaged couple

Dorcas continues: So, we gave him directions and surprisingly he showed up at service that same day. That day, we spoke briefly in church and I moved on with my life. To be honest, I forgot about him. Over the next couple of months, my sister would say to me: “remember that guy we invited to church? he said I should say hello” and I would reply “ok, I’m glad he’s still coming”, not really sure who she meant. After two months, I guess he finally plucked up to courage to come and say ‘hi’ himself. We spoke at the end of service and went out on our first date the next Sunday.

On How Cyril Proposed to Dorcas

marriage proposal picture of a man on bended knee with engagement ring

From Her:It was just a normal Sunday. While at church, my sister asked if I wanted to go Cinema with her and a friend because they had a free ticket. I said ‘yes’ and asked if Cyril can come. My sister said ‘no’ and I didn’t think much of it because she had been complaining that I no longer spend time with her. We arrived late at the cinema to watch ‘Batman V Superman’. After about 10 minutes, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the end of the movie. My sister and our friend started talking and wanted to watch to the end of the credits so I just sat there in-between them, silent and just wanted to go home and sleep. When the credits ended, a picture of my face came up on the cinema screen and I was just staring at it, not realizing that it was my face. MY sister got up and I thought, finally we’d be going home. So I turned around to get my jacket and Cyril’s voice came over the speakers, saying “hello Dorcas”.  That was the moment I turned around to realize that a slide show of pictures of me and us (Cyril and I) was running on the cinema screen and Cyril was saying a whole speech over the speakers for the entire cinema to hear. I screamed ‘Oh my God’ and burst out laughing. I don’t know why. I didn’t cry till we got in the car and started driving back home. I thought about the surprise and I just laughed. When the video stopped playing, Cyril appeared beside me, said ‘his speech’, got down on both knees and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES!!!

Their Proposal Video (below)

From Cyril: I proposed to Dorcas at the Cineworld cinema at the O2 arena in London. I arranged with the events cinema manager to allow me play a video after the ‘Batman vs Superman’ movie on the on the 8pm show, on March 27 2016. It took several visits before we finally agreed. I made a slide show video of her (Dorcas’) pictures and some that had both of us.  The video soundtrack was from one of my own songs that she knows, as well as a voice-over of me expressing my affection. The video ended with me asking the ultimate question “will you marry me, Dorcas?”.

After the Proposal…

Picture of Girl Flashing her Engagement Ring After Marriage Proposal

Dorcas excitedly flashes her engagement ring

From Dorcas: Right after I said “YES”, I turned around and saw that all our family and friends were there. He had planned everything perfectly, and I got to share it with all the people that mattered to us. By this time, it was after midnight, so we just took some pictures and went home.

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Favorite Moment of the Day

From Dorcas: There were so many things… the surprise… I’m (naturally) very nosy, and always figure it out when people want to surprise me. He pulled it very good, because I did not guess it at all. The fact that the people I loved were there, it meant a lot to me. The big grand gesture… the whole night was so unexpected and perfectly amazing.

From Cyril: My best part of the day was her reaction to the video and the excitement that took over the cinema hall. She was screaming, thinking she was alone with her sister and a family friend. But unknown to her, 20 of our friends graced the occasion, including her mum. Everyone was very excited.

How Did You Know s/he Was “the one”?

picture of couple kissing after their marriage proposal

From Dorcas: I asked God for him (Cyril). I knew what I wanted in a husband and as silly as this sounds, I wrote my list and took it to God. A few months later he showed up with everything on my list and more. We have the same ideas about family, life and God. Our core and moral values are the same. I trust him with my life and my future. And (I love that) we argue. I can’t marry a man I can’t argue with because someone in that relationship is faking. I’m sorry to say, but no two people can agree on everything. We have our disagreements and we work through them. He’s not afraid to say sorry and he truly loves me. I can go on and on and on. The truth is, I know because I’m at peace with him (Cyril) and when I think of my future with him, I grin like an idiot.

From Cyril: I knew she was the one just because of the peace I feel around her. My mind and Spirit are at rest. One day, I asked myself a question “If tomorrow I were a pastor or business man, a politician, a sportsman, a carpenter, will she fit in as my wife, and my answer was ‘yes’. She is a woman for all seasons. And I hope to give her the very best life has to offer.

About the Engagement Ring

From Dorcas: The ring is an aquamarine gemstone set with diamonds.

What Made It All Unforgettable

a true love story in pictures

Their True Love Story in one Picture

Dorcas shares: One thing that was very special to me was that he consulted with my family first. I have a very close family and we have been through a lot together. So, it meant so much that he received their blessing, including my sisters’ blessings. That single gesture really made the whole marriage proposal perfect. I also liked that photographers, a videographer and Cyril’s friends were all there to capture the whole thing, so that I can relive it again and again, as many times as I want.

Wedding Bells! Wedding Bells!

Dorcas lets us in on their wedding plans: The traditional wedding and registry would be in mid-August 2016. NaijaGlamWedding has been so helpful with ideas for planning our traditional wedding which would be in Nigeria, and I’m planning all the way from London eeekkk!!!.

Their Couple Hashtag: #MissOtoMrsO #MrandMrsCEO

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A Big Hearty Congratulations from Us

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple, from us here at NaijaGlamWedding. We wish them a fun-filled time during their wedding planning! We look forward to featuring your pre-wedding engagement shoots and photos and story from your wedding.

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Photo source: Bride-to-be (Dorcas) | Photographer: Baruk Photography

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