57 Peach Colour Combinations List: Colour Combo Guide for Aso-ebi and Nigerian Wedding Fashion

Looking for peach colour combination ideas for your traditional wedding attire or aso-ebi clothing or even for your everyday outfits? Or wondering what colour of gele headtie/ scarf will match a peach iro-and-buba/ aso-ebi or aso-oke? Maybe you’re asking ‘what colour of lace blouse will go with peach George wrapper?’

Check out our list of 57 colours that match with peach, and are perfect for celebrants and also for guests of Nigerian weddings or occasions.  Let’s save you the stress –  pick from any of the beautiful peach colour combos for your aso-ebi or aso-oke for the bride and groom’s traditional wedding attire, or even for combining bridesmaids and groomsmen outfit colours. Our peach colour combinations list (below) is also helpful for choosing matching colours for a Peach-themed reception venue decoration.  Read on.

peach and sea green colour combination

Bride in Peach Dress and mint Green Gele colour combo | Photo Credit: @jideodukoya /instagram

What Colours Go with Peach?

In this post, we’re talking PEACH, a pastel colour and one of the most popular colours seen at Nigerian weddings, loved by wedding guests and also the celebrants. So, here goes – the long list of colours that match with PEACH to create an appealing overall look for your native-wear or trad wedding attire, or even for your venue decoration.  See the all our peach colour combination list for outfits below.

Table of Contents (details are below, so scroll down):

  • List of Neutral Colours that go with Peach
  • List of Blue Shades that Match Peach
  • List of Green Colours that Combine with Peach
  • List of Red and Earth-toned Colours to Wear with Peach
  • List of Yellow and Gold-toned Shades that go with Peach

#1. Neutral Colours that Match with Peach

Pairing any colour with a neutral colour is a very safe way to avoid colour clash, while achieving an appealing overall look.  Almost every colour blends well with neutrals.  If you’re looking for a peach colour combo for your outfit, and want the peach to be striking or prominent, combine it with a neutral colour.  When peach and neutral shades are combined for an outfit look, the neutral colour will appear muted, allowing the peach to shine/ be highlighted / be prominent.  For ideas on neutrals that go with peach or how to combine peach colour with neutrals for aso-ebi or traditional wedding outfit or any native wear, check the list below:

  • Peach and White
  • Peach and Black
  • dark Peach and Black
  • Peach and Silver
  • Peach and Cream (hey, Peaches and Cream)
  • Peach and Beige
  • Peach and Grey
  • Peach n bright-Gray
  • Peach and Charcoal Gray colour


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