Damilola and Olumide’s Big Nigerian Wedding Story

He was newly single and she promised to hook him up with a nice girl, but surprisingly, he was wasn’t interested in all the ladies she suggested – he liked only her.  And that was the beginning of their true love story. On her big day, her Dad surprised her by choosing a song popular with the young people, Dorobucci by Don Jazy and Tiwa Savage, for their father-daughter dance (shh! you will see Daddy’s moves in the pictures down below).

yoruba couple in green aso-oke toasting to a drink

In this picture, it’s as if they’re saying: Yay, Cheers, mother-inlaw approves!

First, let me tell you about how this wedding story came to be published. First, mother inlaw said ‘no’ to putting their wedding pictures ‘in public’ on a wedding blog, and Damilola (the bride) she swept the idea aside. After a while, mother-inlaw asked for the name and web address this wedding website. Damilola gave her.  After some days, mother-inlaw came asking, ‘Dami, have you sent the (wedding) pictures to that wedding site?”. It appeared, mother-inlaw had browsed and researched this blog (NaijaGlamWedding) and we’re happy she approves. Read on for Dami and Olumide’s wedding story below, including how they met, how he proposed and how they planned their wedding. ALSO see their beautiful wedding pictures and engagement shoots down below.

nigerian groom slipping ring into bride's finger

Couple Hashtag: #damieloomie | #damiekumbi
Bride: Damilola Tella (Dami)
Groom: Olumide Adekunbi

How We Met: Damilola and Olumide’s Love Story

couple's pre-wedding engagement shoot at beach

From the bride: I had known him for a long time, but we were not close because he was my sisters friend (they resided in the same estate). At that time we were each in long relationships (with different people). Whenever my sister talked about him, I was always (saying) like ‘he is a nice person’. The next time I went to visit my sister, I saw him again and he told me he was single.  So I promised him that I would hook him up (with someone) and we exchanged contacts. AND so my search (to find him a new girlfriend) started.

picture of nigerian couple in engagement shoots eshoot
But I realized that he did not like any of the girls I was hooking him up with. I was also single at that time: it happened that we had issues in our different relationships. Later, while I was planning my sister’s wedding, we became very close and the rest is history”.

The Marriage Proposal Story

picture of couple drinking after marriage proposal

I am a very private person and he understood that. It was a one-on-one, private proposal. It was a surprise but mind blowing. -Bride

How they Planned their Wedding

picture of nigerian couple flashing their 'save the wedding date'

I am a very simple and private person, so I actually wanted a small wedding but my dad wanted it huge (doesn’t every Nigerian parent want a big, owambe-style wedding?). So, we ended up having a big Nigerian wedding with almost 1000 guest. For a very long time (since my school days), I’ve had an idea of how I want my big day to look and feel, right from my wedding gown, to my makeup, to the wedding hall. I planned my wedding myself (since I am a wedding planner) and it took us a whole year to plan. The very first wedding-planning thing I did was buying my wedding dress (doesn’t every bride do that?, haha).

Their Wedding Day

picture of happy couple at lagos court wedding

Look at that V-victory sign! It’s as if he was singing ‘God Win’

The couple had a big wedding (like her Dad wished) and between 800 and 1000 guests, with 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen.

Doro-Daddy: Bride’s most memorable Moment of their wedding day

picture of bride and her dad doing the father daughter dance

Damilola (bride) remembers: My most memorable moment from my wedding day was when my Dad chose for me and him to dance to ‘Dorobucci’ song during the father-daughter dance.  What I had in mind was a slow, sweet music but (to my surprise), my dad said he wanted DORO-SOMETHING (he meant ‘Dorobucci’). That was very funny.

Look! Someone Else Had Some Surprising Dance Moves

bride and groom dancing at their white wedding

Did you see that look (on her face)? Looks like her hubby also joined her dad to surprise her with new dance moves she didn’t know they were capable of. Haha.

Their Toast of Love

picture of couple staring at each other at yoruba marriage introduction

God has blessed me with this wonderful man,whom i call my best friend, companion and brother. He has been everything and much more to me. It was really worth the wait and now I know why it never worked out with someone else. ‘Olumide teminikan’. -Bride

yoruba wedding groom kisses bride's hand

I was given such a great gift. It’s a miracle that never stops amazing me and reminding me to give thanks every day. Having a wife, a best friend and a sister like you, gives me a lot more purpose. I was more selfish before but now i think about how to be a better husband and a great father. My greatest achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me. You are just amazing to have around. -Groom

Bride’s Advice to Brides-to-Be

On choosing your bridesmaids and groomsmen: Please only choose the friends and people that can make your big day interesting and memorable.

couple pose with bridesmaids and gromsmen

On choosing who to marry:Love is a beautiful thing and marriage is an institution you never graduate from, so please do not compromise or be desperate or have self-pity‘ on yourself).  She said this about her husband:he was really worth the wait’.

When most men would boast of their bank account and cars, Olumide (the groom) says: “my greatest achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me“.

yoruba wedding groom kisses brides forehead

On life after the wedding day, Dami (the bride) advises about-to-wed couples: Marriage is a beautiful thing that has to be shared with two different individuals who will disagree to agree. Respect and love each other no matter what, and most of all be very prayerful.

More Pictures from their Court Registry Wedding and Traditional Wedding

Wedding dates: 13th and 15th of November 2014 (traditional wedding and court registry wedding).

court registry wedding signing pictures

pictures showing yoruba traditional wedding process

The Wedding Vendors they Hired

If you like this wedding and wondering who and who she hired to help organize it or if you simply want to recreate a wedding like this one, check out their wedding vendors and suppliers below:

couple dancing with bridesmaids groomsmen at a white wedding

  • Photographer: ProfPixels
  • Bridal Makeup: Nuyu Studio
  • Music Band: Tayo Tayor
  • DJ (Disc Jockey): DJ Skils
  • MC:  Odogwu Comedia
  • Ushers: Arodat Catering Services
  • Catering: Arodat Catering Services
  • Aso-ebi: Nuyu Studio
  • Wedding Dress: Justin Alexander

Story and Photo Credits

bridesmaids and bride in bridal silk robes

Getting ready, pre-wedding picture: Bride and her pretty bridesmaids in their bridal silk robes

Editor’s note: A very big ‘thank you’ goes to the bride (Damilola) for sending me all the pictures you see here, and also for sharing her lovely wedding story.  I also want to thank her mother-inlaw and her husband, Olumide Adekunbi for their consent. 

People, let me tell you, we have some of the best brides! Dami was patient through this story; even when internet was acting up at about 11pm one night, we decided to shift base to Facebook messaging and finally got the photo transfer okay.

And they Lived Happily Ever After

So, that’s how the matchmaker (Damilola) got hitched to her single, bachelor client (Olumide). We here at NaijaGamWedding wish the couple a very happy married life. Please leave a comment or congratulatory wish to them. Check out their family portrait pictures below.

couple in family porttrait wedding picture with parents

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