Wedding Gown Bodice Types (and How to Choose Bodice Styles)

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Most wedding dresses have different forms of embellishment that draw attention to the bodice, and so some dresses are described as: illusion bodice wedding dress, lace bodice or beaded bodice bridal gown.  Find your styles from the popular wedding dress bodice below:

How to Choose the Right Wedding Bodice for Your Body Shape

The bodice is the name of the middle part of any wedding gown (i.e. the from the chest to the waist).  I wrote a detailed post covering the names and description of other wedding dress parts.

1. Corset Style Bodice

Corsets used to be worn as women’s shapewear undergarments only.  While women still wear corsets as shapewear, wedding fashion designers have included it as part of the bodice of wedding gowns.  The bodice of corset style wedding gowns feature a body-hugging corset top that covers the front and back.  This style of wedding dress draws attention to your bust and the feminine features of your upper body.  Corseted bodice are usually decorated with beads and laces to create a sexy look on the bride.

Suitable For: This style of bodice is common in different dress shapes, such as: strapless corset wedding gowns, corset ball gowns, many sweetheart neckline wedding dresses.

2. Empire Bodice or Empire Waist

Unlike other bodice styles end in the waist area just before the hips, the bodice of empire waist wedding gowns have a high waistline that ends under the bust.  This style of bodice is tight-fitting from the chest to under the bust, where it starts flaring down to a straight, loose-fitting skirt.  The no-fail way to identify an empire waist wedding gown is to check where the tight bodice ends: if under the bust, then it is an empire style dress.  In this bodice style, you could say that the dress waistline is cut above the position of regular waistlines – hence the name “empire waist’.

Because of the cut of this style of bridal gown, it emphasizes the bust and hides a big stomach.   While this type of bodice can look good on all body shapes, the empire waist dress is a favourite maternity wedding gown style for pregnant brides; and can very well hide early pregnancy bump.  Stay away from bodice styles with dropped waistlines if you want to hide your tummy.

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3. Midriff Bodice

Your midriff is the region between your chest and your waist, that portion that is revealed in a crop-top.  Bridal gowns with midriff bodice style have a tight-fitting midriff, that appears to show bare skin on the waist region.  Usually, midriff wedding gowns feature sheer fabric of illusion lace (transparent or nearly transparent) covering the midriff part of the dress.  The illusion lace in the bodice of the dress gives an appearance of a soft midriff reveal.  In some bridal dresses, the height of the illusion lace is like a lace-fabric-belt, like in this one.

Likely inspired by the crop top fashion, some versions of this style of bridal gowns, and also called Illusion Midriff or Lace Midriff bodice.

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Suitable For: The midriff bodice style is suitable for brides with small waistline and not afraid to flaunt it.  Just so you know, although some midriff wedding gowns are either a two-piece crop top or have a revealing lace cover on the midriff, many styles of midriff wedding gowns are very grownup, as they actually do not expose any midriff skin (thanks to illusion lace that provides coverage).

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Common Types of Bodice Decorations

The bodice part of a wedding dress is one of the most prominent, and is usually decorated with various elements.  Sometimes, a wedding dress bodice is described or named by the  type of embellishment or its pattern.  During your shopping,, you can ask for a wedding dress with specific embellishment.  Some names used to describe wedding gowns with popular decorative bodice include:

  • Lace bodice wedding dress
  • Beaded or sequined bodice wedding dress

Conclusion: Finding Your Wedding Dress Bodice Style

What do you think of the different styles of wedding gown bodice above? Which one do you think you prefer to have on your wedding gown?  Comment below to tell me.

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