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  1. Please how many times an Igbo bride changes her dress during her traditional wedding day when she’s getting married to a non Igbo guy?

    • There’s no rule about that. Some people do 2 outfit changes during their traditional wedding. Some do only one change and some change into 3 outfits. Generally, it depends on how many dresses you can afford to sew for your wedding.

  2. Hello Mary, I don’t understand your question. But let me see – did you mean ‘after the traditional wedding is completed?’.

    No, marriage certificate is not issued after the traditional wedding. While the Nigerian traditional wedding is recognized by the Government, it’s a family-organized and community-officiated ceremony, that is why. Couples who want marriage license after a traditional wedding could apply at the customary courts – I think there’s a provision for that.

    Otherwise, most Nigerians do not do traditional weddings in isolation – they also do either the court registry wedding and/ or the Church (white) wedding, both of which offer marriage certificates right away.

    Hope I answered your question? If not, please re-phrase?

  3. Mary Ekweozor says


  4. What attire do non-Igbo grooms wear during each stage of the Igbo traditional marriage?

    • Hi Florence, there’s no rule, but usually, non-igbos wear their own people’s traditional attire OR the Igbo traditional attire. The choice is the bride’s and groom’s. Read the comments section for more answers to similar questions from other readers. Thanks.

  5. Plz dear who takes up d food expenses for d traditional wedding..d groom or the bride’s family?.. tnkx.

    • Hi Solanz, these days, most couples are the ones paying entire bills for the wedding.

      What we see today is, usually, the groom or with his bride takes up the food bill. There used to be a traditional way of sharing bills but in most parts of the country, that does not usually hold anymore. >However, if your parents and/ or your wife’s parents are wealthy, they could, OF THEIR OWN WILL, DECIDE TO SUPPORT YOU WITH THE WEDDING CATERING (food and drinks) BILL, not for the bride and groom to impose it on them.

      Today, it depends on what part of Nigeria you are from, and what the tradition/ customs dictate there – for example, some Yorubas still do it. Some families have a tradition of collectively taking care of wedding food and drinks. So, only you how fat is your and your bride’s parents pockets.

      Although some parents still foot the wedding bills, not all the bills; but some part – only whereby the parents are wealthy. It used to be parents all-the-time paying for their children’s weddings in the olden days, because people married early and some do before they start working or making money.

      Hope that helps.

  6. Hephzibah Moses says

    pls can you explained to me how payment of dowry is been made among the Igbo & if there is any definite amount.

  7. O. Adaora says

    Good day Stella, my name is adaora and i’m new on this blog
    my fiance and i r planning to get married by march 2018 but we dont have an idea to go about the budget, please i need your help

    Best Regards

    • Hello Adaora, welcome to NaijaGlamWedding blog.

      How much you’ll spend on your wedding will largely depend on the number of guests you invite – food and drinks would consume over half of your budget.
      – So, start by setting aside the number of people you would like to have around.
      – You’ll have to do some market survey/ pricing of things from vendors, so as to get current prices to work with.
      – Catering Budget: Then calculate how much your feeding and drinks would cost for that number of people (ask caterers how much they would charge per plate/ guest for the food you plan to feed them, add average cost of drinks per person; AND finally multiply that by total number of guests you are looking at).
      – Venue/ Hall Budget: Go around and price venues, and then narrow on top 3 that are within your like and affordability range. Add this price to the catering budget you calculated.
      – Your outfits: Again, it’s only by pricing/ window shopping to get idea of current price.
      – DJ, Decoration, Photography and others: Ask around
      – Extra Money incase something comes up (add some loose cash, just in case).

      Add up all the prices, and you’ll have your wedding budget.

      NOTE: If the amount is too much, reduce the number of guests you plan on inviting, and re-calculate food and drinks cost, and then find a smaller venue (which should cost less) – that way, you can quickly and realistically get a budget close to the amount of money you and your fiancé have on hand.

      We have a lot of posts here on wedding budget calculation steps and tips for reducing wedding costs.

      The way about drawing up a wedding budget is towedding budget calculation stepstips for reducing wedding costs

  8. Can the list be settled monetryly ,paying for the items instead of gettin them

    • Hi Jane. Yes, If the extended family agrees. It’s better to ask them first, as some people find it offensive/ degrading when a groom brings money to them instead of the LIST ITEMS. Just ask first.

  9. Really a nice blog…looking forward to sending you some of my marriage pictures in the near future…kudos for a job well done…

    • Aww! You just made my day, Roseline. I’m glad that you like this our Naija wedding wedding blog 🙂
      I’ll be looking forward to when you send us your wedding photos for features.

  10. plz I need to know how igbos do their traditional marriage in the olden days. I just want to know what were involved the type of foods, clothes, hair do, and do they actually involved in flattening room once etc.

  11. Please how can I get the igbo Abuja traditional attire , if you know any makeup artist who provides one my location is abuja(but if the contact is in IMO or abia that’s fine by me. Thanks

    • Hey Vivian,
      -Do you mean where to find pictures of Igbo attire styles or where to buy or rent?
      -For makeup our list of artists in Abuja, Imo and everywhere else in Nigeria, check our Vendors list (click here). ALSO, you may come to NaijaGlamWedding’s Facebook group (click here) for wedding vendors and ask for bridal makeup artists – and see replies from the MUAs on our group.

  12. Am a single yoruba man, intending to get married to an igbo girl, 4rm enugun state, dis post has really helped me a lot 2 understand what ibo marriage is all about, kudos 2 who rite dis up.

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