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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this, was really helpful, Please i need a wedding planner that can work with couples on a budget in Abuja, i want someone based in Abuja so that i can get the best bargains.Can you help?

    Thank You in anticipation

    • Hello Ada. Thanks for your feedback – such helps us to know how we are doing.

      I messaged you with an Abuja based wedding planner. Also here are some very easy ways to find good Nigerian wedding vendors anywhere:

      Tips and places to find Nigerian wedding vendors: read this to know what to look out for and how to filter bad from good vendors, when talking to prospective wedding vendors.
      -Wedding Vendor Tips specifically for Nigerians – You may want to check out our many tips on mistakes others made with different types of wedding vendors and how you can avoid them.

      I hope that helps, and all the best!

  2. Good day, am happy to read this information. Am from yoruba land an i got mariage to an igbo man, by friday i we be have my own tradinal mariage from my husband place in igbo. Does my parent have right there at all ? (2) Does i still any list to give. Thank

  3. Henry Chukwu says

    Aside paying the bride price and buying of things in the list. can you help me cost a traditional marriage ceremony?i mean give me a break down of #300,000 -#500,000 for the igba nkwu.

    • Hello Henry, thanks for reading our Igba Nkwu tips for men planning an Igbo wedding.

      Basically, it is a good idea to set aside half of that amount for catering (food and drinks) – but that means you should ensure to invite only the number of people you can feed. Ask the women close to you, or your caterer, to give you an idea of how many plates of food that money can provide – they are good at doing that. OR simply find out how much a caterer can make a plate of food and use that calculate how many guests that equals to. That’s a rough way to nail down how many wedding guests to invite. **NOTE: If you invite the whole village or everybody you know, be aware that most people will not get food/ drinks, the wedding would be rowdy… Invite your closes people – these days small weddings are classier.

      So, you have half of that amount to take care of everything else – your outfits, photographs and video shoots, DJ/ music band, MC etc.

      That’s an idea of how to spend your wedding money.

  4. ifeoma Onwuka says

    Good after noon,
    i am so glad to have found this blog. My igbankwu is coming up soon. I dont know the programme of events for the wedding. Please can you help me out cost the MC says he needs it.. Thank you

    • Hello Ifeoma, I’m glad that you enjoyed reading our Igba Nkwu post.
      We will publish that some time later, but not so soon, as we are currently working on other topics at the moment.

  5. Hello,

    As a guest/friend of the bride, what kind of gift do I take to her igba nkwu?

    P.s. This is my first time attending one.

    • Hello Ann,

      Don’t sweat it, there’s no difference between the type of gifts that you can present to a couple at a white wedding or Igba Nkwu (or any other traditional wedding). But remember that you may also be attending her white wedding, and may need to also buy a gift, so you want something specially for your friend (the bride) on her Igba Nkwu day, uniquely different from the type of gift you would get her and her hubby on the white wedding day.

      Since you are a friend of the bride, an idea would be to buy a gift specially for your friend INSTEAD of for the couple. You are know the bride as a friend, already familiar with the kind of things she is into or likes or would want. Since you know her person and style, it’s easy to buy a. It doesn’t have to be a traditional-themed gift. It could be something personal like a perfume, makeup palette or set, a book on marriage, fashion piece – dress, jewelry.

      I hope that helps.

  6. hello! my igba nkwu is coming up next two months and I don’t even know d colors to use for both me and my fiance. And evn asoebi girls. don’t know d number of girls to use. can u help me in choosing colors and also d number of girls to use?

    • Dear Chiska, welcome to our Nigerian wedding blog, and thanks for your question.

      – On your wedding attire colour combination to choose: There’s no rule that says wedding colours must be this or that. Your wedding should show and tell people about YOU – so, the best way to decide wedding colours is to use your best everyday colour as the main colour and any other one or two colours that combine well with it (to get your aso-ebi/ bridesmaids colours and more). Since I do not know your best colour, it’s hard for me to suggest examples to you. *Very soon, on this blog, we would publish a wedding colour combo guide with examples on different colours – so check back soon.
      – How many people should you have as asoebi girls? Again, there is no rule – you can have as many or as few aso-ebi girls as you like. Usally, depends on how many close friends you have who can afford to purchase and sew the asoebi you choose.

  7. Wow, I really do love what I’m seeing here. You guys are doing a great job here. My traditional marriage is coming up in December and trust me I have picked some styles from your post. Thank you so much for making my job easy and flexible. Keep the good work going

    • Aww! I’m happy to hear that, Eunice. That’s why we created this Nigerian wedding blog for you, brides-to-be and your grooms. Our goal is to make wedding planning easier for brides, and it gladdens my heart to hear you tell us.

      So, congrats on your upcoming Igbo trad marriage ceremony. (We look forward to your wedding photos after that – in case you like to have us feature it on this site).

  8. Am due to do my trad wedding next week and am running helter skelter looking for where to rent coral beads in Lagos. I just stumbled on this site.

    Please any pointers. God bless you as you save my day

    • Hello Oge, thanks for landing on my website – yes, I know some people that rent out Coral beads and trad wedding costume. By the way, congratulations on your Igba Nkwu holding next week.
      If you’re based in Lagos, Contact any of these people:
      -Foluke – 08055532547/ BBM 2BC5A902, 12 marayesa street Aguda surulere
      -Kelechi – 07034626807 (call or whatsapp)
      -To find more or other wedding vendors OR request for them to contact you, head over to our wedding vendors community on Facebook (click). We have a compiled list of wedding professionals that are members and you can access that list from the Facebook group page.

      Hope this is helpful.

  9. pls am about getting married and Dont want to tie wrapper or tube dress In my first outing can I be allowed??

    • Hi Vivian, I’ve seen igbo brides break the traditional native outfit rules, sometimes because they want to dress like their husband-to-be’s people or just for no reason. So, yes, these days some igbo brides are choosing to not wear wrappers or tube dress during their traditional engagement ceremony.

  10. I stumbled on this blog today, and I must say that I am impressed.. Good job you are doing.. More strength.. My question has already been answered; about how many outfit an Igbo bride is expected to wear.

    • Thank you so much, Jenny. I’m happy to hear that. Be sure to look around for more – we have plenty practical tips to help Nigerian brides plan a better wedding, with minimum stress.

  11. Esther Nyathi says

    Hi am so happy to get this block,as an
    SA lady marrying an Igbo I need help I want to perform igba nkwu as is it my hubby capture ,am confused here how many time must the bride change the clothes and what the first dressing she hv to wear plss help

    • Hi Esther,
      Usually, the igbo bride changes outfits twice – the first is during her first outing when she comes out to greet her inlaws – most brides-to-be wear the traditional umu-ada attire (wrapper tied round her chest top-down or a tube-style dress – with coral beads on her waist, neck, and a coral cap).
      Her second outing is during the ceremony proper, where the bride wears the igbo double-wrapper with blouse.

  12. Hi, thank you for this eye opening blog. Makes planning alot easier but for one thing though….you ddnt say how a couple should dress especially when they are of different tribes or same tribe but different states. Especially amongst ibos of different states eg Anambra bride&abian Groom.
    thank you.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Chidinma. We love hearing from our readers. Now that you asked about igba nkwu outfit ideas (for inter-tribal couples or couples from different Ibo states), I’ll add that to our list of topics to write a post for. But to quickly answer you, most couples like to change outfits more than once – for example, the first outfit for you and your fiance could be the bride’s hometown traditional wear; and the second outfit could be the groom’s state/ tribe trad wear. The same thing goes for the food and music – mix up. Hope you get the gist – there’s no right or wrong on how you choose to mix traditional and cultural wears and entertainment at your wedding.

      • hi,
        my igba-nkwu is coming up in january next year in anambra state, and i am in need of a makeup artist who is based in the east (anywhere in anambra will be just fine). pls can you help?
        thank you

        • Hi Nkechi: Congrats on your upcoming ‘igba nkwu’. I’ll pass your request to the makeup artists in our ‘wedding vendors Facebook group’, so that the makeup artists in the East can respond to you. I don’t know any in Anambra. Be on the lookout for my next message to you.

          • funmilola Orolu says

            You could invite any makeup artist from lagos for your traditional wedding (wine carrying). You can contact beads and beauty makeover and accessories via 08038181167(whatsappp), 09097763037(whatsapp). Bb pin: 27aa0c57, 7f112d12. faceboook: Beadandbeauty makeover. Brides all the way to dec feb 2014 gets facials, body polish as bonus service in addition to brides mum getting bonus makeup and gele tieing service.

          • Awesome, Funmilola! Thanks for stepping in. Nkechi should automatically see your reply in her inbox, and hopefully contact you.

        • Nkechi. while we are waiting for some makeup artists in the East to contact you through this comments section, you may want to ask someone I know, Ngozi Ezeka of JagaBeauty Makeovers (call her at 0803 335 8318 or 0807 154 5558) – they are based in Lagos, but most makeup artists travel out of their base when they have a client like you.

  13. thank you for this informative write up.

    I have a question though. for a non-Nigerian marrying a Nigerian groom. how do I incorporate the igba nkwu with the pastor’s blessing? I want to include both because I’m from a Christian South African family and our traditional wedding also includes the pastor blessing the couple.

    so when is the right time for that? is it before I search for my husband with the cup of palm wine as the Igbo tradition dictates then seek the pastor’s blessing, or get blessed by the pastor then perform the igba nkwu later?

    I’m so confused as I dont want either families to feel left out. we will still have our white wedding but at a much later stage. and I too love the igba nkwu. can’t wait to see myself in those beautiful dresses and beads.. I’m so excited.

    please assist me as I’m drawing up my program.

    thank you in advance.

    • Hi Carol:
      Thanks for reading – I’m glad this post helped you some.

      To answer your question – ideas on how you could incorporate the pastor’s blessing with the igba nkwu, see my answers below:
      a.) Here’s the thing – traditionally, the igba nkwu comes first before Church/ Pastor’s blessings, and so most couples SCHEDULE in their church wedding after their igba nkwu.
      b.) Time for blessing is towards the end of the “ígba nkwu”, after the bride finds the groom and feeds him a drink. Towards the end of an ‘igba nkwu’ ceremony, the brides’s parents would pray for/ pronounce their blessing on the couple. An idea is to make your “igba nkwu” programme of events include your Pastor’s blessing right after the parents’blessings – so that it looks like the Pastor sets in to seal the “blessing”. Let your MC know/ have the integrated programme of events.

      I bet you’d look gorgeous in the ibo traditional wedding attire and the beaded princess head-crown. We can’t wait to feature your wedding here:)

      Let me know if you still have questions:)

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