Watch and Learn How to Tie a Tie Easily: Necktie Step by Step (Video Tutorial)

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Hey guys, are you tired of begging someone to help you knot your neck-tie? We’ll show you how.  Knotting a tie is easy to learn by watching do it in front of you. In this post, you will learn how to tie a perfect tie by watching and practicing along the below step by step video tutorial. The steps are easy to follow, and simplifies the process of tying a tie. Now watch the tie video tutorial below.

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Why Learn How to Tie and Wear a Tie?

Neck ties are essential part of men’s (and grooms’) fashion accessory, and we can’t think of a wedding where the groom and his groomsmen showed up without them. Ties are even worn to non-wedding places such as to school or work – occasionally by girls. Yet, most men (even some grooms-to-be) don’t know how to knot a perfect neck tie. Well, we can excuse them, as these days, fewer men dress up in formal looks without ties.

groom and groomsmen tying ties
Photo Credit:  Obi Nwokedi (Nigerian Wedding Photographer, UK)

The pressure on the Nigerian guy to learn how to tie a tie can be likened to the pressure on a typical Naija chic to learn how to tie Gele head-scarf or even how to tie a wrapper. After several attempts that end up with a horribly-tangled tie, most guys give up trying to knot their tie by themselves.  Some of my friends have a few ready-tied ties in their wardrobes for occasional business meetings. Some guys even freak out at the thought that they would have to learn how to tie a perfect tie for on wedding day; others resort to choosing a bestman who knows how to knot a tie. Hopefully, you’ll be able to do it yourself after a few practices with the above video tutorial.

Contrary to the saying that the wedding day Is the bride’s day, it’s also the groom’s day. Agreed, every guest is looking forward to sighting what the bride’s gown looks like. But within that small time, while the groom is standing at the altar waiting for her to walk in, all eyes are on him (and also on his outfit and his tie). I bet you won’t want to fall our hand, Mr. Glam Groom (that’s after learning from the video above)!

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Names of Different Tie Knotting Styles/ Types

There are over a hundred different ways/ styles of tying the tie knots. However, only the following four necktie knot styles are most popular among men:

  • Bow tie knot (great for a black-tie event; also looks awesome when worn with suspenders)
  •  Skinny Tie (stay away from this necktie style if you’re either tall or huge)
  • Windsor Knot (for a classic, conservative look)
  • Pratt Knot (for a classy look)
  • Four-in-Hand Knot (for a casual yet fashionable look)
  • Eldredge knot (for a sophisticated look with any tie fabric or color tie. I find this tie knot really elegant, and sexy too).

Best Men’s Tie Fabric and Colour for a Groom? and Groomsmen

What tie fabric is good for a wedding event? Satin and silk neckties are perfect for formal occasions such as weddings. And, for the wedding day tie colour? Bright colours are great for grooms. Try to match your tie colour with that of your groomsmen and / or to the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses. However, if you plan to have a formal wedding, a black tie would do (isn’t it why they call it a black-tie-affair?).

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Brief History Of Neck Ties: How it All Started

The first necktie was believed to have been spotted on the Egyptians (interestingly, a lot of fashion things seem to originate from those Egyptians). At the time, the neck tie was regarded as a symbol of social status (kinda, for the bigger boys in the society). It was not until the 17th century that the tie went mainstream to become a fashion accessory for men.

Takeaway on How to Tie a Tie Easily

Obviously, you don’t expect to start tying a perfect tie from your first few tries. Practice more times by watching the above video several times – until you get your neck-tie right easily without looking.

That’s it for our tips and tutorial for Naija grooms on steps to tying a neck tie – for school, work, wedding or any other event for that matter.  If you’re a bride-to-be reading this, be sure to email/ tweet or Facebook this article link to your guy – we want to see him as a dapper groom on the D-day!

So, tell me in the comments below – how did the practice with the video go? And which necktie style looks like the one you’ll likely walk the aisle in? (Ladies, please share this post with your groom-to-be, if you really care about him being able to knot his necktie perfectly on your wedding day).

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