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  1. pls I want to know the best attire to use for my introduction coming up soon, though my hubby is not an Ika man. an ika attire that will suit both bride and groom

    • Hello Joy, the best attire for your traditional wedding is your people’s traditional/ cultural attire for weddings. You may or may not also incorporate your groom’s people’s traditional wear as a second outfit change, if you like.

  2. Julian Chinwe says

    am Julian, an Igbo lady getting married to a Benin guy. what should i wear on my upcoming traditional marriage?

    • Hello Julian. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.

      You can wear your Igbo traditional wedding attire for brides, and if you have extra cash to spend, you may do a second outfit wearing his Benin traditional wedding outfit for brides.

  3. Tambari gift says

    Hi my name is gift,I am from rivers state my traditional marriage is coming up soon,and am confused of wat to wear,am chocolate in complexion.

    • Hello Gift, congrats on your upcoming wedding.
      Looks like you’re asking about colour combination for your traditional wedding. If that is so, there’s no right or wrong colour, BUT a guide is either to decide your colours from your best everyday colours that you usually like or wear – for example, if your normal best colour is pink, base your colour combo on pink.

      >>Another idea is to copy colour combination and/ or styles from past wedding pictures you see on websites, magazines, Facebook, instagram or Pinterest.

      Those are my favourite ways to find colour combo ideas.

  4. my name is judyh i dnt knw if wine red and royal blue will macth pls help me am confuse on what tocombine for my weding

    • Hi Judith, those 2 colours combine well. Other options you can look at include:
      -Royal Blue colour with any of these for a wedding combo: peach, pink, silver, orange, gold or golden yellow, coral, light blue, lime green, wine, burgundy, deep red, Turquoise
      -Wine colour combines well with any of: silver, white, black, blue, brown, cream, khaki, gold, golden yellow, peach, purple or dark purple, light pink, light blue.
      *We’ll be doing a wedding colour combination post that will feature pictures – so that you and our other readers can see and find colour combos you can use for your trad attire or bridesmaids dresses or asoebi girls. So, keep checking back for the Nigerian wedding colour combination posts.

  5. Hello. Please I plan on using gold(top) and farouz green(wrapper)for my traditional marriage. What colors will be suitable for the headtie,purse and shoe? Thanks

  6. Ume Lilian says

    plz I need help, am fair in complexion can red hear gear, red shoe, red purse, red bead and blue cloth fits or match my day for my up coming traditional wed..? Lilian.

    • Hello Lilian, blue is a nice colour, but since you are of fair complexion, you may want to go for a not-too-bright blue and a cooler shade of red such as wine colour.

    • ayi kikanme says

      everything red when you are not masquerade, variety is the spice of life add another colour either white or golden colour

  7. Pls how does ijaw delta dress
    I’m confuse
    Can I see a photo?

  8. Ella obaga says

    Hi hello my wedding comes up soon…l I’m a delta lady uhrubo to be presice and I’m getting marriage to an Edo guy Sean to be presice. I want to kwn if he will dress as a delta man or he Wil dress Edo and I will dress delta way.

    • Hello Ella. There’s no rule for you or him to dress in a specific cultural attire – both of you can either dress in your trad attire (Delta) or in his own (Edo). A second option is for you to dress in your trad attire and him in his Edo attire. The third option is for you you and him to have 2 outfits – in the first you come out dressed up in Edo attire or Delta, and after some time the two of you will change to the second person’s traditional outfit – that way everyone will be happy.

  9. Good day, I have chosen torques blue and cream color for traditional marriage attire. What do u think?

    • Hello Gold, that’s a nice colour combo – turquoise blue combines beautifully with cream colour.
      Other nice wedding colour combinations for TURQUOISE BLUE with any of these: yellow, red, brown, fuschia pink, coral, purple, orange, green, cherry-red, dark-violet.
      Congrats in advance, on your traditional marriage ceremony.

  10. Hello Stella, Please where do I buy the Itsekiri beads and body chains*? It’s elite, not the gotal beads. I have been to Lagoss island and it’s not there. Help!

  11. kate shalom says

    hi,,pls ,,,i have red shoe with bag, can it go on green n gold attire or blue and red,,,doing wedding soon

  12. nice one

  13. This is temmy from ilorin, I’m preparing for my wedding comes up by july, and I don’t know maybe peach and baby pink can march.thanks
    Waiting for reply.thanks

    • Thanks for commenting, Temmy, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Peach and baby pink is a beautiful colour combination – yes, they match. Other pink-peach colour combo ideas are fuchsia pink & peach | fuchsia pink & baby pink | turquoise & baby pink | aqua blue & baby pink | army green & baby pink | turquoise & baby pink | peach and gold | peach and silver | peach and white | pink and white | blue and peach | pink and silver/gray

  14. please .. im yoruba wanting to get married to a delta guy, the parent outfit, how ideal is it ..will both families wear the yoruba attire or will the guys parent wear delta attire and the yoruba family wear their yoruba attire, please help e on the parents dressing,,

    Thank you

    Best Greetings

  15. josephine kitala says

    am in Kenya and would like to know if you can help me buy lace fabric for ceremonial gown online. this is a great site and i love all your creations . thank you.

    • Welcome to NaijaGlamWedding, Josephine; and I’m glad to know that you love our posts. MiddlesexTextiles.com is a great UK-based online store that sells lace fabrics. Visit their site and I’m sure you’ll find many beautiful things. Also, they deliver to a lot of African countries.

  16. pls dear,,am planing my trad and i mk my colours to be royal blue,,baby pink and blown,,hw do u fink it luks lyk

    • Hi Rapheala, welcome to NaijaGlamWedding. That’s a nice wedding colour combo that you’ve chosen. I suggest that you choose 2 of those as your main colours and then use the third colour minimally. That way, you can have something like royal blue and baby pink with a touch of brown, OR you could have Baby pink and brown, with a sprinkle of blue. Anyway, Pink and Royal blue is a popular wedding colour combo among Nigerian brides.

  17. Please i need a matured colour and design for my engagement

    • Hi Esther, most brides base their wedding attire colour on their favourite colour. Try that, and then choose designs from the video above.
      There are plenty of designs and ‘matured colour’ combinations in the over 100 styles we featured above. I suggest that you find some quiet time and sit down to look at each Niger-Delta traditional wedding attire picture in the above video. (2) Then make a note of the ones you like. (3) Then watch again, and narrow down on your best 2 or 3.

  18. Please i’m wearing army green lace with a light gold sequence as the blouse design, can a black purse and shoe go with it? Thanks as I await ur reply.

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