N1m Nigerian Wedding Budget Breakdown: See What It Looks Like

So you have One million Naira (N1m) budgeted for your wedding, and not sure how to break it down before you start spending it on wedding things?  In this post, I want to show you another wedding budget breakdown example – you can see the others here. You will see how a Nigerian couple spent their N1 million naira wedding budget – hopefully, you can use their break-down as a starting point and later change up things to suit your personal style. See the N1m wedding budget below:

couple dancing in a glam nigerian wedding planned by planner

Number of Guests invited: 150

Type of Venue: Indoor reception hall

Total amount spent: N920,400.00 (i.e. nearly N1 million Naira)

SUMMARY OF EXPENSES in Naira (see their wedding budget breakdown below)

  • Bride and Groom –     194,500.00
  • Stationery and Souvenirs –     60,000.00
  • Venue and Decoration –     175,000.00
  • Food and Drinks –     202,500.00
  • Entertainment and Visuals –     135,000.00
  • Miscellaneous (other things) –  153,400.00


Bride & Groom’s Wedding Things

  • New wedding gown purchase     55,000.00
  • Bride’s shoes     7,500.00
  • Bridal Accessories: bouquet, veil, headpiece; earrings, necklace etc     10,000.00
  • Bridal beauty: Hair/ Nails/ Makeup     15,000.00
  • Wedding rings (bride + groom) -GL or Gold     50,000.00
  • Groom’s Shoes     25,000.00
  • Groom’s wedding suit     15,000.00
  • Groom’s Accessories (e.g cuff links, belt, flower boutonniere /pocket-handkerchief)     15,000.00
  • Groom’s Grooming (e.g haircut, beard shaving)     2,000.00

Stationery & Souvenirs

  • Invitation cards & program printing     15,000.00
  • Souvenirs to gift guests     45,000.00

Venue & Decoration (for Reception) – an indoor reception hall

  • Venue hire (incl. necessary rentals such as canopy tents, chairs)     150,000.00
  • Decoration: venue, bride n Groom’s cars, venue décor     25,000.00

Reception Food & Drinks 

  • Wedding Cake (assuming N150/ guest count)     22,500.00
  • Food (Assuming (N1000/ head)     150,000.00
  • Drinks/ Juice/ Water (Assume: N200/ head)     30,000.00

Reception Entertainment & Visuals  

  • Photography &/or Videography     100,000.00
  • Master of Ceremony (MC)     10,000.00
  • DJ only (No Music Band)     25,000.00

Miscellaneous Expenses –     153,400.00

According to one of our married readers (ZainMum), an example of what to include in the miscellaneous section are expenses for family members (groom’s/bride’s parents and siblings’ outfits, transportation and more). This is where your parents and siblings cannot afford to take care of themselves.

1 Million Naira Wedding Plan

That’s it on the One Million Naira Wedding budget example. Now that you’ve seen what it looks like, go and prepare your own budget using ideas from this post – I expect you to modify things to suit your style.

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Disclaimer and Important Notes When Using This Wedding Budget Break-down Sample

  • Disclaimer: This wedding budget example is only a guide, and so I expect you to customize, reduce from it or add to it, it to suit your particular situation. Understand that prices of listed items may have changed, from the time this wedding was held – so confirm from your local market.
  • NOTE: The above sample wedding budgets is of a wedding event that held in Nigeria, and so prices reflect Nigerian market prices for low- and mid-income neighbourhoods, and so prices of items should be higher for weddings located in high-brow cities of the country, such as Maitama or Wuse 2 in Abuja or Lagos Island.
  • These budgets exclude wedding planning services, not because they are unnecessary, but because this article is especially for those of our blog readers who are using the help of their family and friends in place of a wedding planner. We highly recommend using a wedding planner if you’re very busy and don’t have helpers around. So, please add the cost of a wedding planner to your budget, if you want it.
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  1. Bioku ayomikun says

    Hi, my name is Ayomikun, am about to wed this year Nov 2017,by God’s grace, my husband want to plan our wedding with 1million naira, and we are man and woman of the people, And we are expecting about 300 to 500 guests.this 1m# includes our wears, hall and every other thing needed for the wedding without owing anybody. What did you think we can do about this and how to make the budget pls.

    • Hello Bioku, thanks for reading our N1m wedding budget ideas, and congrats on your upcoming wedding.

      #1. SETTLE THE HALL/ VENUE and PLAN WITH THE LEFT OVER MONEY: Venue costs are fixed, not flexible. I think what should determine how you spend your N1 million wedding budget should be on the cost of halls (venue) around the area your wedding is holding. If it’s a high brow area, venue costs can be very high, running into hundreds of thousands of Naira – and you’ll need to get this out of the way first, before determining how to spend on food.

      #2. FOOD AND DRINKS – 300 guests? or 500 guests?: Once venue is out of the way, now is the time to decide ho much to spend on food and drinks. One way to look at it is to ask a caterer how much s/he would charge per plate of food per guest. Then multiply that with 300 to see the total. Also multiply with 500 to see the total amount you could spend on food. Do same for drinks for 300, then for 500 people.
      >>Decide whether to go with 300 guest or 500 – based on which costs you are comfortable with.

      #3. THE REMAINING AMOUNT: Spread the remaining amount on your outfits, photography/ video, DJ/ live music band, hall decoration and every other thing in between.

      Hope the above tips help.

  2. Hy,am Damilola. Really love your post. This was really a life saver for me. planning to get married by February,2018 with a budget of about 5 -7m. but my husband to be want to plan the wedding by himself cause he believes when there is money thing can be easy done. I convinced him to get a wedding planner but said no cause he’s does not want anything to go wrong. pls how do I convince him the more and make him see reasons why he shouldn’t go through the stress all alone. will appreciate if I can get response on time in my email.. Thanks. Godbless

    • Hi Damilola,
      Thanks for reading this Nigerian wedding blog, and also for leaving us your positive feedback and question. First off, let me congratulate you on your upcoming wedding, and for doing what most people fail to do (which is, starting to plan very early ahead). Now, onto your question – see my reply below:
      – I know how you feel, but some men are perfectionists (and love wedding too), and I’ve seen some like that who planned their own weddings from A to Z and it was perfect. However, wedding planning is stressful and involves a lot of logistics; no wedding planning can result in perfect execution without delegation and helps from other people (whether hired or free). >>He does not want anything to go wrong with that amount of money for a wedding, and that’s the sole purpose or job of a wedding planner. >>May be if he meets some good wedding planners that know their salt, it and he has a chat/ interview with them, it could help convince him by answering some questions about how they could deliver on your wedding, and showing proofs of weddings of past clients they’ve organized.
      >>Maybe he is afraid that a wedding planner may not deliver the vision he has in his head about the wedding or hijack his plan – and most people feel so too, BUT what wedding planners do is to take your visions and do the legwork for you, and they would always ask you and get approvals before they do anything every step of the way. >>The only difference is that you can focus on doing your work and sleep well while they handle your wedding waka-waka. Wedding planners have done hundreds of weddings and already know plenty of good vendors and venues and which ones to avoid – based on previous weddings they planned, and would gladly show you the good ones (you save time and avoid spending on the bad ones).
      >>I would suggest that you, as the bride, subtly find a way to be involved so that you can possibly make a list of good wedding planners both of you should interview. You could contact some in advance and later arrange for them to meet him. (READ: Where and How to Find Good Wedding Vendors and Planners).
      >>I wrote a detailed article on how to know if you need a wedding planner (click here), and I’d like you to read it.how to know if you need a wedding planner (click here)Where and How to Find Good Wedding Vendors and Planners

  3. Hi Stella,
    After reading your article, I had a big sigh of relief. I’m planning my wedding for June 2017 and would appreciate if you could assist with an expense plan with a 900k budget considering the relative cost of things now. Well I’m looking at abt 150 guests. Thanks. I’d appreciate if you could send it to my email.

  4. i love this.thank you

  5. Can a get the contact for the wedding planner with this budget? And would him/her be paid service charge? Reply asap please. Thankyou

    • Hello Viv. You can contact these wedding planners:
      1) Sunmisola of Shine Events: 08027736616
      2) Joan of Cherries Events: 07034626807
      2) Ruth of La Heiress: 08187003137
      Call them to discuss your wedding budget range. Let them know you’re from me (NaijaGlamWedding).
      Let me know how it goes.

  6. Huge thanks for this article.

    Is this a recent wedding expenses please?

    Please can you help with a vendor that’d charge this range for decor?

    Thank you.

  7. I’m so happy to come across ds kind of article, especially at ds time.
    Thanks to d admin of ds page.

  8. Very good guide I must say. But just a little opinion. I’m married myself and there are expenses for the groom’s/bride’s parents and siblings as not all of them will be able to take care of themselves. Maybe this falls into miscellaneous expenses but trust me you will always spend more than what you have budgeted.

    • Hello Zainmum:
      Thank you for your feedback. We love hearing good reports from our readers.
      -Yes, those kind of wedding expenses are what we expect the bride/ groom to include in ‘miscelaneous’. **But now that you mentioned it, I’ll edit this article to include that specifically, as I have a feeling that most couples may not remember to include it. So, thanks for adding your contribution to enrich this N1m wedding expenses guide.

  9. hello, thanks a lots ur page as bin so helpful. I actually budgeted for a million naira wedding bt d venue price is crazy,do u av an idea as to where I can get a more subsidized indoor venue around gbagada axis of Lagos…

  10. Wow!

    I’m excited beyond my wits right now. I love your website. I love this article. Super helpful!!!

    Thanks a million for sharing this!

    I didn’t know that amount could give me something as beautiful as the wedding in the article!!!

    Thank yoUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Ellen. Our mission is to help brides-to-be achieve a GLAM WEDDING on any budget. You should also read our other articles that teach different things you can do to reduce wedding cost without reducing the quality of your event. The topics are listed below and you can find the article links at the end of this post (click here).
      -9 Smart Ideas to Save Costs When Planning a Nigerian Wedding on a Small Budget
      -How to Plan Small Wedding in Nigeria and Still Wow Your Guests
      -Unique Ideas to Plan a Big-Girls Wedding with Small Money
      -Low-Key Wedding: How to Plan a Great Low-Key Wedding In Nigeria
      -Simple Ideas to Reduce Cost of a Wedding without Reducing the Quality
      **Ensure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for choosing to read NaijaGlamWedding.com

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