Wedding Budget List: Typical Expenses in Nigerian Weddings (Shopping List)

How do you make a wedding budget list to use in estimating the cost of your upcoming Nigerian wedding? One of the best ways to make up a wedding budget list is to ask newlyweds or a wedding planner for the typical things couples spend on during their Nigerian weddings. But what if you don’t have anyone around to ask, and you don’t want to forget a single thing last minute! In this post, I will show you an example budget list  – typical things Nigerians budget for in their weddings. Feel free to copy, modify and use the list to arrive at your own wedding budget.  So, read on to see the list.

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What Should You Budget For in a Nigerian Wedding?

One of the first things to do when planning a white wedding is to set a budget, based on how much you (the couple) can afford to spend. But that’s just a figure, right? You don’t just take your entire wedding money to the market to start shopping (that’s dumb). You have to first sit down to make a wedding shopping list of things to buy, services to hire and how much to spend on each.   A wedding budget list is simply a shopping list of every possible expense you are likely to spend for your wedding.

Nigerian Wedding Budget List for Shopping: Example of Typical Expenses

Below is an example of a wedding budget list – this is the list of expenses that will make up your wedding cost. So, you can also call this a wedding expense list, some people call it the wedding shopping list. Below is just an example, as some couples include more items in their wedding shopping list, while others choose to keep it basic – it all depends on whether you plan to have a low-key wedding or big wedding.

The Wedding Rings

  • Wedding rings (bride + groom) ___________
  • Wedding ring box or pillow ___________

Bride’s Attire

  • Borrow/ rent a used or pre-owned wedding gown ___________
  • Bride’s shoes ___________
  • Bridal Accessories: bouquet, veil, headpiece; earrings, necklace etc ___________
  • Bridal beauty: Hair/ Nails/ Makeup ___________

Groom’s Attire

  • Groom’s Shoes ___________
  • Groom’s wedding suit ___________
  • Groom’s Accessories (e.g cuff links, belt etc) ___________
  • Flower boutonniere/ pocket handkerchief) ___________
  • Groom’s Grooming (e.g haircut, beard shaving) ___________

Stationery & Souvenirs

  • (Printing of) Invitation cards & program ___________
  • Souvenirs/ Favors to gift guests ___________

Venue & Decoration (for Reception)

Venue hire (incl. necessary rentals such as canopy tents, chairs) ___________
Decoration: venue, bride n Groom’s cars, venue décor ___________

Reception Food & Drinks

Wedding Cake (assuming N150/ guest count) ___________
Food ___________
Drinks/ Juice/ Water ___________

Reception Entertainment & Visuals

Photography & Video Coverage ___________
Master of Ceremony (MC) ___________
DJ only (No Music Band) ___________


Car and bus hire to transport bride, groom and wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents), close relatives and VIP guests to/ from wedding venues ___________

Other Vendors (optional)

  • Wedding planner services ___________
  • Ushers ___________
  • Food servers ___________

Miscellaneous (reserved fund, in case of emergency) ___________

So, YOUR TOTAL WEDDING BUDGET is: __________________ (this is where to write the total of amounts you budgeted in the above items).

That’s it for our wedding budget checklist of expenses for planning a Nigerian white wedding. Be sure to read the article that covers the traditional wedding budget items list.

After the Wedding Budget List, What Next?

You’ve made the wedding budget list for wedding shopping, now what? Having a list of likely wedding expenses or possible expenses is just the beginning in the process of knowing how much your wedding will cost. Among other things, you have to guesti-mate (I mean, budget) for each item in your wedding budget list – how do you do that?

Find below other articles we wrote to help you as you plan your wedding budget:

  • Nigerian wedding budget calculator – this one is a hands-free way to automatically determine a breakdown of how much you should spend on different areas of your wedding event.

Final Takeaway: Wedding Budget List for Shopping

No two weddings can be the same in terms of how much the couples will spend, because different couples have different priorities as well as are different in how much money that is available for them to spend. So, this wedding budget list is the list basic expense items in many Nigerian style weddings. Feel free to add more items or remove from the above Nigerian wedding shopping budget list, to suit your personal wedding taste and style.

My advice: It’s a good idea to print this wedding budget list and keep a copy in your handbag, so that it will be easy to find whenever you are shopping or negotiating with a wedding service vendor.

So, that’s it for the list of expenses to have in your wedding budget (shopping) list. It’s your turn now – tell me in the comments below, did I miss anything that you think should be on the above wedding budget list?

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  1. imoleayo micheal says

    please help me with a budget of 600k, for my engagement and white wedding which is coming up in the next 7 month

    • Hello Michael, here is an example of how you can spend your N600k wedding budget in Nigeria:

      38% 228,000 wedding cake + food + drinks (you should find out exactly how many people this amount can feed, before printing invitation cards. Only invite the few people this amount can cater for, not more than 100 people).
      20% 120,000 wedding reception venue hire + hall décoration + Canopy Tents (if it’s an outdoor venue) + chair and table rentals (if venue did not provide)
      12% 72,000 wedding rings + bride and groom’s wedding attire + their shoes + bride’s hair and makeup + bride’s jewelry (earrings, necklace)
      5% 30,000 invitation cards, programme of events
      23% 138,000 entertainment & photography & coordination – DJ/ live music band, MC, photographer, video coverage, D-day coordinator
      2% 12,000 Miscellaneous/ anything else that will arise later, or was forgotten
      TOTAL AMOUNT: 600,000

      Finally, ensure you have bot the traditional engagement and white wedding on the same day, to save cost.

      I hope that helps.

  2. Obasi Mary says

    Hello ma’am, my name is Mary. My traditional wedding was done last 2months and my wedding will be in 2months time. Pls ma’am what can one come up with with about 1m to 1.5m. Though we’re planning that it should be a night reception so as to curtail crowd and uninvited guests.
    Something simple but classy… Thanks ma’am as I await your response

    • Hello Mary, congratulations on your recent trad wedding. Here’s my reply:
      – Your N1m / N1.5m wedding budget can do a lot for you.
      – Before starting to spend, do a budget breakdown or wedding shopping list with cost breakdown (similar to what every woman does before going to the market). > A rough guide is to spend half of that money on food and drinks. You’ll have to go around asking wedding vendors for service prices and compile totals, to know what to pay on vendors. >Use the percentages suggested in our wedding budget calculator to guide you in picking vendors your budget can accomodate.
      – So, how many guests are you looking at inviting and what kind of food do you want to serve them? You should put a number to it, and that would determine how the wedding would be. Decide on exact number of guests you want – that would give you an idea of the kind of food / menu options and quality of caterer to hire OR how big or small a reception hall to hire. A N1m wedding could decide it wants to spend N500k on foof and drinks BUT wants 500 guests (meaning it would have less menu options and should find a caterer that can do N1k per guest on food and drinks). >Another couple planning a N1m wedding and also spending N500k on food and drinks may decide to invite 100 guests (meaning better food quality, and assorted food for guests, and better quality caterer).
      -On your reception timing to keep away uninvited guests: If you’re sure that most of your important guests and family/ friends/ parents would find that time comfortable… >An alternative option that many about-to-wed couples choose is to make the wedding an invite-only, give invitation cards to guests to show at the venue, and hire a few body guards to only allow those that show the IVs.

      Hope the above tips help. I wish you all the best.

  3. David Evelyn says

    Thanks so much ma, this is awesome. Please ma help me with affordable wedding planner urgently. Please ma like #300k

  4. Anike Ade says

    Good day madam, kudos for helping others with your great tips. Ma, pls am legally married to my hubby(2016), am from Muslim background, I did my introduction with nikka same day (2015), but engagement isn’t yet done, now am pregnant with my 2nd baby, I and my hubby want to rush our TD before the tommy will start showing, and we are planing of doing it the same day we did our registry. (June30) can you help with budget list of traditional marriage/ reception with just 300k. “I have a very short time to plan”
    Thanks and God bless you richly ma. #310318

    • Dear Anike,

      First, let me congratulate you on your upcoming traditional marriage ceremony.

      You know that price of things change everyday in Nigeria, and so, the one and best way to get a DEFINITE WEDDING BUDGET is to price things them at the market close to when you want to have your occasion.

      However, I can give you a percentage hint that may help with how you divide up your N300k wedding budget. You should reserve about half for the food and drinks, and then work out how many guests that can take care of. Do not guess how many wedding guests to invite. Ask a few caterers how much they charge per plate of food for occasions, AND add that to price of one drink – that should give you an idea of food budget per person. >>Then use that to calculate how many people N150k (half of N300k) can feed. >>That is your guest list and your overall food budget. >>Even if you’re cooking yourself, this gives a bit of idea.

      Use the remaining N150k to take care of the rest of wedding things – your outfits, photography, MC, DJ etc.

      To find out more about our wedding budget calculator, click here.

  5. Betty Ikheloa says

    Hi, thanks for this write up. please i am planning my traditional and court wedding by july with a budget of 500k please how do i make use of the budget wisely without exceeding my limits and my pride lists is on it too. its an edo wedding.

    • Hi Betty. Congrats on your upcoming wedding ceremonies. Here’s some tips to help you plan a N500k court and traditional wedding events, and avoid overspending:
      -Fix the dates of the two weddings close to each other. (a) You could have both on same day (court in the morning AND traditional immediately after; and reception in the afternoon. In this case, some elders would commence some parts of the traditional wedding while you are away at the court wedding – and you two would come and meet them). >(b) Have them different days- like: one week apart – for example, this week for a quiet court wedding and next week Saturday for the big traditional wedding (morning) PLUS wedding reception (afternoon or immediately after).

      Some people also do it a day apart – with a quiet wedding on day one and the big wedding and reception on the second day. Either the court or traditional can come first. The idea is to have very few and closest family and friends at the quiet wedding, so that expenses on drinks and food would be low. >The second day wedding (either court or trad, as you choose) is the one where you invite everybody, and also fix the wedding reception.

      The key is to have a wedding programme that carefully flows from one to the other – if it’s a same day wedding.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Tony Nnaji says

    Hi, thanks for this wonderful blog. If we spend so much money in securing a hall and decorating it, food and etc, I think it’s wise to invest in something reasonable in documenting that day. Because it’s only the good memories that are well documented that will linger. So I find photography a must. God bless you all

    • Hello Tony. You are so correct about making wedding photography a top priority. That is what we tell coupes and have written a couple of articles on. So, yes, do not skimp on it – be sure to hire the best wedding photographer you can find because after the one-day-wedding, record of the memories would last you a lifetime.

  7. wow!!! u have done well I’ve gotten answers to my questions from ur write ups and ur responses. Thank u so much but is it possible to have a Yoruba traditional wedding that will include d bride price rite with 300k cuz I have done my Court wedding

    • Thanks for the feedback, Bukola. The only way you can know how much the bride price and customary engagement list would cost is to officially collect “THE LIST” from the bride’s family, and then go to the market to ask for price of the items in that list.

  8. Chidi Stephen says

    Dear stella,
    A pleasant evening to you. God bless you for the amazing job you are doing. Am planning to get married by August 2017, how can i plan a small but memorable traditional(igbo) and white wedding with a budget of 1m same day.

    • Dear Chidi, thank you for reading our wedding budget article for grooms. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

      Now, onto your question about tips for planning a small but memorable, same-day, trad and white wedding, below are my tips:
      – Decide in advance the number of people to invite (it’s best to keep it small, so that your wedding food and drinks budget can cater for them. More people would mean you would spend more OR some guests would not get food). A good way is to calculate by cost per head, based on cost of plate of food and drinks – ask a few caterers what they charge, and calculate from that to know how many people (100, 200 etc) your wedding catering budget can handle.
      – Before you do any spending, divide up your N1m budget into how you should spend it – so that you can avoid over-spending in some areas and discovering you need more money in others. >>You can do this by allocating certain percentage of that N1m to different categories of wedding expenses – Catering (food, drinks), Photography/ Video, DJ/ Live Band, MC, Decorators and so on – we prepared a wedding budget calculator guide (percentages) that you may use (click).
      wedding budget calculator guide (percentages) that you may use (click).
      – Don’t do everything yourself – get a few friends/ family to help you out and DELEGATE things-to-do to them (traditional wedding checklist and white wedding checklist) and follow them up every few days.
      – Have a plan on a few trusted friends/ family or hired hand/ wedding planner to coordinate activities on the day of your wedding – you don’t want caterers, photographers and other wedding service vendors calling you or your bride on that day to ask for where or when to do things. Read our Wedding Coordination planning tips here.
      Wedding Coordination planning tips here for ideas you can use to organize your help team.
      – Low-key wedding Tips: for have an unforgettable, celebrity-type small wedding in Nigeria

      Low-key wedding Tips
      – Making Small Weddings Work and Look Big: Everything you need to know, do or avoid when planning a small Nigerian wedding
      Making Small Weddings Work and Look Big
      traditional wedding checklist white wedding checklist
      – Make good photography a top priority – that’s the only thing that will make your wedding TRULY memorable after that day. Plan and book a good wedding photography team ahead of time (the best ones are booked far in advance, don’t choose just any one last minute). Very tiny weddings look grand in pictures years after, because they had good photography.

      Those are tips I can think of this moment. Hope they help.

  9. Michael Michael says

    Hi Stella,
    I’m Michael. You are doing a very great and good job here. I have been following your tips but it seems my days are number now. The timing is still around August or September by God’s grace. With the economy situation here in Nigeria, how can I minimise cost and maximise the availabile resources at my proposal. I have less than 500k but still more 300k.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Michael,
      Thanks for reading our wedding budget tips. I must commend you – you have done a lot by saving up; most people do not have that much and some have even got married with less than that.
      >>First things to think of is hall/ venue and feeding. (1) Get a free venue or a very cheap public garden or hall. (2) Don’t invite everybody, because you can’t feed them all. To ensure your wedding budget of N300k – N400k is enough and gives you an amazing celebration, the most important thing is to not to invite too many people – find a caterer and ask him/ her how much it would cost to feed so-and-so number of guests. That should give you an idea of how much to reserve for wedding food – and use common sense to reduce the planned number of guests until you get a Naira amount that is within your affordability.
      >>We wrote some detailed articles with extensive tips on many ways to cut wedding costs and amazing ideas you can use to have a big-looking wedding with small money (click). have a big-looking wedding with small money (click). Be sure to click that link to see the tips, and also read the other wedding cost-minimizing posts that we mentioned inside that post.
      Don’t worry, your wedding will be better than you imagined – just follow the advice.

  10. Dear Stella,

    Good evening and how is your day going?

    Please i need your help, I and my husband don’t have money for our wedding and people are asking us when will that day be?

    Now i am planning to have my wedding on December 2017 and i don’t know how to go about it and i want to have my wedding in big way and also i don’t have big money to do it.

    Please help me on this matter.

    • Dear Chika,

      Thanks for reading and sending your question. Here are my answers:
      Advice #1: Save up – start saving now: You said you don’t have money for your wedding but desire a big wedding: I have to be frank with you, my dear, you need some money to have any kind of wedding at all (even a tiny one). So, the only way is to save up for your wedding plus beg your family/ friends to support you financially. There’s no other way.

      Advice #2: Be true to the size of your pocket. Once you save up some money, even small, then plan your wedding, and you can follow our articles on how to have a great wedding with small money and cut down costs. Here on this blog, we are always telling couples to plan their wedding according to their pocket size, and it would still be awesome IF YOU FOLLOW SIMPLE WEDDING PLANNING TIPS. Here’s our tips to having a big girls wedding with small money (click).

      Advice #3: Don’t wait too much. Just do it! Start thinking of the next 6 months to 9 months and plan towards that time. Here’s an article on why you should not delay your wedding any longer (click).

      Advice #4: Consider having it outside December (choose other months). Know that December is a time when things get very expensive in Nigeria, and since you would not be planning your wedding with much money, you need to think of fixing it at a season that things are not costly – so that you can get a lot of things done with small money.

      Read and use over 100 ideas and tips from us on how to save wedding costs and have your wedding in a big way, when planning with small money.

      Those are my tips, Chika, and I hope they’ll help you.

  11. good afternoon stella, please i need an affordable wedding planner urgently. please help

    • Hello Jennie, I’ll send it to your email shortly. Check your inbox in a few minutes.

      • hello stella could you please recommend a very affordable wedding planner, that can coordinate in the abule egba axis of lagos? many thanks.

        • Hello Victor, this is coming very late to you (so sorry), but hope it would still serve:
          -We have a NaijaGlamWedding community of vendors (including wedding planners) and a LIST of them on this GoogleDoc page (click). Most are affordable. >I suggest you see the list, scroll down and call up some in Lagos to see the one that clicks with you.
          -QUICK FINDS on that list: Cherries event, EventRoyale, Radiant Orchids Events — click that link for their contact details, and call them.

          Hope that helps.

  12. Pls I need a wedding budget for trad and white wedding.

  13. I love ds.great job!I tink I wil folow ds wen planning mine.but can u list d budget of doin both d trad nd white weddn same day?

    • Thanks, Favour. Feel free to follow our wedding busget list tips; also know that what we provided is a guide and so you should feel free to change things up to suit your personal wedding style. (2) On your request, I will note that in our list of future topics to write on. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, to know when we write any new article and for daily wedding planning tips.

  14. How can I have a low key wedding of 300k. Pls help me and my wife to be !!!

    • Welcome to NaijaGlamWedding Deric. You can click here to take a look at this sample wedding budget where the couple spent a little over N300k – you may want to model your own budget after that one, but in your case reduce the amounts of items so as to arrive at N300k. In addition, follow our low-key wedding planning advice and tips here (click) and here (click) – AND also read the other related articles we mentioned in those posts – they will show you more ways to cut down your wedding costs to match your budget. I wish you success as you plan the wedding.

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