Top 100 Aso-Ebi Styles for Women: Latest Designs for Wedding Guests (Pictures Lookbook)

The gesture of purchasing someone’s aso-ebi fabric and showing up to their wedding in an aso-ebi attire, a guest is showing his/ her honour, solidarity and support to the celebrant (bride/ groom). A wedding guest that purchase an aso-ebi is expected to find a tailor to sew the material into the aso-ebi dress. Sometimes, the celebrant (bride or groom) would specify a uniform design or style that s/he wants close friends to sew the aso-ebi fabrics – some skirt and blouse aso-ebi styles, iro and buba (wrapper asoebi), gown designs of asoebi etc. Other guests are free to make (sew) their aso-ebi in any style they desire.

Grooms are not left alone in the aso-ebi trend. Men also select the aso-ebi fabrics that they want their family and friends to be identified with, at their wedding.

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How Aso-ebi Makes Weddings More Colourful

bride's friends wearing blue aso-ebi and silver gele

In a Nigerian wedding, you can easily spot the bride’s girlfriends (ore iyawo, in Yoruba language) from their uniform, coordinated aso-ebi dresses and Gele head-wraps, and sometimes in a uniform beaded necklace. The groom’s friends are not left out – they also wear their aso-ebi outfits in a uniformed colour, style and design. Other types of guests that can be spotted from their aso-ebi colours or fabric pattern designs include: the groom’s family and friends, the bride’s family, bride/ groom’s parents’ friends and colleagues.

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Here’s an example of how a couple may use aso-ebi colour themes to identify guests at their traditional wedding: the bride’s family may wear red fabric with gold Gele headtie, the groom’s family may wear blue asoebi fabri with silver headtie; the groom’s friends may wear white aso-ebi outfits with blue caps (called ‘fila‘ in Yoruba language) or scarfs; and the bride’s friends may wear yellow dresses with white headties.

For wedding guests, there’s the desire to look different in the sea of sameness. Every wedding guest strives to be the best dressed guest, look absolutely ‘hot’ and totally dressed up to “kill”. So, the female guests (especially) are often searching the pages of ovation magazine, complete fashion, ‘bella naija’, instagram and Nigerian movies for the latest aso-ebi styles to give their tailors.

The end result? Aso-ebi guest attire can transform any ordinary wedding from dull to unique and colourful, and the pictures always come out nothing short of glamorous.

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  1. http://Juliet says

    Hi! Thanks for the good work. I have decided to use baby blue, red and gold as the color of my day (for my wedding), the bridal train wears dark blue but the problem now is colour for the ladies of the day, I can’t figure out the color for them… Mothers of the day will wear red and white,
    What color of dress and igele do you suggest from blue, red and gold that will cause color riot. Thank you

    • Hello Juliet, good to know your wedding aso-ebi colour combination choices.
      From your question, looks like you meant to ask “what colour combo will NOT cause colour riot?”.
      Dress: Wine or Red | Gele: Gold OR
      Royal blue or Ono-blue dress and Gold coloured gele OR
      Champagne Gold dress and Red Gele; OR champagne-gold blouse and Red Skirt/ wrapper PLUS Red Gele.
      Hope that helps.

  2. http://Juliet says

    Please am preparing for my traditional and white wedding, what color can I combine… My man is dark while am chocolate in colour

    • Hi Juliet, colour tastes differ from person to person – some hate red, another likes red as their best colour. >When choosing wedding colour combination, one way is to start looking at the types of colours you like to wear in your everyday life. >What’s your best colour(s)? Build your wedding colour combo around your best everyday colours.
      >You can easily decide on a combp from looking… SEE other people’s wedding outfit combos, and choose the one(s) that appeal most to you. SEE outfit colour combos for brides and grooms on Instagram, Pinterest and websites like this, BellaNaija, NigerianWeddingBlog and others.

  3. http://temitope says

    Evening,am having my wedding soon thinking about some color combinations Burgundy for the groom,til green and gold for the bride coz I don’t want him to wear black suit and how can I design my head gear and brucay abt this three combination thanks. waiting for your reply

    • Hello Temitope, for the bride’s colour scheme that you’ve chosen (Teal Green and Gold), any of these would combine well as a THIRD COLOUR: white, cream, coral, soft gray, navy blue, pink, brown, soft gray.

      Hope that helps (sorry for the late reply).

  4. http://olufemi says

    I’m planing to visit my father in-laws for the first time, what and what do I do. can go alone or with a friend.

    • Hello Olufemi. I will point you to a detailed article I wrote for you on how a groom-to-be should prepare before and during first visits to his future father-in-law (click here to read it). >The principle is the same irrespective of what part of Nigeria you’re from – that post was for preparing for Igbo weddings, but applies to almost every Nigerian culture.

      So, read it and apply the tips.

  5. http://Betty says

    Bless U ma for all d videos..have picked some ideas from there but I have 2/3questions ma….1—My Colour combination is Royal Blue nd golden Asoebi ladies are 6in number,I am charging them for Cloth/Gele nd sowing(is dis right)???? 2nd question is almost similar:—My other female friends who can’t afford Cloth/Gele/Tailor, How do I go about their needs??? Am I to sell same fabric of my 6asoebi ladies to them or get another material for them??? 3rd question is about Me–I am Yoruba nd spouse is Edo,we will be dressing in my Yoruba attire for Engagement, but I want to wear the Edo Attire during d reception, Can I have a pix of what to wear???thanks a lot ma,I await your reply

    • Hi Betty,
      1) Your chosen aso-ebi colour combination is good. Both colours combine beautifully.
      2) It’s okay to do 2 outfits on your trad wedding day – one for your Yoruba attire and the Edo attire of your groom’s people. Many people do it that way. You can find outfit style pictures of Yoruba brides here and here, AND style pictures of Edo brides here.
      3) Asoebi should not be forced on people – making it optional is better. Let those who can afford it buy, and others wear whatever they have.
      >My suggestion for your friends that cannot afford your asoebi is that you can make buying asoebi optional for them, because if not, they may not feel they are welcome to your wedding. So, if you really want them to come, inform them that they are free to wear their own non-asoebi outfits. Well, unless you don’t mind them being absent.
      4) Another option is Gele-asoebi to those who want. Make it optional for those who can.

      I hope the above thoughts help you.

  6. http://favour says

    I’m getting ready form my traditional and white wedding, how do I combine colors like red, gold, sea green

    • Hello Favour. Congrats on your upcoming traditional wedding. Here are some combo ideas:
      -Red and Gold for Bride: Gold top/ blouse and red wrapper, red Scarf/ Gele
      – Sea Green and Gold: Sea Green wrapper and Gold top/ blouse, with gold scarf/ gele, AND coral beaded necklace

      Soon, we would come out with a detailed post on Nigerian colour combination ideas – check back to see when it’s out.

  7. http://Alade%20Abosede says

    Aso ebi is d best oooo

  8. http://Tolu says


    Is it tradition for the brides friends and family to wear one colour and the grooms friend and family to wear another colour but both sets of friends and family to wear the same headtie? Or should both sides wear a different colour head tie?


    • Hello Tolu, the norm is to have one way or colour to identify each family side, whether it’s by Gele or by outfit – it’s your choice to decide. Any way is okay.
      Some people choose to have everyone wear same outfit colour BUT differentiate each side by the headtie or fila (cap) colour. Some choose to have each family side wear different outfit colours, and different or same Gele/ fila. It’s the bride’s choice that determines.

  9. http://Jane says

    I need to change my wardrobe to Nigerian style residing in south Africa Limpopo , where can I get you stylish cloths

    • Hello Jane, the usual thing we do here in Nigeria is to buy a fabric, then show your desired style to your local tailor and ask them to sew the dress style for you. That’s what most of our readers are doing with Nigerian styles we feature here and I know that South Africa also has some very good dress makers and fashion designers. So, bookmark this page and when you get to your tailor, show him/ her your best style(s).

  10. http://Donna%20rall says

    I am an English lady and have been invited to an a wedding. Their colour is red and gold …can you help me please? I am a size 24 UK. Many thanks. I need this outfit by next week.

    • Welcome here, Donna, and thanks for commenting. Red and gold is one of the most popular Nigerian wedding guest (asoebi) colour combo. You can find styles to choose from by looking through our wedding guest lookbook here (click). Once you find something you like, show it to your dress-maker/ tailor to sew for you (s/he would make your dress to your UK size 24).
      Hope those tips help. Enjoy the party.

  11. I am a young Zimbabwean mum who loves fashion and residing in South Africa.Nigeria women I am in love with your fashion.My wedding will be Nija style.Well done to the nija websites.

    • Thanks, Nokuthula. I’m sure you’ll look very pretty wearing a Nigerian traditional wedding attire (because Zimbabwean women are gorgeous). I look forward to hearing about your wedding and seeing the pictures to feature here, if you like 🙂

  12. sorry ma is it possible 4 bridal trains 2 wear the colour of the dress of the chief bridemaid as thier shoe and also chief bridemaid to wear the color of the bridal trains as her shoe.

    • Yes, Olajide – it is possible. I see you’re trying to coordinate your girls’ outfits within your colour scheme – that’s nice.

  13. http://Ms%20Yemisi%20Adigun says

    I Am A Moderator (Alaga Ijoko/iduro) for Introduction/Engagements. Can You Choose Asoebi Colour With Gele/beads To March? Is There Any Price For That, Payment I Mean? I Like Ur STYLES. GOD BLESS U

    • Hi Yemisi, welcome to our Nigerian wedding blog. Thanks for your feedback and for your question. Of course you can match your asoebi fabric colour with your beads-necklace and Gele – that is naturally what everyone or most Nigerian women do. *I am not sure what you are asking price for.

  14. http://Wendy says

    Please, how do i save a picture style from your look book?

  15. http://Temmy says

    Well done for d features stella,how do i go about sending you my new lookbook.

  16. http://nekybest says

    Ur combination is perfect,fire on.

  17. http://ayokunbi says

    I see only ur styles on almost all d recent catalogues. Good work Mrs Nkechi

  18. Thanks for recommending NHN Couture!

  19. http://kasandra%20askins says

    hi do you know if that blue bridesmaid dress or fabric with the fans is still available please send me an email. thanks

    • Hi Kasandra, thanks for asking. Any good Nigerian dress-maker or fashion designer can sew that blue bridesmaid dress for you. You can contact Mrs Nkechi of (via their website) – she sells fabrics and also makes perfect Nigerian-style outfits (aso-ebi) for weddings. We’re a magazine website (not a fashion designer/ tailor) but we are very happy to recommend good wedding service professionals to our readers.

  20. http://adenike says

    Aso ebi is d best

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