Latest Bridesmaid Dresses and Styles in Nigeria (2019)

Every bride wants to make a statement with their bridal squad’s fashion and many look to wedding magazines and websites for inspiration. Our pick of the most popular bridesmaid dresses (pictures) is the perfect place to start looking for inspiration and or narrowing down your options for what your bridal party will wear.

No matter your fashion taste and wedding theme, you should be able to find a beautiful bridesmaid dress style and design that meets your taste and also makes your ‘maids feel and look beautiful. Your girls will love these trending bridesmaid dresses and will thank you for choosing what’s on-trend. Now, take a peek into our compilation of 40 of the latest bridesmaids’ dresses Nigerian brides are loving. Oh, there’s also a fun, cool story of superstition around why bridesmaids become part of weddings, and why all the girls wore a similar dress. Scroll down to see the latest bridesmaid dresses.

40 Unique Bridesmaid Dress Ideas in Nigeria (Photos Gallery)


latest bridesmaid dresses - styles in Nigeria

Bridesmaids in a yellow maxi gown and the chief bridesmaid wearing a long, red dress. [Photo Credit: Atunbi Photography/ Instagram]

Why Do Bridesmaids Wear Matching Dresses? A Brief (But Funny) History

To know why bridesmaids wear matching dresses, we have to look at the history behind bridesmaid dresses and why it is still a thing today. According to Wikipedia, the wedding tradition of brides having bridesmaids was borrowed from the ancient Romans. At the time, they believed that evil spirits attended weddings just to disrupt the event. Since they could not keep the spirits away, they devised a plan to confuse them from spotting the bride.  The plan was to disguise the bride by dressing her and ten other women (a.k.a brides-maids) in matching dresses. They believed that the evil spirits would not know which of them was the bride, and would angrily leave without disrupting the wedding. The early bridesmaid dresses were the exact, same wedding gown and veil, as the bride.

So, that was how brides started having bridesmaids. While that’s funny and superstitious, the wedding industry has kept on with the glamourous fashion side of bridesmaids and no one cares what the history was. We are all here for it – because we love everything weddings.  Even if every other culture wakes up and decides to end the bridesmaids’ trend, my Naija people here will not – because, here we love everything big, and the glam and glitz make having bridesmaids look like the idea was invented in Nigeria. Borrowing in the Fashion World is allowed, just like other cultures have also borrowed our aso-ebi culture. It’s all good!

latest bridesmaid dresses styles designs


Wrapping Up: What’s Your Best Bridesmaid Dress Style or Design?

That’s it on the latest bridesmaid fashion in Nigeria. I hope you liked the bridesmaid dresses in the above photos gallery? Thanks for reading. Help someone else see this post by sharing it on your social media – simply hit the sharing button below or email it if you like.

Did you find any particular bridesmaids dress style or colour you really like (from the video/ photos gallery)?  I’d love to hear about it.  Finally, is there any reigning Nigerian bridesmaid dress style or design that you saw and think should have been included in this post? Comment below to tell me and let’s get the conversation going.

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