8 Ways to Make a Chief Bridesmaid Dress Different to Standout

The bride chooses her bridesmaids from close friends or sisters, but her best friend or closest sister is the one she crowns chief bridesmaid (a.k.a maid of honour). The role of the chief bridesmaid is special and therefore it is important for her to look the part. If you’re the bride, you have to find […]

What are the Duties of a Bridesmaid and Expenses Involved

The job of a bridesmaid doesn’t come with an information sheet or manual containing a list of duties, what the bridesmaid pays for or should budget for. The lack of it is the reason why many brides and bridesmaids relationships end before the wedding day. Usually, a new bridesmaid comes not knowing what to do, […]

Bridesmaid Dresses: Latest Trends and Styles in Nigeria (2019)

If you’re at the point of deciding what dresses your bridesmaids and chief bridesmaid (maid of honour) will wear, in this post you will see 40 pictures of the latest bridesmaid dress styles and fashion and the trending bridesmaids’ hairstyles and headpieces sighted at big Nigerian weddings. Because I want you to have a picture-perfect […]