100 Latest Lace Styles and Designs 2019: Nigerian Wedding Fashion Catalogue

If you’re looking for the latest Nigerian women lace styles to give your tailor, we’ve curated 100 gorgeous outfits you’ll want to sew  for your next occasion or wedding guest wear. Scroll down to see a catalogue of over 100 pictures of stylish Nigerian women wearing beautiful designs and colours of lace fabric.

In this edition of latest lace styles to wear as a wedding guest or to other types of event, you’ll see sewing styles of the latest french lace, bling sequined lace, in-vogue cord lace/ guipure and many other types of current lace fabrics in the Nigerian market.  Also included are pictures of lace aso-ebi styles, iro and buba lace styles, ankara and lace combination, skirt and blouse lace styles, long and short gowns in lace fabric, and lots more.

If you’re anything like me, I think the best way to look at a fashion catologue is to see pictures of people wearing the styles, and that’s why we curated 100 of the best Naija lace styles for you. Press play in the video below to see our curated latest LACE STYLES CATALOGUE below.

>>Click PLAY above to see all the lace pictures | *Photo Credits are inside the video.

About the Lace Fabric in Nigerian Fashion

Your grandmother’s kitchen curtains might be made from lace, a delicate fabric with twists and loops forming patterns of holes. Lace is often used for fancy dresses, special doilies and tablecloths, and decorative accents.

photo of nigerian women in assorted lace styles and designs


Outside Nigeria and Africa, most people know lace as the fabric used to sew curtains and tablecloth. And, out there, some of the few times that you can find lace as trimmings on fancy dresses or lingerie. Otherwise, lace is popularly used to make wedding dresses and some occasion wears.

But that is not the case in Naija. Lace is one of the Nigerian woman’s BFF. It’s a fabric that is always in-vogue. There isn’t no wedding or owambe party without gorgeous display of women in exotic lace fabrics in different designs and styles that will make you drool.

Lace Fabrics Are a (Nigerian) Bride’s Best Friend

Lace is also a bestie for Nigerian brides-to-be (and grooms too). If you’re preparing for your wedding, the above lace styles are great ideas for the second or third traditional wedding attire. Some of those lace gown styles pictures will make a great reception dress for your white wedding.

And, if you’re preparing to attend a wedding (or any big occasion), now you have more than enough lace types, designs and styles to choose from. Style junkies know best how to transform and style from a catalogue – for example, if you see a yellow or white lace style in the pictures above, you may want to sew that same style with a blue or green lace. Same goes for the lace types – if you see a style in guipure lace, consider sewing it with a sequined lace. Lace fabrics tend to look exotic in any style, colour and design.

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So, What’s Your Lace Style?

So, that’s it from us on the latest lace styles that are trending in Nigerian fashion. Hope you liked them? If so, please share this post with your friends – facebook it/ tweet it/ instagram it/ pinterest it/ email it…

In any case, I suggest that you save/ bookmark this post so that you can come back and choose more styles to show your tailor (whenever you buy new lace fabrics).

Wait! Before you go, I want to hear from you. Leave me a comment down below to tell me, which of the above pictures of Nigerian lace styles and designs is your favourite?

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  2. lizzy baby says

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    • Hello Lizzy, I, too, have no idea how to save. I suggest you simply save this page and come back to the Lace styles video any time you want to check out a style or show your tailor.

  3. Can I ask, do you know where to buy the poster versions of the videos of nigerian attires?because its proving hard to find and i love looking at the different designs at once.

    • Hi Ugonna, poster-sizes of Nigerian native attires are not common these days. I’ve seen them a few times at some dress-makers/ tailors’ shops but they’re not the types that have current styles. Another option could be for you to buy the magazine sized versions that are on sale everywhere in Nigeria, and then join up the pages into a 1-page collage style.

  4. I can’t play the video from my BB 9700 phone. I just bought 4 different pairs of the guipure/cord lace and I really want to see this video to make some selections. Please try and put pictures. Thanks.

  5. priscilla says


    Very interesting video…gave me loads of ideas to match my fabric with jewelries. I saw a scarf like sky blue necklace at the 2:42minutes and a white at the 7:47 minutes each of this video (I’m not sure if it’s a scarf or a beaded necklace). Kindly confirm what it is and if they are for sale etc.

    I also wished you have pictures (photographs) of the style since they can not be downloaded on the phone!

    Please be kind to respond to my above request.


    • Hi Priscilla, thanks for your feedback – I am glad that the featured lace styles kicked off combo ideas in you. That fashion accessory you were describing looks like a knitted scarf (sky blue at 2:42 minutes worn by NHN couture’s Designer and white at 7:47). I think NHN couture sells it – you can contact them via their Facebook page (click here).

  6. I love to be a good fashion designer and I don’t really know where to learn from…please can I learn from Stella?

    • Hi Jenny, good to know that you aspire to be a fashion designer. I (Stella) am not a fashion designer but I am sure that you can find talented Nigerian designers near where you live (to learn from). Most Naija tailors are really good, you know.

  7. i need a very good styles

    • The 100 lace styles pictures in the above video are the best you can find – be sure to play the video (above) to see them.

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        • Hi Floxy, I don’t know. The videos are meant to be watched from our website here. You can mark this page and come back here to re-watch the lace styles video (any time you need it). At least that’s what most of our readers do. Hope that helps. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and other social media places for more awesome wedding fashion tips.

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