57 Peach Colour Combinations List: Colour Combo Guide for Aso-ebi and Nigerian Wedding Fashion

#2. Blue Tone Colours/ Shades that Go With Peach

Blue shades, when combined with peach, create a beautiful contrast.  If you want the peach to standout in your outfit colour combo, choosing any shade of blue will help you achieve that.  Combining peach with a lighter shade of blue, will give you a soft or toned-down contrast.  On the other hand, if you prefer a sharper or intense contrast, pair your peach with a deeper/ darker shade of blue.  For more ideas on matching peach with colours in the family of blue, check out these Peach and Blue colour combination ideas for aso-oke or aso-ebi or blouse and wrapper, or even for skirt and blouse outfits:

  • Peach and Blue
  • Peach and Royal blue
  • Peach and Purple
  • Peach and Turquoise blue
  • Peach and dark Turquoise blue
  • Peach and light Turquoise
  • Peach and Lavender
  • Peach and Aqua blue
  • Peach and Ice-blue
  • dark Peach and Sky blue
  • medium Peach shade and Sky blue
  • Peach and Navy blue
  • Peach and Denim blue/ Jeans-blue

#3. Green Shades that Go With Peach Colour

Green colour complements peach very well, as they are on opposite sides of the colour wheel (hence, are complementary colours).  Here is a list of green shades to pair with peach colour when dressing up, for example when thinking of an aso-ebi and gele colour combination:

  • Peach and Green
  • Peach and light green
  • Peach and Teal Green
  • Peach and Emerald green
  • Peach and bottle Green
  • Peach and Olive Green
  • Peach and Sea green
  • Peach and Mint green
  • Peach and Aqua green

#4. Red and Earthy Tone Shades that Complement Peach

If you want to go for a monochromatic or complementary-colour look, pair peach (of light or dark tone) with any other colour within the peachy colour family – the result is either a beautiful bold look or a subtle glam look.  For example, orange is in same colour family with peach, and so, light or dark orange goes well with peach.


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