See a N500k Wedding Budget Example: The Couple Had 100 Guests

Who else wants to see what a 500k Naira wedding budget looks like? Our readers have been asking to see samples and examples of Nigerian wedding budget.  So, in this post, I’ll show you how expenses from a wedding organized with less than N500k budget? This is part 1 on the series in which I show you examples of budgets from small, low-cost Nigerian weddings.  You will get to see the different expense items that made up the total wedding cost, as well as how the money was spent – based on: the number of guests that attended, the type of reception venue used and the ways costs were saved during the wedding planning.  Hopefully, seeing this sample real-life wedding spending will give you an idea on how to plan your own Nigerian wedding with N500k (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) budget or slightly less (if that’s the budget you’re working with).

wedding reception under 500k

Total cost of the wedding: N485,400.00 (slightly over N400k)

Number of guests in attendance: 100

Now, the Details of this Under N500k Nigerian Wedding

Here’s the summary of this low cost Nigerian wedding:

Bride + Groom Expenses N114,500.00
Stationery + Souvenirs N35,000.00
Venue + Decor N60,000.00
Food + Drinks N135,000.00
Entertainment + Visuals N60,000.00

Below is the breakdown budget of the under N500k Nigerian wedding:

  • Wedding Attire for Bride & Groom
    • Wedding rings (bride + groom) – gold or gold plated (GL) N15,000.00
    • Borrow/ rent a used or pre-owned wedding gown, bouquet, veil N20,000.00
    • Bride’s shoes N7,500.00
    • Bridal Accessories: earrings, necklace etc N10,000.00
    • Bridal beauty: Hair/ Nails/ Makeup N15,000.00
    • Groom’s Shoes N15,000.00
    • Groom’s wedding suit N15,000.00
    • Groom’s Accessories (e.g cuff links, belt, flower boutonniere/ pocket handkerchief) N15,000.00
    • Groom’s Grooming (e.g haircut, beard shaving) N2,000.00

Stationery & Souvenirs

  • Invitation cards & program printing N10,000.00 (To save cost, most guests were invited via Whatsapp messaging and sms, and so not many invitation cards were printed).
  • Souvenirs to gift guests N25,000.00

Reception Venue & Decoration

  • Venue (space is a free backyard) N0.00
  • Venue rentals (canopy tents, chairs etc) N50,000.00
  • Decoration: venue decor, bride n groom’s cars  N10,000.00

Reception Food & Drinks

  • Wedding Cake (caterer costed this at N150/ piece for each guest) N15,000.00
  • Food (at (N1000/ serving) N100,000.00
  • Drinks/ Juice/ Water (at N200/ guest) N20,000.00

Reception Entertainment & Visuals

  • Photography (No videos; only photos) N40,000.00
  • Master of Ceremony (MC) – done by a friend/ family member N0.00
  • DJ only (no music band) N20,000.00

Miscellaneous N80,900.00

*Miscellaneous fund is calculated as 20% of entire wedding estimate above. (anything else or just-in-case of emergency).

Cost Consideration for this 100-Guests Wedding Budget

Small weddings are classy when planned with care. Recently, there’s the growing trend on small, intimate weddings in Nigeria, even among celebrity personalities – on-air personality, Toke Makinwa recently had a secret, small intimate wedding. Nollywoord actress, Stephanie Okereke also had a low-key (but expensive) wedding. Nigerian musician, Tiwa Savage, had her low-key wedding in Dubai And, there are lots of other Nigerian celebrities that had such weddings, And everyday, we are seeing more Nigerians go for small, intimate weddings.

Here’s how this couple saved costs on vendor services, while planning this small, low budget wedding:

  • The wedding ceremony was at the court registry early in the morning with less than 20 close buddies, and the reception was in the afternoon
  • Reception venue was the backyard of one of the couples parents
  • The wedding guest list consisted of only close friends and family members
  • The couple rented whatever they could, instead of buying new ones: the bride rented her wedding gown and bouquet
  • They also asked friends and family to assist where necessary, instead of paying hired wedding vendors: the MC was a friend,
  • The couple excluded some things, to reduce costs: they only paid for a photographer’s service, and excluded video coverage; they hired a DJ and didn’t bother to hire a music band; they didn’t bother with venue decoration, they simply used their table-cloths borrowed from parents and close friends;

Disclaimer: The above example wedding budget is only but a guide, and should not be used “just as it is” – feel free to customize, reduce from it or add to it, it to suit your particular situation. The wedding cost saving tips in this post will be helpful.

NOTE: This wedding budget example is took place in Nigeria and reflect prices of items in the Nigerian market. Also note that prices of wedding things in big stores, cities and high-brow neighborhoods are higher.

The above budgets exclude wedding planning services, not because they are unnecessary, but this article is especially for couples who are planning their wedding with the help of their family and friends in place of a wedding planner. We, here at NaijaGlamWedding, highly recommend using a wedding planner if you’re very busy and don’t have close friends or relatives to help with planning activities. So, please add the cost of hiring a wedding planner to your budget, if you think you need one.

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Your Turn Now

I hope this post inspired you on how to go about the expenses for your small, intimate wedding. Be sure to read part 2 here – it’s an example of N700k small budget wedding in Nigeria.

So, now you have an idea about how to organize a low cost Nigerian wedding with less than N500k, using the sample budget above? What would you add or remove, assuming you have about or below N500k budget to spend on your own Nigerian wedding? Tell me in the comments box below.

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  1. Lady Ann says

    Am glad i stumbled on this article, it has really open my eyes to lots of things, my wedding is in 1st week of December and my fiance and I want a small low budget wedding with few guests of less than 100 if possible 70 quests, we are starting the arrangement early so we will be able to cover lots of budgets with our monthly salary before the d day, we plan to do everything on same day both trad and white wedding and we plan to make IV of just 50 pieces, we dont have a particular budget of amount for the wedding we just want to make the arrangement according to what our budget can cover. Is it ok like that or is it necessary to have a particular amount of budget? i wil be waiting ur reply.

    the first one has a wrong email

    • Hello Ann. I, too, am happy you found our article helpful. I like how you’re going about your wedding spendings – you seem very organized, so keep it up. I advise that you budget for the remaining wedding things first, before spending on them – itemize what’s remaining and then put costs to them. See why I say so below:

      Let me start with your first question:
      -You said you don’t have a budget, but want to prepare for what your BUDGET can cover: What BUDGET did you mention that you’re looking to cover?
      – The reason why it is advisable to make a budget first is so that you will not overspend, or run out of money close to the wedding and still have things not yet taken care of. Some couples get stuck close to their weddings, and have to shift the date to meet up. >Making a budget helps you to be in check.

      >>Another reason why we advise to budget a specific amount for your wedding is that we don’t want couples spending more on wedding than necessary and starting their marriage broke. You want to also leave some money for the start of your marriage life – because wedding is only one day and marriage is a lifetime. >>We have seen many marriages that ended soon because there was always money troubles, even tough they spent so much for the wedding.

      >>Your wedding budget making will be easy because you already know how many guests you want, and so can find out price of things (food, drinks, venue for 70 to 100, etc.) for that number of guests.

      >>Most women do not leave the house to the market without making a shopping list and putting prices on items and totalling, and finally getting the cash amount equivalent to their list. That is SHOPPING BUDGET. It’s the same with weddings – you make a wedding expense list, set your budget before making spendings.

      -Since you started without a budget, it’s not late to still make a budget for the remaining things you have not spent on. That will help you better spread your money on wedding things, as well as prioritize.

      >>Do you do your market shopping without budgeting (making list and putting items prices)? If you don’t, why do differently with your wedding? Imagine going to the market without a list, without a budget, and tells the meat seller to cut up some meat for you – only for you to realize your purse is empty of more money? It’s like flying blind. Hope you understand?

      >>You want to be SURE, not guessing, that you have enough money for the remaining things. You also don’t want to be under pressure close to the D-day. That’s why making a budget is a good idea.

      – From your explanation, you’re on the right path. Starting with a specific guest count is the best way we advice, as it makes it clear how much is needed in every area. I like that you’re starting early to pay off your wedding expenses from your monthly salaries.

      In summary, make a budget for what’s left. You can do the easy way – make a list of things and price them, add costs. After adding up, see what and what that needs reducing…

      Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks a lot for this. It has really been helpful. I am planning my wedding for next year and I have 500k. I will like to know if this is still possible to have such a low budget wedding considering the current economic situation Nigeria. Pls help me out.

    • Hello Imole, welcome here. Yes, it is still possible BUT you need to stick to a few rules:
      -Keep the invite-list small, so that you do not have more people than the food you provided OR low quality food for plenty, just because you want to have crowd.
      -Do not place order for the invitation card, until you determine how many guests your budget can feed (next steps will show you how).
      -Make a list of what you will spend on, and then start by getting prices for fixed costs like photography/ video coverage, MC, DJ/ Music Band. These ones have fixed price, no matter the number of guests. >Total up those prices and subtract from your 500k, and the balance is what you have for food, drinks, venue, outfits and the rest.
      – Next, decide on what do you want to be more memorable on that day – between the food/ drinks and your outfits. Your answer will determine the next set of things to spend on.
      – Food and Drinks: Let your food budget tell you how many guests to invite. Do not randomly fix a number for how many guests to have on that day. After blocking out money for the above-listed and maybe allocating an amount for your outfits, use your change (remaining money out of your 500k budget) as FOOD and DRINKS budget.
      HIRING CATERERS? One way is to shop for event caterers and find out their prices/ quotes. Some of them do so by cost per plate of food. That should give you an idea of how many people / number of food-plates your remaining budget can carter for. THAT is the number of guests to plan for, and do invitation cards for). >You should have blocked out some money (out of the food budget) for the drinks.
      -CRASH-PROOF your wedding day: You want your guests to eat and enjoy what you provided, and not strangers, right? Make it invite-only OR find a venue not close to your house. That is the only way to ensure that your guests would not have to struggle for food with wedding-crashers (which is a sign of low-quality wedding). While you may not have an entirely crash-proof wedding, but that tip will significantly lower it.

  3. oluwasola says

    Dear Stella, good job u are doing. God bless u. please what durable items and how cheap can I be buying them before the D day so it won’t be that day I will be hasty to get them?

    • Thanks, Oluwasola. I’m happy to know you like this article.

      Some of the things to purchase in advance, before your wedding day, include:
      -Wedding fashion, that is your outfits, shoes, accessories (wedding dress, groom’s suit; trad wedding fabric and sewing it – if traditional wedding is also in the plans). >Don’t get them too far ahead o, so that you do not get fat and the dresses won’t fit again 🙂
      – Your bridesmaids/ aso-ebi girls and/ or boys should also be informed to get their fabrics or dresses ahead of time.
      -Outfits for the parents
      – Souvenirs
      -Trad wedding LIST items (if the traditional wedding is part of the plan).

      Those are the most common things I can think of. Besides the above, the other things can be purchased a few months or weeks close to the wedding – for example: if you’ll be cooking reception food in-house, you can always buy rice and meat a day of two before the wedding.

  4. Abidemi Ige says

    hi. Thank God i came across this article. Am planning a very small wedding with less than 100 guests. I intend spending like 200k. please how can you help me. its just the traditional and registry.

    • Hi Abidemi,

      It would have to be one single reception party.

      50 to 70 people could work – guessing that if you spend catering of N2k per plate/ per guest, you could cater to 50 guests. If you spend N1,500 per guest, it comes to N105k. If you spend N1,500 per guest on 80 guests, feeding would come to N120k.

      So, work out the guest number that would work for you, once you know how much per-plate-feeding your caterer will charge.

      All the best. Let us know how it works 🙂

  5. Am not new here anyways but this time am for real am planning a church/traditional wedding same day @ 500k/600k and this kind of wedding I don’t even know who not to invite since is both…just guide me on planning it.
    My man said he like navy blue suit while for trad.i like red….so also guide me on colors to match with it.And pls how much can the cheapest Gold go for.

    • Hello Oby. Thanks for reading our posts and now leaving a wedding planning question. Below are my answers and suggestions:
      – ON RED Wedding COLOUR COMBOS: The following colours combine well with RED- gold, silver, white, black, brown, orange, peach, pink, navy blue.

      – ON WHO TO/ NOT INVITE: One of the ways to decide who to invite or not is not to invite people you have not spoken with in years. You don’t have to invite all your office colleagues – give invites to the close ones. >>You don’t have to invite all your relatives – send invites to only the ones you are really close to. >>Start out by making a catering budget – ask your caterer how much they can serve per plate and then YOU calculate how many people you can afford to feed – use that number to know how many people to invite. Here are some posts to help you on this:
      =>How to Know How Many People to Invite
      => How to Trim Down Number of People to Invite – to Match Your BudgetHow to Trim Down Number of People to Invite – to Match Your Budget
      =>Why You Should Write a Guest List Before Sending Out InvitesWhy You Should Write a Guest List Before Sending Out Invites

      – ON COST OF GOLD WEDDING RINGS: Prices vary with design and weight of a ring. You can easily find out in a market or bridal jewelry store near you. Gold is usually sold as per the weight, so step out to the shops, see what you like and price them in a couple of shops to decide.

  6. Moby Okolie says

    Hi, Stella,

    i stumbled onto this and it’s been helpful.

    My wedding is coming up on October 14th.

    I have a Budget of 80k for Souvenirs for 200guest.

    Could you suggest on how i can make this work?

    • Hello Moby, congrats on your upcoming wedding, and thanks for your feedback on our Nigerian wedding budgeting tips.

      I wasn’t sure what you’re asking – did you mean ‘how to make N80k wedding souvenir budget for 200 guests work?’ If so, here’s my suggestion:

      Keep your souvenir choice simple, and go for practical gifts that guests would find useful. Purchase items from a bulk-purchase market so that you’ll get good bargains at dozen-price rates. To keep within your budget, you may want to print stickers for a couple of the souvenirs.

      If you’d want to give a wedding souvenir to every single of your guests, that comes to budgeting N400 per souvenir – have this at the back of your mind when shopping for the gifts. >>Some cheap souvenir ideas for Nigerian wedding events include:
      – Jotters/ writing pads/ notepads, serving jugs, mugs, water bottles, carrier / shopping bags, chopping boards and knife sets, ceramic tray,
      umbrellas, cooking spoons, tissue boxes, customized calendars.

      I hope the above tips help you in choosing simple but great wedding favors that your guests will appreciate..

  7. I want to do my wedding but I need a breakdown of wedding budget of 500000 five hundred thousand naira only

  8. ogunleye samuel abiodun says

    good day sir/ma,

    pls i want u to help me i have 500k for my welding ,i dont know how to spent it and the arrangemnt

    • Hello Samuel,

      A simple way is to divide that money into two and plan to use half for food and drinks, and the rest for the other wedding things (couple’s attire, venue, photography, decor etc).
      (Imagine: If you invite 250 people and you spend N1k on each person for food and drinks, that means N250k would be spent to feed 250 people. But the fact is that, depending on the location of your wedding, a plate of food and bottle of drink for one guest is likely to cost more than N1k. **OUR TIP: Instead, plan on having a wedding for fewer number of people).

      Generally, your ability to make that amount work well depends on making sure you invite not too many people; only invite the number of people that your food and drinks budget can cater for (to avoid a situation where some will get food and some will not, and most will leave cursing you – you don’t want that).

  9. Hi , love ur post d wedding budge is real nice , now I have rest of mind. But my problem is hw to put my colours together

    • Thanks, Charity. I’m happy to hear that.
      Wedding colour combo selection is one of the top headaches of about-to-wed brides; you’re not alone. However, there’s a way to keep it simple and easy on yourself – here are some tips:
      – Keep the number of colours very minimal (2 is great, 3 is okay, is too much);
      – Build your combo around your everyday favourite colour – this should be your MAIN wedding colour. Then choose one or two other colours that combine well with that colour. You can use this combo for your traditional wedding attire (2 prominent colours) and your aso-ebi colours (a simple way is to have them wear same colour and differentiate groups of people with a Gele or Fila/ cap colour)
      – For white wedding, use one of your main colours for your bridesmaids.
      -For reception venue decor – your main colour and a neutral colour (cream/ white).
      **Another way is to look for inspiration from wedding pictures of other people on Pinterest or Instagram, and pick one to replicate for your trad attire; pick one you like to use for your aso-ebi; pick one you like for your bridesmaids, venue decor etc.

  10. Ijeoma Boniface says

    Thank you for your responce,,, there were really helpful….just want to know if printing traditional IV cards is important and is there a way I can do court registry without been there presently.. I mean getting the certificate in Ikeja court registry for my marriage… Without been present.
    Thank you for your helpful tips on wedding plans, am really glady, I came across this article.
    God bless you

    • You’re welcome, Ijeoma. I’m happy it helped. Here are my answers to your new questions:
      -Trad IVs: Most people don’t do it, usually because people they want to attend the trad are very close to them and will still be there with or without IV. However, if you have plenty cash, trad IV is okay; but if you are on a tight budget, and have a few big people you want to invite and think they will frown at invitation without a printed card, then print a few for those peeps.
      -Court registry: You have to physically be present at the court to get married in the court. But then, the whole court wedding thing is quick – doesn’t waste time.

      Hope those answers help 🙂

  11. Ijeoma Boniface says

    Thank you for this articles on wedding plans… I need a traditional wedding plan,on all what to do to manage the cost of things..I budgeted 250,000 which includes the requirement of the list. My traditional marriage is coming up by 1 week of January.
    Kindly respond with urgency.
    Thank you

    • Hi Ijeoma, thanks for stopping by to read this post. Here’s an idea you can start with to break down your traditional wedding budget (but feel free to cut money from one thing to another when you hit the market):
      Reception (food, drinks, cake): 40% of total amount you have (that should come to N100,000)
      Venue decoration, rentals: 6% -> N15,000
      Bride and groom’s outfit: 24% -> N60,000
      Invitation cards, program: 6% -> N15,000
      DJ, Photography: 14% 14% -> 35,000
      Miscellaneous (just in case): 10% -> N25,000
      *The above is simply a suggestion – you can take it or leave it, or tweak it to suit you. And the consideration is that you will not be paying for a venue, maybe use your family compound.

      Hope that helps.

  12. Hi Stella,

    Great article. It’s glad to see a breakdown of activities required for a wedding. Thanks.

    This is super helpful an article to me being recently engaged and my fiance is talking settling down plans already. My major concern is the wedding dress, I don’t want to buy a new one no matter how cheap. I would love to rent one instead cos I want to wear a different dress for the reception; one that I can always use after the fact.

    Would you please recommend to me a store or stores in Nigeria where I can find quality wedding gowns for rent.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Neye, thanks for visiting us at, and especially for commenting. Congrats on your recent engagement and I’m glad our wedding-planning tips helped you.
      *I love the idea of a ‘second wedding-like dress’ or dinner gown worn during the reception. Here’s are some bridal stores that sell/ rent wedding gowns:
      -Juli Collections and a couple of others in this wedding vendors and stores list we compiled (click). By the way, Imani Swank is currently doing an awesome price discount on some lovely wedding gowns ( and also on Facebook). You could also check Hadassah Bridals -search them on Facebook. I’ll also ask for more stores, from the vendors in our wedding community. Let’s know how it goes.

  13. I just stumbled on your site and it is really helpful. I plan to have my wedding late November, I am moving it earlier cos after reading your post on avoiding popular wedding months. I have made up my mind I will convince my hubby for us to hold it in November. 100 guest and 500k budget, to be held during the week. My concern is how do I pull it off without offending colleagues at work?

    • Hi Christabel, thanks for taking action after reading my wedding planning tips. One of the ways to keep everyone happy is to have your way and keep everyone happy is to have the wedding far away, and after the wedding have a special party specially for those colleagues and friends you did not invite – this party is different from a thanksgiving party, as some people would feel offended if they were not invited to the wedding but invited to the after-wedding thanksgiving.
      *I understand how you feel – It’s a common concern among brides – feeling remorse about not inviting work colleagues or friends/ some family members to one’s wedding. Thing is that if you try to invite everyone, you will blow your budget and still have some guests gossiping that you were incapable of feeding every guest well (you know Naija people and their mouths…). *Let me wish you a successful wedding in advance; and thanks for commenting.

  14. I am planning a wedding of not more than 150-200k aside from tradition that is if my parent agree to make me do it for one day. i got a hall for 30 for a guess of not more than 100 guest. just want to have a wedding but nothing loud. Can i pull this through? pls reply

  15. Hafiz Adewuyi says

    I like this post. Way to go. A wedding, a one day affair in my opinion is not something to go over the board spending on.

  16. reuben bridget says

    I love this great job. I can now have a rest of mind about this wedding. cos hv been tinking on how to spend wisely for this wedding. my wedding is coming up soon, by august. Thanks


    please i want the email of this break down so i can show my man cos our wedding is coming so so soon

  18. Great wrk
    Love dis post
    I try to download d wedding budget calculator but not working pls can u help me make a wedding budget of 500k with 200 guest to the mail. Thanks.

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