Bridal Emergency Kit: How to Survive Any Wedding Day Disaster

I know you want a flawless wedding. Who doesn’t? But the truth is that there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect wedding’ – even if it was planned by the most in-demand wedding planners in the World like David Tutera, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, Funmi Victor-Okigbo and the likes. While you can’t be certain that nothing will go wrong on your wedding day, and while you can’t stop any ugly thing from happening, there’s something that professional wedding planners do to stop any such occurrences from escalating and spoiling your big day – they arm themselves with the wedding emergency kit, and you too can do the same.  Read on to find out why this kit is a must-have for and I’ll also give you a checklist you can follow to put together your own such kit.

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What Is a Wedding or Bridal Emergency Kit?

It’s like having a fire extinguisher at hand, in case fire outbreak occurs. No one waits until when fire breaks out, before getting a fire extinguisher. In the same manner, no good wedding event should wait till something goes wrong before looking for how to fix it.

Now, let’s imagine you at your reception venue, and all eyes are on you. What would you do if, suddenly, one or more buttons or zipper fall off your wedding gown?  What would you do, if drink spills on your dress? What would you do if a sudden, banging headache starts on you? What if you suddenly have serious stomach ache or even running stomach while the wedding is on? Think of the so many What-If that could suddenly show up?  No one expects of those unusual emergencies, but then, they do happen.  Go to your wedding ready with your bridal emergency kit.

A bridal emergency kit, sometimes called the wedding emergency kit, is the secret to why big, society weddings never have any public mishap. It is a bag packed filled with those useful things everyone seems to want on the day of a big event, but no one remembered to bring – except you (the bride)!  Wedding planners refer to this emergency kit by other names – the ‘bridal first aid kit’ or’ wedding day emergency kit’ or the ‘wedding day survival kit’.

Copy What Pro Wedding Planners Do, if You Are Planning Your Own Wedding In-House

No wedding planner that knows his/ her onions goes to a wedding without an emergency kit. Since not every bride wants, or can afford a wedding planner, what they do is to copy what works for the pros, and that’s why in this post I want to show you how to put together your own wedding day emergency kit that will take care of several common wedding day disaster.

The emergency kit is for everyone at the wedding, not only for the couple and their wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen).

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Bridal Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Checklist

So, what should you pack inside your wedding day emergency kit? Below is a check-list of items that make up a Wedding/ Bridal Emergency Kit, and therefore what you should pack.

Keep the following essential items handy in a bag or a purse.

  1. Hair brush /comb
  2. Mobile phone (be sure to turn it off before the church ceremony or reception)
  3. Nail File/ emery board
  4. Hair spray
  5. Handkerchief
  6. Makeup
  7. Breath mints
  8. Portable mirror
  9. Perfume, travel size
  10. Legal documents needed


11. Baby powder or white chalk (useful for getting out last-minute spills on a white dress)
12. Hair pins and hair elastics (aka rubber-rings) – for adjusting hairstyles
13. Hair Brush, comb and hair spray
14. Hair dryer
15. Pack of safety razors – in case some of your bridesmaids forgot to shave their eyebrows
16. Transparent nail polish (also helpful for stocking runs)
17. Cotton balls/ swabs
18. Extra earring backs / hooks – always seem to disappear at the most inconvenient time
19. Extra pair of flat, comfortable shoes for bride to change into
20. Pressing Iron
21. Baby wipes
22. Makeup: eye pencils, mascara, lipsticks; concealer to cover a blemish or pimple so it appears as close to your skin tone as possible.
23. Transparent nail polish and coloured nail polish in the bride’s shade
24. Nail glue and nail file to quickly fix a broken finger nail
25. Matching lipstick or lip gloss in the bride’s shade
26. Extra underwear-slips, new pants and undergarments – you’d be surprised how many bridesmaids that forgot to bring one.
27. Sewing kit: buttons, needle and threads that match the outfits of the couple, their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Also, white and black needles, all threaded and ready to use
28. Safety pins and straight pins
29. Small scissors – to cut tags or hangar straps from new dresses.
30. Shoe polish that matches shoes of the couple, their bridesmaids and groomsmen
31. Pairs of extra Socks – one or more groomsmen may have forgotten to bring one.
32. Drinking straws (for drinking without messing up lipstick)
33. White chalk (to cover any stains on the dress)


34. Antacid: chewable gelusil, Andrews liver salt
35. Pain killers: Panadol and/ or paracetamol, for relief from stress-induced headaches
36. Plasters / band-aids, preferably in bride’s skin tone: to cover up blisters
37. Contact lens solution and cases
38. Deodorant: to freshen up after a long day of dancing
39. Insecticide sprays, Insect repellent (for outdoor ceremonies or events – ensure that it either smells nice or has no smell at all)
40. Body Cream
41. Sanitary pads
42. Toothpaste and new toothbrushes
43. Mints/breath spray – to erase offensive mouth odour from food such as from garlic.
44. Pack of tissue papers – for spills or tears
45. Razor blades and shaving sticks: In case one or more groomsmen forgot to have a clean shave
46. Extra handkerchiefs for wiping off sweat

 Other Essentials To Have In a Wedding Emergency Kit

47. Extra copies of the church and reception program
48. Extra phone recharge cards (call credits)
49. Phone Chargers
50. Some cash – just in case
51. Disposable cameras or Digital cameras with extra memory cards and batteries
52. Driver’s license or I.D. cards
53. Staplers with pins; Cellotapes/ masking tapes/ Duct tape (to quickly fix hems of any ripped dress)
54. Extra copies of directions to the reception venue
55. Important phone numbers of:
o Key family members (of bride and groom)
o Bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents of little bride and page-boy
o Wedding vendors
o Car hire company/ person
56. Notebook and writing pens
57. Small torchlight/ flashlight
58. Umbrella – in case of an unexpected rain or really hot sun
59. A time-piece (watch) – to keep a tab on the time
60. Extra neck ties, bow ties and cuff links
61. Extra toothbrushes and toothpaste
62. Crochet hook (to hook up tiny buttons at the back of a wedding dress)
63. White chalk (to hide /cover lipstick stains on a wedding dress or shirt collar)
64. Blotting sheets – a long day (and nervous sweat) can result in a shiny face. Blotting sheets will keep the bride looking picture perfect all day and night, without caking on powder.
65. Bottles of Water – your bride may be too busy or nervous to drink, make sure she doesn’t get dehydrated.
66. Snacks – to keep the bride energized, in case she gets hungry

Tips for Packing the Bridal Emergency Kit

It’s actually the role of the chief bridesmaid/ maid-of-honour to put together a wedding day emergency kit, but you can’t leave that to guess-work. Do it with her or do it yourself. Get a transparent folder and fill it with all the items listed above, to create your own wedding day emergency kit.

Who Should Keep the Emergency Kit on the Wedding Day?

Let your chief bridesmaid/ maid-of-honour take charge of the wedding day emergency kit, and let the rest of your wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen) know who to contact, just in case of emergency.

Why the Bridal Emergency Kit is a Must-Have Survival Tool?

Planning a fab and flawless wedding is about being prepared. You have to be prepared for any kind of disaster and emergencies (that could possibly happen) on your wedding day. In this post, I’ll show you how to prevent or stop any ugly situation from spoiling your wedding – the same technique that the pro wedding planners use when organizing celebrity style weddings that appear hitch-free.

In-spite of the tight planning, things always go wrong in every wedding, because there are some elements beyond your control, such as: it suddenly starts raining, you (bride) spill red wine on your white wedding dress, a button might fall off your gown, your lipstick may have stained your groom’s shirt, gate-crashing drama by uninvited guests, invited guests having issues or getting hurt, a vendor may get stuck in the traffic jam and the wedding is almost starting, another vendor may have forgotten to bring something, the venue (air conditioner, toilet, power generator etc.). Anything can go wrong on your wedding day, and we know the sort of things that usually goes wrong – we also know how to stop them from spoiling your wedding fun, and we will show you how, as you continue reading.

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No matter how much time and effort you put into planning a wedding, there are just some things that will keep you awake at night, thinking, “what if this and that goes wrong….” Unfortunately, some last-minute wedding disaster are totally beyond your sight and control. Luckily, you can quickly stop any such problems from getting out of hand to spoil your fun or to be noticed by guests if you prepare and plan ahead on how to solve them (if and when they happen).

The wedding emergency kit is the tool that helps keep down emergencies during wedding ceremonies or receptions. It’s also called the bridal emergency kit. Ask any celebrity wedding planner and they’ll tell you that even Kim Kardashian’s seemingly perfect weddings were only perfect on the outside, on TV – but that her wedding planners were behind the scenes quenching fire to ensure that not a single guest would notice any ugly thing. In such weddings, the guests don’t see the ugly side because the wedding coordinators cover it up and real fast before it escalates – before the guests in the public see it.

Why Something Always Goes Wrong In Nigerian Weddings?

So, yes, it’s a fact that something always goes wrong – 99% of the time, in 99% of weddings worldwide 0 not only in Nigeria. And, something will go wrong on your wedding day – but if you don’t prepare to have a plan in place, ahead of time, to stop any wedding day disaster advance, every one of your guests will notice and your wedding day fun will be ruined.

When you have 150 guests, you never know when someone might need some antacid or some aspirin. So, what should you do when you’re faced with your very own worst-case scenario, on your wedding? Are you going to get off your seat and cry or scream?


Final Takeaway: Making Plans In-Case of Wedding Emergency

Now you know the list of things to put in your own bridal emergency kit. Once you have your wedding emergency kit packed to take care of any little eventual mishaps. Think little of them for what they are (“little” mishaps) and remind yourself to just enjoy the day. Have fun and focus on remembering a happy day, knowing that you have made solid plans for any eventualities.

By the way, is there anything you think I missed adding to the bridal emergency checklist above, leave a comment to add below. 

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