See Real Wedding Budgets Breakdown: Samples From 5 Weddings in Nigeria

If you’ve ever wanted to see examples of what a real Nigerian wedding budget looks like, this post gives you a peek into the what five different couples spent on their small weddings that took place in Nigeria,  – in case you have been asking questions like: how much does a wedding cost in Nigeria? or how much should I budget for my wedding in Nigeria? or what is the average cost of Nigerian weddings? The sample budgets from small weddings below include breakdown showing everything that made up the overall wedding costs. Read on.

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How Much Is Needed to Plan a Small Wedding in Nigeria?

Have you ever wondered “how much are Nigerian weddings“? or even how much do I need to implement my wedding plans in Nigeria? Figuring out how much a wedding will cost is not something that most couples like to do. The fact is that when you start planning your Nigerian wedding, you will have no idea how much things cost, and a good place to start is to peek into other couples wedding budgets to see examples of what they spent on their own Nigerian weddings – so that you can use that as a base to start making an expense list and items to budget for, in your own wedding.

Here are the example budgets for small weddings in Nigeria, click to see them one by one:

  1. The N500k small wedding budget breakdown: Example of a small Nigerian Wedding with budget under N500k
  2. The N700k wedding budget break-down: A wedding that cost below N700k in Nigeria
  3. The N1m wedding budget break-down: A Nigerian wedding with expenses nearly N1m
  4. The N1.5m wedding budget breakdow: A wedding where the couples spent under N1.5m in Nigeria
  5. The N2m wedding budget breakdown: Sample Budget: Nigerian wedding with expenses below N2m

I often get newly engaged brides and grooms ask questions such as: “what should my wedding budget be”, “show me an example of a Nigerian wedding budget”, “how much does a small wedding cost in Nigeria”, “how should I budget for 100 guests for a wedding in Nigeria” or “how can I plan a Nigerian wedding with N400k”.

While you can find the answer to such questions when you make your own wedding budget or cost estimate, some couples prefer to start off by looking at examples of other people’s Nigerian wedding budgets. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, because some of us are simply wired to understand better when we see things in action and through examples.

The average cost of the 5 small Nigerian weddings we showcased in the examples is N1,022,280.00 – in case you wanted to know.  Note that this may not be a typical average cost of Nigerian weddings, but at least you get an idea to start preparing for how much to plan to spend in your own wedding.

The Sample Wedding Budgets: Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen our five examples of wedding budgets, I hope it has helped you kick-off ideas for making a costing for your own wedding? You can see that you can truly have a glam Nigerian wedding on any budget, if you apply a little bit of planning and a creativity. Be practical and don’t force yourself to have the impossible big wedding with a small budget.

Bear in mind that no two weddings can be the same, even if they have the same number of guests and are planned with the same amount of money, because each couple’s budget and priorities will definitely be different.

Seen the Wedding Budget Examples, What Next?

Once you’ve finished making your wedding budget, next thing to do is to start looking for reception venues and wedding service vendors. And if you have any questions at all about budgeting for your Nigerian wedding, I have the answers here.

  • Download the 5 Wedding Budget Samples: If you’d like to print a copy of the Nigerian wedding budget samples compiled in one single PDF, click here to download it – just scroll down the page to see it. Also, you now know not to use the average cost of Nigerian weddings as a yardstick to organize your own.

Which Nigerian Wedding Budget Sample Looks Like Yours?

You wanted to see a sample wedding budget and I gave you five different examples of what a Nigerian wedding budget looks like – feel free to use whatever you want from the examples, customize the sample budgets to make it your own or use the ideas from them.

Now, tell me – which of the above wedding budgets closely resembles what you have in mind, and what would you do differently? If not, gist me about how your own wedding budget will be different. Let’s chat in the comment area.

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  1. hello aunty Stella, God bless ur efforts . I and my boo are really planning to our white wedding Easter with 600k. and we plan to make it look nice but I need how I can get a proposal to send to his boss who wants yo assist.

    • Hello Onyinye, and thanks for the compliments. You don’t need a proposal for that, in my opinion. If the boss has expressed interest to assist in funding your wedding, all you need to do is for you two to visit him (be sure to take a gift along – like a wine or any nice thing) and let him know what and what you have done so far, how far you have gone in the preparations, and what and what is left to do or a list of what and what you would be happy to get support with (so he can choose and get back to you).

      But if you prefer to do a proposal for that, that’s also fine – I do not have any tips for that. I think it’s a face-to-face thing, and that’s a respectful way to do so.

  2. Please I need help I’m planning my traditional wedding and I have 400k for like 300 guest

    • Hello Tunde, 300 guests looks too plenty for N400k, considering that the cost of food items and most things seriously increased this year. Start with how much you need to feed 300 people (food and drinks) – let’s assume N1k per person, and that would come to N300k. Then you have N100k left for Photography, your Outfits and any other thing (assuming the venue would be free family compound), and that cooking would be done by your people.

      I suggest that you consider reducing the number of guests from 300 to half or 100, so that you can have a QUALITY WEDDING, NOT QUANTITY.

      Hope that helps you.

  3. hi stella , please i need your help .i need a breakdown for wedding budget of do have my dream wedding ?

  4. Hi.. I am Franklin.. I have dated my girlfriend for about 11years with the whole struggle in Nigeria before we both were blessed by God by relocating to US and I would really love an astonishing kinda wedding for the whole wait.. My budget is about 6million naira for both traditional and white while also taking care of both mothers.. Please give me an insight on how to do something beyond the ordinary..

    • Hi Franklin, congrats on deciding to make the big move from relationship to marriage.

      For that budget, I would advice that you first get a wedding planner. Also, having a good wedding planner would help you actualize the kind of ASTONISHING and BEYOND-THE-ORDINARY weddings (trad and white) that you both dream of. Most good wedding planners know how to extract the fantasies you and your bride have about the type of wedding you want, how things should look and feel on that day (from decor, ambiance, music, food, outfits, photography etc) and they would even polish things up to deliver a magical wedding. They will bring ideas from previous weddings they planned and will share them with you, to help you DESIGN YOUR DREAM WEDDING.

      With a good planner, they would be the ones to get you the best wedding venues within your budget and taste that they have used with past clients, get you the best caterers, DJs and so on – and you would vet and choose. They also show you where to buy fabrics, aso-ebis, souvenirs and where to get tailors and more. They also have a way to get discounts from the vendors and venues – to your benefit. Part of those savings can go towards settling the planner’s fees, so that you have nothing to lose.

      A wedding planner would work with your budget to deliver, and not add extra cost to your wedding.

      Since, you are not in the country, this would be the best bet. AND you can always do video calls with them to be in sync with your wedding planning and status they have executed, up until the D-day.

      You don’t have to be afraid to hire a planner, because they would always get your signoff on every aspect of your wedding. They won’t do what you did not say yes to.

      So, I suggest that you start by hiring a good wedding planner for this task – and you will be sure of getting a magical wedding.

      Hope that helps.

  5. Thank you for these analysis,very helpful and would put them to work and would love to contact you when it’s getting close for your professional input. Thanks again I appreciate it.

  6. Skyllachy says:

    Hello Dear. Good Job you are doing. Please the link to some of your sites are not opening when you especially the places you ask us to click on the pics for printable copies. Plus help.

    • Aww!! Hi Skyllachy,

      So sorry about that – will get them fixed soon, and you can check back to get them.

      I had no idea that the download links have stopped working. Thank you so much for letting me know – I appreciate.

  7. Hi, I just volunteered to help a colleague plan her low budget wedding and I do no know how to charge her for my services. Pls help. Thank you

    • Hello Toyin, here are some tips:

      Depends on the amount of work involved, usually guaged from the size or budget of the wedding. You may charge her a flat rate that will cover your costs and some comfortable change (profit) or a percentage of the total amount they plan to spend on the wedding (usually 10 to 20 percent). You may also use the percent charge as a guide to come up with a flat rate, so that your client does not have to know that you’re using the cost of their wedding as a base for charging.

      Hope this tip helps.

  8. Hello my name is biodun I want to know if I can have a wedding of 1000 guests with a 3million naira budget.. And the venue should be in Lagos.. Probably around ikeja

    • Hi Abiodun, sure you can with that amount, but a lot depends on the cost of your venue (as you know, Lagos venues can be costly, depending on the part of Lagos and the calibre of the venue).

      My tip would be to first book your venue, or take out the venue cost, and work out a budget with the remaining amount. Food and drinks expenses are the biggest takers in any wedding, so I would say that you should see if the remaining amount can be enough for catering for 1000 guests. If not, I suggest that you trim down the number of guests to the quantity your catering budget can accommodate.

  9. Hi i live in canada and im planning for my traditional wedding in december and me and my fiance have budgeted N4m for the trad, i need breakdown, the hall we both like is at 500k in eastern nigeria.but we are still going to price the hall down, we are expecting 300 to 400

    • Hello Chris, congrats on your upcoming wedding. Below are my ideas and tips you could use or tweak for planning a N4 million Naira wedding:
      -N500k – Hall (which you already found), so you have N3.5m left
      -N1.75m – Food and Drinks (Usually food and drinks cost about 50% of overall wedding budget; and that would be hald of your N3.5m = N1.75m. Break this down to your planned 400 guests and you’d get a budget of N4K+ per guest on food and drinks) .
      – N1.75m (Spread this remaining money on the rest of wedding things like: video, photo, décor, DJ/ live band, MC, attire)
      *Mind you, the above guide is just to help you target good use of your money pre-market-pricing, and know that you would eventually price things to be able to spread the money down to tiny details.
      **The most worrisome parts are hall, food and drinks – once you take care of that, the rest is easy.

      Hope the above tip helps you. All the best!

  10. hello dear,
    i’m a young man of 25 years, i want to know if 1.5 million for my traditional and white wedding will wow my guest, i’m looking at about 500 guest in my white wedding and about 200 guest in my traditional wedding.

    • Hello Michael, thanks for your inquiry. You’ve tried – N1.5m is a lot of money savings – e no easy. Here are my thoughts, to wow your guests:
      1) If you split that budget, you could put something like N600k or N500k for the trad and the rest N900k or N1m towards the white.
      2) WHITE WEDDING: Reduce the number of guests from 500 to a practical number, say about 200 or 250 or even less to wow them more. You know, cost of things have really gone up.
      *If you need ideas on how to breakdown your white wedding budget, click here.
      Hope that helps.
      **Why You should Cut Down Number of Wedding Guest
      Hope those tips help.

  11. Pls I want to no where I can buy beautiful artificial wedding flower at wholesale price in lagos and also decor accessories at wholesale cheap price.thanks

  12. Hi Stella,
    Wedding budget sample for 2m is not showing. I’m worried abt my wedding plans

  13. Hi Stella,

    I am wondering if these are costs for small weddings in Lagos?


  14. you’re a darling. keep doing what you do so well. Thank you so much

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