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  1. Hello.. I’m an American man engaged to a Nigerian woman ( Yoruba ). Over here it is customary for the brides family to pay for the wedding.. Do you have any suggestions?? Thank you.

    • Hello Brad, welcome here, and congratulations on your engagement to a Nigerian.

      Here, in Nigeria, it is similar in some parts of Nigeria (such as the Yoruba parts) and different in most other parts (such as the Igbo-speaking areas of the country).

      As you may know, in Nigeria, 2 different wedding-related celebrations are had: one is the traditional engagement, and the second is the white wedding. This is how it works in the Yoruba parts of Nigeria.

      (1) TRADITIONAL ENGAGEMENT: The bride’s family pays for the occasion (venue, food, drinks), as they are the HOSTS (traditionally, the venue is the bride’s parents’ house). This event is where the groom and his family come to officially ask for the bride’s hand in marriage. >>The groom may choose to help fund some of the expenses, if he chooses or if the bride’s family is not financially okay.

      (2) WHITE WEDDING: The groom’s family pays; however, in some cases, the bride’s family may choose to help.

      With that said, these days, most Nigerian couples (bride and groom) are ditching the custom on who pays for what, and funding their entire engagement and white wedding celebrations themselves, as opposed to their families footing the bill (as was the custom).

      My suggestion is to have the discussion with your bride-to-be on how to fund your wedding, and start making a budget right away. Hope that answers your question.

  2. Ayanfeoluwa says

    Wow, am so relieved have been worried about what to do for some months now, cos I have nobody to plan With me, am so glad I found your article it is really helpful.Good job, keep it up more strength

    • Thanks for reading, Ayanfeoluwa. I’m happy to hear that our pre-wedding tips helped you towards planning your Yoruba wedding. >>Be sure to read our other helpful Nigerian wedding planning tips and advice for brides. Have fun planning, and I wish you a fabulous wedding day!

  3. Hi. The list varies from town to town and as per the cow, some in laws ask for a cow in the bride list as well as a bag of rice, a keg or vegetable oil and palm oil and the reason for this is to have the groom share in the bill of feeding at the engagement or reception.
    The groom provides the cow to be used while the in laws provides the remaining food.

  4. Thanks so much!like how much someone can budget for the engagement lists?Thanks!

    • Hi Mayowa, if she’s a yoruba bride, use the above list as a guage on how much to budget – that is, after pricing the items in the market and total up the amount. Then go and formally ask your inlaws for the official bride price/ engagement list.

      What you should budget is exactly the total amount of the items in the traditional marriage list that your inlaws have you. First go and request for the engagement list, and go and price the items in the market, then total up the amount to get HOW MUCH TO BUDGET FOR THE ENGAGEMENT LIST.
      *Next, save up for that and go and pay the bride price and do the customary marriage rites.

  5. Wow! I’m so happy to read this article. At least I have a little idea of what I’ll be bringing to the Bride’s house. May God provide for me come 2017

  6. omotoso temitope says

    is cow not part of the list?

  7. Thank u very much for dis poSt.we’ve been Thinkin abt wat 2 do on d items 2 bring 2 my family.dis Write up has eased some of my worries.tanx alot

    • You’re welcome, Chineye. I’m happy to know that this Traditional Engagement/ Bride Price List was of help. Note that it’s meant to help you guage how much to budget for the items, BUT you should not buy them until your husband-to-be officially asks for the list from your family (which may be slightly different from this guide). Thanks for reading and I wish you a fab wedding.

  8. I have my notebook and pen right in front of me now to dub what you’ve share…thank you. I asked my sister to provide with engagement list since ans she’s been delaying so I thought to take matters in my own hands. Voila! I find you and very useful piece too. God bless.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Honiilols. I am happy that this Yoruba engagement list guide has eased your stress. Be sure to check our other helpful wedding planning guides and tutorials.

  9. Whaoo! great write up…… I am so sure this will reduce so much stress on what to get for my upcoming traditional engagement this year by God grace. To be sincere, you are doing a reasonable work here. Kudos to you!

    • Thanks, MoreniKeji. I’m happy to know that our Yoruba bride price/ dowry list has been of help to your traditional wedding planning. I hope to see you aruond on other helpful articles we have in stock for you.

  10. this is a great writeup..especially for those of us preparing to wed and without the know-how. I pray the bride family dont ask me for alligator pepper, bitter kola ..too fetish for me. Honey and others are cool…THANKS!!

    • Thanks, Dammy – we love hearing from guys who are preparing to get married. Hahaha (about the alligator pepper and bitter kola). Let’s hope they won’t ask you to 🙂 Happy wedding-planning, Dammy, and we pray your wedding turns out fabulous.

  11. Ok i am Yoruba and this is a nice piece. But i think the prices are not realistic. One it is almost impossible to get an indoor hall for 150,000. and the decor and photography, for intro alone, the photographer billed 80k. had to look for someone else who collected 25k but no videos.
    i wish you more realistic considering what Lagos is like right now.
    Sorry i may have commented on the wrong article.

    • Thanks for your comment, Ayodeji. Yes, you’re commenting on the wrong article, but no worries 🙂 Wedding budgeting is not a one-size-fits-all, and that example budget we featured was for a couple that had a low budget wedding. I’m not sure if you saw them all – we showed 5 different wedding budget examples for different amounts (click). I know what you mean about the high cost of wedding venues and photographers, and a lot depends on where (location) of the wedding – a N150k wedding venue in a city may cost less than N50k in the village or remote areas. The cost of venues and wedding service providers are not the same everywhere – hence some low budget couples choose to locate their weddings in the village or in remote locations – depending on locations, some couples even get free venues or cheap town halls. *Let’s be realistic, how many ‘average Nigerian couples’ can afford a N150k wedding venue? Not so many. **So, you see, we can’t possibly show an example wedding budget that is the mind of every single couple – and that is why we created these step-by-step resources to guide about-to-wed couples to make their own budget:
      -Tutorial on how to make a wedding budget from scratch
      Nigerian Wedding budget calculator, and how to use it to allocate Wedding budget to different wedding things.
      Thanks for reading our wedding planning tips. I hope those resources help.

      • KANU ikenna says

        I married from Yoruba land in Ogun state my in-law billed me #500,000 to pay for my head which I paid #100,000 he collected and now I want to do White wedding he is requesting for the balance of #400,000 before I can do the the wedding.

  12. Wow! I love this info I never knew such info is a available online but I came across this while writing my own budget and it really help me a lot. Good job and God bless you

  13. What I mean is that some family request for cattle as part what to bring. Away thank U.

    • Oh, okay. I’m just hearing that for the first time; however, it helps to nicely NEGOTIATE some items with your inlaws and you can only successfully do that if you establish a good relationship with your bride’s parents – they may give you tips on what to tone down if you honestly open up to them about your pocket-size. Most traditional engagement lists are a CUSTOMARY requirement for each village, and not made up by individuals (such as bride’s family members). The lists are fixed by the community leadership, in most cases they are the same requirement their ancestors used – in some cases, a couple of items are modernized. Thanks for asking, and hope this helps.

  14. Just what I needed. But can you please talk more about engagement budjet. You are not saying anything about meat- I mean cattle then ofi (attire). Plz help

  15. I really appreciate this. It has done a lot in helping me to get some information i need for my engagement.

  16. Yusuf Florence T says

    I really appreciate dis, is a stress free post & culture awareness and respect.Thx for helping me tru in my coming programme dat has been stressing me of what to write 4 my inlaw.God bless u.

    • Hi Florence, welcome to NaijaGlamWedding blog, and thanks for the feedback. I’m happy to know that those tips have helped you get through drafting up the engagement list for your inlaw. I’d also want to add that the above bride price/ engagement list is just a guide, slightly varies from village to village, and you are required to OFFICIALLY ASK for it from you kinsmen and extended family elders in the village. We published this to help grooms-to-be and their families budget in advance – knowing that whatever variations they get (after they officially receive the bride price list) will be minimal.
      *Again, thanks for reading and commenting.

  17. dis is really helpful bt I want to knw if itz during introduction bride price is paid or during d traditional engagement ceremony

  18. I appreciate this as it’s going to prepare me for what and what to get ready for my son’s in-law to-be as we preparing for Yoruba tradition engagement before the end of this year. We want to do it the ideal way. Thank you so much.

  19. osmoshine says

    u’re doing a great job here, infact u guy reduce my long time headache…..

  20. Thank u. dis site really reduced my stress

    • You are welcome, Funmi. Your feedback has just made my day – thank you. Ensure to read our other wedding planning tips for traditional and white wedding – you’ll love them.

  21. Good work,keep it up

  22. Thanks a lot, its helpful.. am planning a wedding and am kinda confused on what to include in the list.

  23. dis is rly helpful.Thumbs up

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