[List] 21 Things to Do When Preparing For a Nigerian Wedding

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10. Plan for Coordination of the main Wedding Day: Assign a few people to oversee/ coordinate things on your wedding day (when you’ll be on the stage). These people would have to be at the wedding venues very early and leave after everyone. They’ll be making calls early to followup with vendors to be early to do the decoration, to set the cake, to bring the food and drinks, and so on.

  • When your wedding is in high gear, these are the people that’ll be in the background quenching any fires or show-stoppers that may come up. Plan this team ahead of time; tell the people you select to do this, and spell out what you expect them to do. Be sure to give your helpers (planning team) useful books or resources that could help them plan your wedding like a pro – ask them to read up our detailed guide to planning a wedding reception, as well as our step by step guide on how to coordinate your wedding reception yourself, with help from your close buddies and without the services of a wedding planner.

11. Follow up with your wedding planning team on a regular basis, check off list of work already completed and attend to issues as they arise.

12. Record every wedding expense. Make a list of what you spent on and how much, making sure you stick to the budget you started with.

13. Gradually transition your role as a lead planner to a few trusty pals. 4 to 8 weeks before the wedding, assign a team of your trusty pals to coordinate/ look after activities on the wedding day. Go over the list of things they need to do before, during and after the religious / church joining ceremony, as well as before, during and after the reception – including the contact details of all your wedding service suppliers (vendors) and what’s left to do by them or how much left to pay them. Also, arrange how to hand the final payment to the key person, for onward payment of the vendors on the wedding day (when you’ll be busy getting married). Yes, write down the list and distribute to them.

14. 4 to 8 weeks before the wedding stop all involvement with anything wedding planning, hand over the remaining things-to-do to your able personal wedding planning team or hire a wedding planner to finish it up and coordinate the wedding day. Most brides start feeling overwhelmed and totally stressed up a few months before their wedding, and so it’s best to hands off any time you feel that way. You can find wedding planner who is ready to finish stuff up for you – it even costs less than having them start from the beginning of the planning process.

15. Spend the last days to your wedding getting routine beauty fixes, makeup and hair trials as well as having your engagement shoot.

16. Give your photographer your list of must-take wedding day shots. You can download and print our ready-made wedding photography checklist template from here and then hand over to your photographer.

17. Have an engagement shoot (e-shoot): Schedule a day with your photographer, and your fiance, to get glam shots of the two of you – these would the photos that would go into several of your wedding things such as your wedding website, printed on your souvenirs, your wedding stationery and more.

18. Pack a wedding day emergency kit: Do this alone or together with your chief bridesmaid/ maid of honour and let her take custody of the kit on the wedding day. Click here to see a list of what to pack as your wedding emergency kit and why you should have one.

19. Treat and bond with your girls (bridesmaids): From a few days and up to a day before your wedding, spend more time with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, going through the wedding day itinerary and making sure there’s nothing left out.

20. Do a last-minute check on things: A few days to the wedding day: Confirm things with your venues (reception and Church/ worship house), the rentals suppliers and your wedding service suppliers (vendors). Make sure they are finished or almost – and monitor them closely up to the wedding day. Note that you don’t have to do this yourself, assign the task to a trusty friend or family member.

21. Relax and be married: Go to your wedding ready to be a guest, knowing that you setup an able team to take care of everything behind the scenes as you party.

Involve People and Ask for Help Early: Don’t Be a Bridezilla!

Only bridezillas want to do everything when preparing for their weddings. The best thing to do is to delegate delegate delegate. Again, remember our two keys to successful weddings – planning (pre-wedding) and coordination (wedding day/ reception).

If you get those two things right, you can be sure that you’ll have a great wedding without stress.

Final Takeaway: Your Wedding Preparation Action Plan

So, that’s our easy to follow list of steps when preparing for a Nigerian wedding on your own. If you start planning early, get helpful people to help you out, and with the help of checklists and wedding templates and worksheets, you can get everything finished up in good time, without stress.

But, if you have a wedding planner, s/he will do your wedding budget, draw up your wedding checklist and timeline, find wedding vendors (if you don’t know any) and follow up with them, and do all the pre-wedding running around for you. On the wedding day, your planner will coordinate the wedding (solemnization/ joining) ceremony and reception. You won’t have to lift a finger, except to walk down the aisle on the D-day.

Ensure to read all the articles that I linked to within this post – they’ll help you a great deal.

I hope this post will help you end your struggle with organizing your wedding successfully without stress, if you’re a newly engaged bride or groom. Now, it’s your turn to talk back to me – tell me the things you have already done in preparation for your Nigerian wedding – which of the above steps have you already done or about to do?


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    • Constance, thanks for reading NaijaGlamWedding posts. We’re glad that you appreciate our efforts. Feel free to ask us any questions here on this blog, after reading any of our tips.
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      *Some about-to-wed brides are very busy to plan their wedding themselves, due to work – in case you’re in that situation, the best way to go would be to hire a wedding planner to do the running-around for you. If you’re not sure whether you should hire a wedding planner or not, read this post – and you’ll be able to decide quick.
      Happy wedding-planning, and be sure to join our wedding communities for Nigerian brides – you’ll get to meet other brides planning weddings this time, as well as vendors.

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