How to Plan a Traditional and White Wedding on Same Day (Checklist)

Tips and Advice for a Successful Traditional Engagement and White Wedding in a Day (Checklist)

When planning a combined wedding reception for a same-day traditional engagement and white wedding, there are a few tips and advice that can help you make it successful.  If you’ve not been to this type of wedding, it’s hard to imagine how to make it work seamlessly. Use this checklist (below) to help you know everything to consider and put to check when planning both a traditional and white wedding on the same day.

For couples who are planning this on their own (without a wedding planner), there will be many questions, such as: should it be the white wedding first or the trad first? How do you move from the traditional engagement to the white wedding reception activities or vice versa? What kind of decoration will work for the same venue for the two types of Nigerian wedding? So many questions… I have answers below to give you clarity on how to plan both your trad and white wedding on the same day.

Important Consideration Before The Combined-Wedding Date

Do not include the time-consuming customary marriage rites (engagement list and dowry payment): if you are having trad and white same day. Ensure to paid the bride price and presented the engagement list before that day (latest the previous day). That way, your combined 2-in-1 wedding day would be strictly for the things that are not time-wasting, and also to send a proof of bride price payment to your church if they requested it. Later, in this post, I’ll explain more about scheduling the bride price and engagement list at least a day before or weeks or months previously.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go into the tiny details to check when looking for how to organize the double wedding reception program and more. There are 2 ways (explained down below):

Method 1: Religious/ White Wedding First and Traditional Engagement Later on Same Day

To make this type of wedding reception work, you need to make a few considerations when scheduling and timing the program of events. Here is a checklist of 19 ideas for merging your traditional and white wedding in one day:

#1. Fix the reception venue close to the white wedding location, so that you and guests can quickly transit to commence the 2-in-1 wedding reception. If the venue between the church wedding ceremony and reception is far apart, the time required for everyone to arrive te reception would not be too long.  If the venues are far apart, the transition time would cut into the reception program time and guests will definitely complain;

#2. Keep the Entire Event Short, if you don’t want guests to leave before the end. Don’t go over 4 hours for both events, and one should flow into the other, with a good DJ making it seamless;

#3. Start early, and make sure the entire 2-in-1 event will not let the whole day (which annoys guests). Sit with your MC (emCee) to schedule an interval of activities to be short-short;

#4. Order of Program (Example): Here’s how I have seen many couples structure their program of events for traditional and white wedding on the same day: Couple go from church and dance into the reception venue > A few minutes of MC introducing and opening the event > Couple cuts the wedding cake (non-trad cake) > The Toast – guests toast to the couple  > Couple have a short dance, and dance to the outside to leave and change into traditional attire AND while this is going on, cakes and small chops are served to keep guests busy before couple returns > the trad part of the occasion starts and leads to program end.

[NOTES: To make dress-change fast, the couple should have booked a hotel room close to the reception venue or booked a venue that has a room that can be used for a quick change of outfit; bride should have chosen a double-duty hairstyle and makeup (see details below); the initial event activities before outfit change should be very quick so that the bride’s makeup will still be fresh, as there may not be enough time or money to have fresh new makeup done. If the couple like, they can also have a small, inexpensive trad wedding cake – some couples who have only a trad cake, only serve guests small chops when they go out for a dress change, and later cut and serve the trad cake].

#4. Hire a good MC that is conversant with your indigenous traditional wedding process, OR hire 2 MCs – one for the trad part of the event and one for the white wedding reception part;

#5. Carry Important Stakeholders Along: Let your people (parents and relatives) know in advance to keep the traditional engagement activities shorter than normal because you still have the white wedding reception program later.  It won’t work if someone has to always run around to whisper to someone to round up in the middle of their activity. let key participants know weeks in advance, so they can plan for a shorter program;

#6. Keep the Trad Part Within 3 Hours or Less: Plan for the traditional engagement part of the reception to last not more than 3 hours, and schedule it to start not later than 8 am;

#7. Involve Relatives in Drafting Trad Engagement Program: Sit down with your relatives who would be key persons (in the traditional engagement) to draft a flow of activities for 3 hours or less;

#8. Involve the MC: Sit with your MC to draft out a list of activities for the white wedding part of the reception party. That way, they will easily flow in directing activity flow at the reception;

#9. Go through the trad part of the program with the MC you hired to give them some familiarity. If the MC is from your tribe or familiar with your culture, they will have no problem with the program, and will even offer useful suggestions;

#11. Create the Program of Events to Ship Out for Printing: Still with your MC, merge the two separate program (the trad part and the white wedding part), to get the day’s program of events that you can go and print copies for wedding guests;

#12. Choose a Venue Decoration that Will Work for Both: Neutral venue vibes will work for both types of wedding reception.  So, go for non-trad decor. Keep your venue decoration not too traditional, so that it will look appropriate a white wedding reception as well as for a trad wedding. Generally, the white wedding type of venue decoration also looks appropriate for a trad wedding setting.  You don’t want confusing backgrounds in your wedding pictures. Instead, you want your white wedding pictures not to be behind a trad wedding decor.  Here’s a hack: If you have enough space, you may want to decorate a wall, especially for trad wedding pictures and also where to display a traditional wedding cake, if you have one. But also adding a traditional-oriented decoration is optional, as a simple decoration will work for both types of wedding reception;

#13. Wedding Cake: Keep your wedding cake design simple and in neutral colours (no strong colours), so that the same cake can go for both types of reception.  The reason for merging both the trad and white wedding on the same day is to save money on cakes and every other thing. If you like the two different cakes idea, a wedding cake money-saving idea that you can use is to split your wedding cake budget into two and make two small cakes (one for the trad and one for the white wedding) instead of making one single big wedding cake.

#14. Choose a Double-Duty Hairstyle that will work for both: Because you may not have time to change your hairstyle between the two weddings, choose a hairstyle that will work for your white wedding veil and also for your traditional wedding gele and/ or traditional beaded headpiece;

#15. Choose a Double Duty Makeup, especially eyeshadow and lipstick colour: As with hairstyle advice above, choose a simple but nice makeup that will double for both the trad and white wedding reception. However, have someone on-ground to touch-up and freshen your makeup after the church wedding when you have an outfit change into your trad wedding outfit;

#16. Music – Have Your DJ Create Separate Playlists for Each Reception Part: Ensure to let your DJ and/ or live band know to switch to the appropriate songs for each type of wedding reception. It is a good idea to have them come up with two different songs playlist a few days before your wedding day, and you should have a listen to vet it;

#17. Food and Drinks: Should be the same as what is served at any Nigerian wedding reception;

#18. Venue Organization and Clearance: It will be a good idea to have people on the ground to clear the venue of some or all of the traditional wedding items before the white wedding reception starts, or at least move them aside so that they don’t show in the white wedding pictures. Because you’re using the same venue for the trad and white wedding reception, ensure to let your people or vendors move things quickly when one type of wedding is transitioning to the other;


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